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    Why Mcdonalds Sucks

    It was the super size, Ronni's little but she can eat the whole order. She wasn't only getting the french fries on the week-ends but after school on occassion. I pray there hasn't been more damage and will be taking her to get checked next month. I can't explain the way I feel, Im just angry that this happened. I thought for the last two years she was gluten free and then to find out she isn't, how dare they risk her health.
  2. hillary_henry@yahoo.com

    Why Mcdonalds Sucks

    Since being diagnosed she hasn't had another biopsy, her blood work was done and her doctor said she needed more calcium and a multi vitamin but didn't thin another biopsy was necessary. Im at work right now and dont have her results with me. I will post them when I get home. I was told to continue on the diet. Six months into the diet Ronni gained over twenty pounds. Now that I think of it she hasn't gained anymore maybe 2 or 3 pounds in a year 1/2. She weighs between 44-45 lbs. Ronni will be eight in June.
  3. hillary_henry@yahoo.com

    Why Mcdonalds Sucks

    Hi , I haven't been on this site for at least a year and a half, but when my daughter was diagnosed with celiac two years ago this site saved me. I still continue to do a lot of research and learn something new everyday. Ronni's villi was not just damaged but totally flat (full blown celiac disease) I was told by her doctor it would take 5 years on a gluten free diet to repair most of the damage gluten has done to her villi. I have done everything in my power to give her the proper diet and tonight I'am so angry and feel so powerless all this because of Mc Donald french fries. Ronni has McDonald french fries at least once a week maybe more. When we go shopping on saturdays for fruits and gluten-free foods, her treat is an order of fries and a sprite Gluten almost killed my daughter all I ask from any company is to be honest and truthful, you can add all the Gluten you want but when I ask tell me the truth. Mc Donalds let me give my child poison. Sorry for rambling on i was very upset by the news and feel so guilty for giving her those stupid french fries. Thanks to who ever is reading, I needed to get that out Ronnismom
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    Under Eye Circles

    My daughter who is 5 years old use to have the dark circles under her eyes after being gluten-free for two months they have gone away.
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    Fruit Snacks

    My daughter loves fruit roll-ups I remember reading some wher that fruit roll-ups are gluten-free but I dont remember reading a brand are all fruit roll-ups gluten-free?
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    My Daughter Has Cd

    Hi I hope this helps a little, my daughter who will be 6 years old in June was diagnosed with Celiac about 2 months ago. Ronni's villi is totally flat. I have had her on the gluten-free diet since her diagnosis she really doesn't care for the gluten-free foods and I too was concerned because she hasn't been eating much but to my surprise I weighed her two weeks ago and she gained 3lbs, so what she is eating is staying with her. Just stick with the diet I have seen such a change in my daughter she now weighs 38lbs and looks so healty no more black circles around her eyes. The tears I cry now are tears of JOY!!!!!!!!!
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    I haven't tried the brownie yet but my daughter who is 5 and was diagnosed a couple of months ago loves the Joey Steak its great it comes with a bake potato and a drink for 4.95 we go there all the time. Hillary
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    Daughter Won't Eat

    Hi My daughter is 5 years old we found out she had celiac disease about 2 months ago. Ronni use to have a good appetite she craved bread all the time. Since being on the gluten-free diet I have noticed she wasn't eating much her lunch would come back from school the same way I packed it. Needless to say I was very upset, well I weighed her last night and she has gained 3lbs dont ask me from what but shes getting what she needs from something. So I understand your concern the important thing is that what they are eating that is gluten-free is staying with them. I hope in time with your daughter and my own we can find things that they enjoy. Good luck Hillary
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    Plz Help Im Very Confused

    Hi Im sorry your feeling so bad. My daughter is 5 and she had all the symptoms you have. If you where gluten free for the blood test it will come out negative you need to be on gluten when you do the blood test. Ronni was on gluten when she had her blood work done it came back positive and so did her biopsy. I hope you start feeling better. Talk with your mom there are other test you can do to find out for sure. Hillary
  10. I printed out the new mainstream food list it doesn't have ruffles brand or dorritos listed anymore does that mean they contain gluten? Thanks Hillary
  11. hillary_henry@yahoo.com

    The New Mainstream Food List

    Hi I called the manufacture and got the website. Im a little concerned the person I spoke with told me that some of the products are gluten free but they do process them on they same line as products that contain gluten so if you are real sensitive to gluten you may want to avoid their product. What concerns me is even if you dont have the symptoms from the small traces of gluten it is still doing you damage.
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    Fruity Pebbles

    Hi Are Fruity Pebbles gluten-free? Thank You Hillary
  13. hillary_henry@yahoo.com

