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  1. Long time celiac, I seem to have developed soy intolerance as well. This is self diagnosed. Some questions

    How much is safe to have? Is it like gluten, or more like lactose, where small amounts are tolerable?

    Does it do damage to my intestines if I have any?


  2. Dear Kassandra,

    I know what you mean. The other night, my father brought home Chinese takeout from our favorite place. I have been gluten-free almost a year now. Being Celiac can really suck. I have not had Chinese in nearly a year! :( It is like my lifeblood, and we do not have a PF Chang's here.

    Do you have any 'healthy' Chinese places nearby? We do, and my wife suggested to them that they get gluten-free soy sauce, and offer some gluten-free items on the menu. They do now, and we (and other celiacs) get takeout all of the time now.