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  1. Thanks for all your input- I've been staying away from gluten for the past few days and am now feeling better... What kinds of medications, soaps, etc do I need to be aware of? Thanks again.
  2. Hi Everyone, I've been sick for over six months now-- constipation, bloating, severe intestinal cramps, D, etc. I had the Celiac blood panel test come up positive, my uncle has Celiac disease, and I also had the Prometheus genome type test come up positive. However, I just had an upper endoscopy/biopsy done the other day that came back normal. I was on the gluten-free diet for about two months and felt noticably better. Then I reintroduced gluten back into my diet for 3.5 weeks before having the endoscopy/biopsy done. During this 3.5 week time period I began having GI symptoms that I had not had since going off gluten. My doctor says that because the endoscopy looked normal that I don't have Celiac. However, I feel much better when off gluten (so I'm planning on staying on the gluten free diet anyways). Is it at all possible that I am Celiac, or that I could develop Celiac (I read something about positive bloodwork indicating a strong possibly of developing Celiac later on in life)? Or is it possible to just be sensitive to gluten? Are there any other food allergies that I should be tested for? I'm a vegan (no dairy, eggs, animal products). I would really appreciate any advice or input anyone might have to offer. Thanks, EP
  3. Hello Everyone, So here is what's been going on with me: I've been sick for over six months now- D, constipation, bloating, severe intestinal cramping, etc. I had the blood work panel done back in April, everything came up positive for Celiac. My uncle is Celiac. I also had the Prometheus genome test done, and I do have the genome type for Celiac disease. However, I just had an upper endoscopy/biopsy done and the results were normal. I had been on a gluten-free diet (and generally feeling much better) from April until the middle of June. I was back on a diet containing gluten for about 3.5 weeks before my endoscopy. What should I do???? I know that pretty much every other post on this board is similar to this, but I'm just really frustrated. Thanks for any input/advice you might have to offer. EP
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