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  1. If all else fails, you can mail order from El Peto in Ontario. Not sure if you've ever heard of them; but I mail order...
  2. Di_gfree

    Enlarged Red Blood Cells

    I have the same problem with my red blood cells being too large. I always have a low RBC count result when I get my blood...
  3. I use Tinkyada lasagna noodles, too (I'm in Canada). I've found that if I cook the lasagna noodles for just 10 minutes...
  4. Di_gfree

    Bleeding Gums, Sensitive Teeth

    Thank you for the names of the tests, Gemini. I sympathize with what you're going through. I've developed burning mouth...
  5. Di_gfree

    Bleeding Gums, Sensitive Teeth

    I can identify with what you all are saying. I've had gum problems for years, and it gets worse off and on (and I take...
  6. Di_gfree

    Acne And Gluten...

    Acne may be a symptom of metabolic disorders. And I'm a big metabolic disorder. I'm not having as much of a problem...
  7. I have gastroparesis - well, I don't have an official diagnosis of it. It started quite a few years after being diagnosed...
  8. I'm not sure how the comment thing works, so I responded to ohiovonda on her page in her comments. Just in case Ohiovonda is checking my comments for her comments to my comments.


  9. I was reading some of your older posts about Thyroid medications. I amcurious how that worked out for you?

  10. Di_gfree

    Celebrity Apprentice

    Wasn't that cool? But, we have to check to make sure it's manufactured in a gluten-free facility, right? Besides, I don...
  11. Di_gfree

    Trying To Read Test Results

    Hi Crystal, Have you been tested for thyroid problems? Hashimoto's, to be specific. I had/still have occasionally acid...
  12. Di_gfree

    Iron Infusions

    ohsotired, I have blood work done every 8 weeks, or so, at this point. Sometimes every 6 weeks. I have to keep checking...
  13. That just might be part of the problem, though. Apparently, you can get 'immune' (I can't think of a better word for...
  14. Di_gfree

    Having Acid Problems Agian!

    Hi, Have you been tested for Hashimoto's? Constipation, acid, stomach problems, fibromyalgia were all symptoms of Hashis...
  15. Di_gfree

    Iron Infusions

    Hi, I'm anemic, too - when I was diagnosed with celiac in 97, my ferritin was 0. After more than ten years, I only managed...