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  1. As a 2 latte-a-day Starbucks addict, I have never been glutened by a beverage there! I drink sugar-free hazelnut lattes, pumpkin spice lattes, iced americanos and mochas.
  2. Ugh, can I also be lactose intolerant - can that rear it's ugly head after 1 1/2 years? In July 07 when I was diagnosed with celiac, my GI doc tested me for gluten as well as lactose intolerance. The results were definitely gluten, which was confirmed with the endoscopy & biopsy. I had no problems with dairy at the time. I think I know the answer, as I know many celiacs also are lactose intolerant or have other allergies or intolerances. But recently I've been feeling like I've been glutened a lot. I know that is not the case because I've been extremely careful in choosing my foods. After lunch today (cheese enchiladas), I think my lactose fears are definitely true. I'm doubled in pain, bloating, and even feel kind of dizzy/brain foggy - much like after my daily lattes. Now I'm fearful that I'll continue to develop more and more intolerances............
  3. I've had great experiences at Chipotle, but have learned not to have them add anything they reach into the food bins for with gloved hands (cheese & lettuce). The risk of cc is especially high for those, even if they change their gloves, as someone elses' gloved hands may have touched some of the lettuce or cheese in the bin. I love Chipotle!
  4. Thanks for the suggestions..... I'm going on Friday!!! I was just going to Google "gluten-free @ MN State Fair."
  5. Hi - I'm 4 years in to a 10 year term life insurance policy, and we met with our agent yesterday who recommended that we switch to a 20 year term. For a variety of reasons, we're doing so, and I'm increasing the amount of my policy. (Worth more dead than alive, <smirk>!) At any rate, I have not yet disclosed that I have a positive diagnosis for Celiac, and my diagnosis came just a year ago, while I was already enrolled in my 10 year policy. Because I'm increasing my amount and adding to the term, I have to have another health screening. I know they're primarily interested in BMI and tobacco, but I also know I'll be asked some health-related questions. From the first time around a few years ago, I recall questions related to diabetes, and other disorders. But I'm wondering if I'd be lying by omission if I didn't mention celiac disease? Will it cause me problems to disclose? Does anybody have experience with this? Thanks in advance!
  6. These sound amazing - but I didn't pay attention during the US-Metric conversion unit in elementary school (or perhaps it is just because it was soooo long ago). Can somebody convert this to US Standard? Thanks!
  7. Hi - HyVee has a great organic section, and (at least my store) has some frozen entrees that are gluten-free. I've heard mixed reviews about Amy's entrees on this site, some people react to them, others don't. I'm lucky and don't have a reaction. I love their mac & cheese, and cheese enchilada meal. My local health food co-op has other entrees as well, so there are some out there! I buy the HyVee Chicken & Wild Rice soup in the can. That's gluten-free. HyVee also prints a gluten-free product list that I've found helpful. I tend to do leftovers for lunch a lot though, but I do eat out a fair amount as well. I recently discovered that Jimmy Johns makes "unwich" subs which are any sandwich done in lettuce leaves. They understand celiac and will change their gloves and even reach for the lettuce from a special sealed container, rather than their regular bins. Hope that helps!
  8. How do you clean laminate? The house we bought a year ago has it in the kitchen, dining and formal living room. It is beautiful when freshly cleaned, and I use the Swiffer Wet-Jet laminate formula. However, when we walk on the dry floor with bare feet, we leave footprints! My floor looks gross 1/2 day after I clean it!!! Suggestions please!
  9. I'm with you on the always being cold!!!! Most days I shut my office door at work and crank my space heater. It gets up to 87* in my office and I'm still shivering. Everyone gives me grief about the "sauna room" I work in. I blame it on my anorexia - yeah, I'm an overweight celiac, but that joke usually gets people to stop giving me crap about being cold. Or else it causes an awkward silence. When I was in high school my mom suspected that she and I have Raynaud's, though we never had it diagnosed officially. But I was able to get excused from outdoor PE in the winter. (I live in MN.) I sleep with my electric blanket cranked to 10, my hubby never turns his on. Sometimes I wear mittens in my house.
  10. I totally sympathize with you! It is a very generous gift and it is unfortunate that you can't use it. That said - can you re-gift it to a needy family or a food shelf? That would be a wonderful, selfless thing! Or, you could put it on eBay. I've done that with gc's before. You could probably get almost face value for it! Then you can go somewhere else yummy to eat or buy yourself something special.
  11. These ingredients are on the "be wary of" list in the literature that I received from Mayo Clinic.
  12. I'm not a scientist, but I do play one on t.v..... Seriously, I did take microbiology in college and we did an experiment where we rubbed our bare hands on a petri dish and grew whatever it would culture for 48 hours. After we did that, we washed our hands with antibacterial soap and did another petri dish. And then we repeated the same process 3 more times, consecutively, so we ended up culturing 5 dishes. Guess which dish had the most bacteria? The one after washing our hands the most times. The antibacterial properties in soap and hand sanitizers also kills the normal flora on our skin, which helps control the bad bacteria. That said, I'd rather use hand sanitizer if I didn't have the availability of washing my hands. I keep some on my office desk because I shake a lot of hands during the day and can't always wash. Especially during cold & flu season!
  13. I like to keep hardboiled eggs in the fridge. A couple of those peeled and sliced in a container would be good. Excellent source of protein as well! Can you do dairy? Cottage cheese with fruit, yogurt with fruit, etc. There are also frozen gluten-free waffles, Vans, I believe. I bought some that were berry waffles and I had my non-celiac friends salivating at the smell of them. They are so yummy, even without syrup. I dislike work-related functions that center around food. I always feel like the discussion ends up being about my food and celiac.
  14. Do you have a Pei Wei Asian Diner (the fast-food chain owned by PF Changs), Big Bowl, or a Chin's Asia Fresh? All 3 of those have gluten-free menus. I too don't trust "cheap Chinese" take-out, though it was my favorite in my former life. Especially the places that were hole-in-the-wall joints where the workers didn't speak English! mmmm, now I'm salivating!
  15. Culvers has a pamphlet on allergy information in the restaurant and it lists gluten in it. I recall the chocolate and vanilla custard to be gluten free. Ask for a clean scoop - they just put it in rinse water when they're done with it, if the flavor of the day is not gluten-free. (Or to just be safe in case it came in contact with a cone.) I love their cashew chicken salad!
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