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I've been diagnosed with Celiac Disease since '97. Things did not get much better; and was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's in 08, and (unofficially, with) Hypopituitary in 09. Living with multiple hormonal imbalances has been so difficult. I try to keep my sense of humour, though - it helps.

  1. I'm not sure how the comment thing works, so I responded to ohiovonda on her page in her comments. Just in case Ohiovonda is checking my comments for her comments to my comments.


  2. I was reading some of your older posts about Thyroid medications. I amcurious how that worked out for you?

  3. Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked, too? If PTH is high, I take it Vitamin D will be low. I have low Vitamin D, and I'm working on getting that up. I still haven't had my PTH checked out. I have been having problems with my teeth, eventhough I do a very thorough job on hygiene. Also,...
  4. I have had swollen lymph nodes in my groin area for years. My doctor's explanation varies from time to time; the last time he said it was because I had mononucleosis when I was a teenager (he had it too, and has chronically swollen lymph nodes, as well). Once you have mono, the virus stays in your...
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm sort of thinking it can't be reversed. I have a feeling it must have something to do with inability to absorb certain nutrients. And, if I take too many supplements, my burning mouth problems seem to get worse, so I have to take a break from them every now and then for a few...
  6. It's very depressing, I take really good care of my teeth, and I'm having gum problems. I developed burning mouth about a year ago (12 years after being diagnosed with celiac), and since then, my gums feel sore and inflamed on a regular basis. I've had gum recession and tooth sensitivity, plus wearing...
  7. I have ear problems, too. My eardrums have been broken (not purposely, though) several times, and I have scarring, as well. I developed tinnitus (constant ringing) about 15 years ago. Plus, I have otosclerosis, a disease which causes deafness. I probably only have about 40% hearing? Not sure. I wear...