    Fruity Pebbles

    Thank you so much for all your replies. This website has been such a blessing I appriciate everyones help. Thank you Hillary
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    Testing Please Advise

    Hi I have a five year old she weighs 35 lbs. I had the same problem no one would believe me when I said she just wasn't right. I continued to take her to the doctors after many visits to the doctors they did a blood test for her it came back positive for celiac. I wish you all the best it took me a year to finally get her diagnosed (two blood test, both positive and a biopsy later) they discovered her Villi was completely flat. Ronnis's symptoms:no weight gain, white floaty stool, diarehea,vomiting, fevers, muscle and joint pain and black rings under her eyes. I hope this information helps ask your doctor for a blood test. Hillary
  15. Hi My daughter is 5 years old and has been of the gluten-free diet for about a month since then she has had no weight gain, been real moody and doesn't want to eat a thing the improvement in your son is great what foods does he eat? Ronni is so picky. (she weighs 35 lbs) Hillary
  16. hillary_henry@yahoo.com

    Support Groups In Las Vegas

    Hi I have a 5 year old daughter who has just tested positive for celiac I was looking for a support group in are area we live in Las Vegas, Nevada Thanks Hillary
  17. hillary_henry@yahoo.com

    Support Groups In Las Vegas

    Oops!!!!!!!!!! thanks stacie Hillary
  18. hillary_henry@yahoo.com

    I'm Seriously Depressed!

    Hi Jessie, Your not alone with your feelings; my daughter who is five was diagonised last month so I went to the health food store and bought a bunch of gluten free products (it cost me a bundle) needless to say she didn't care for any of it. Talk about grieving theres not a day that I dont cry for her. This week I feel much better I went to "the shopping and food forum" there you will find a list of mainstream gluten-free foods, you will be surprised with some of the foods your little one can still eat I know I was. Hillary
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    Are Cheese Dorritos gluten-free? Thanks for your help Hillary
  20. Is that kellogs corn puffs that have wheat in them I have been sending them to school everyday for my daughter its the only gluten-free cereal she would eat. Hillary
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    Does anyone know about a gluten-free jello, my daughterr has been sick for two days after eating a small amount? One more question does anyone know where I can get a list of regular foods that are gluten-free such as butter, snacks, lunch meats etc.... we have one whole foods in Las Vegas and its quite far from where we live. I know Jimmy deans sausage is gluten-free but i dont know it that means the patties or the links? I would really appriciate the help. Thanks, Hillary
  22. Hi I took my daughter for her biopsy on the 29th of january. While doing her biopsy they noticed some inflammation in her stomach and her intestines were twisted. Does anyone know if this is related to celiac disease. The doctor did mention that they thought celiac disease effected the intestines but you can also see signs of the disease in the stomach. Hillary
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    Inflammation In The Stomach

    Hi Ronni's x-rays came back fine she doesn't need surgery. But I'm having a problem with this diet ronni is picky to begin with and she doesn't like the gluten-free food at least what we have gotten so far. We drove back from California on sunday after her doctors appointment, when we stopoped at the gas station ronnni wanted something sweet (I did have gluten-free Crackers and Cookies for her but she doesn't like them) well they didn't have a Hershey's bar so I let her get a Jolly Rancher she has been sick for two days. I feel she's not getting enough food. I sent her to school with turkey, ham, grapes,orange and some gluten-free chips I know half of it will come back. I feel so alone with this diet and I cry for her thinking this is her life. Hillary
  24. hillary_henry@yahoo.com

    Inflammation In The Stomach

    Hi Stacie, Thank you for your reply, I just got word this morning that her biopsy confirmed celiac disease and the biopsy on her stomach was fine. Ronni goes in feb. 13 for x-rays on her intestines to see if she will need surgery. The doctor also told me to start her diet. I will be going shopping tonight. Hillary
  25. hillary_henry@yahoo.com

    Inflammation In The Stomach

    Hi Now I know why no one has replied to my message I did some research and found out that Ronni has Intestinal Malrotation. I am so worried I dont know what to do the doctor is suppose to contact me today regarding her biopsy I already know she will need surgery to repair her intestines but I still dont understand why she has inflammation in her stomach. Does anyone understand why the doctor would tell me not to start the gluten-free diet yet Im so confused. Im a single mother and work from 8:00 to 5:00 her doctor is in California we live in Las Vegas so its hard for me to get in touch with her doctor to ask questions. We moved to las Vegas a year ago I didnt want to change her insurance because she was sick all the time and I wanted to wait until she was healthy. But this has really been hard for us. Please if anyone has any information on inflammation in the stomach I would really appriciate it. Thank you, Hillary