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  1. kbdy

    How To Handle Playdough In The Classroom?

    Can you provide them w/the recipe for the home made dough & have them do it as a class? That way they can see how...
  2. kbdy

    Bread Please!

    We use Pamela's as well. We buy it in bulk from Amazon. That's the best bread we've found so far, but haven't tried Udi...
  3. We recently traveled there & had wonderful experiences in a few places. The first was at Gluten Free Creations Bakery...
  4. My child has one that never comes off, but she's 5 & this is the first time that she's been away & eating without...
  5. You might want to try making sandwiches out of waffles instead. I've found that my kids prefer this over the gluten-free...
  6. This is great to see! http://www.celiacchicks.com/2009/08/gluten...sion-stand.html
  7. kbdy

    Starting Preschool

    I just found this while looking for info for my dd for kindergarten http://www.myglutenfreefamily.com/index.php/templates
  8. kbdy

    Gf School Supplies

    Does anyone know about ink pads? My dd's teacher called to find out about them & has many different brands. I called...
  9. kbdy

    Gluten Free In Chicago

    Marecello & Sons is really good, especially the gluten-free pizza!
  10. I really hope it helps! We went through a lot to get the teachers/directors to understand what needed to be done. Feel...
  11. Thanks I've tried so hard to get this done & have been told that there was no interest or that summer fun was...
  12. I've been working for about 8mths to get an article written locally about Celiac awareness & it's finally come to...
  13. kbdy

    Northern Il?

    There are a couple of us in the far NW burbs in Mchenry county...
  14. Dd (5) got glutened today (we think from an ice cream shoppe). Now she's in a lot of pain & is just screaming &amp...
  15. kbdy

    Celiac Awareness

    I wish I knew how to get it out there more. I've tried all our local newspapers & not one is interested in doing...