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  1. Thanks so much for your replies. I am more than willing to supply the classroom, however am struggling since we are in Canada and I can't find any Canadian companies, and shipping from the states almost doubles the cost, if they will even ship here. A friend of mine who has a home based business is checking to see if she can order from aroma dough. I have made a decent playdough at home, but not sure if the school will take home made stuff or not.

    Thanks again!


    Can you provide them w/the recipe for the home made dough & have them do it as a class? That way they can see how it's made? That might be an option?

  2. We recently traveled there & had wonderful experiences in a few places. The first was at Gluten Free Creations Bakery http://www.glutenfreecreations.com/

    They have THE BEST stuff we've ever tasted & my 5yr old loved all of it!!

    We also went to Sourdough Pizza Restaurant

    7440 E Main St # 1

    Mesa, AZ 85207-8300

    (480) 985-6658

    and they were fabulous as well. Linda the owner has Celiac & came out to speak with us. She also gets some of her stuff from the gluten-free Creations Bakery.

    and last we tried Picazzo's http://www.picazzos.com/

    the pizza was good, but honestly we found that Sourdough tasted better!

    The bakery does sell their items online & is well worth buying from them!

  3. Does anyone know about ink pads? My dd's teacher called to find out about them & has many different brands. I called one, Center Enterprises, & they said "well, if you're concerned about it, then don't use it" Hmmm, nice response :angry: I'm guessing they're not willing to actually look into it for me.

    I might just have to get a list from the teacher, but that seems like an awful lot of work on her part, plus she shares supplies with another teacher. sigh.

  4. Thanks for the link. My daughter is starting pre-school in a few weeks and I am going to forward this on to her teacher so she can read it, I think it will be very valuable.........much appreciated!

    I really hope it helps! We went through a lot to get the teachers/directors to understand what needed to be done. Feel free to send me a message if you need anything, good luck!

  5. Dd (5) got glutened today (we think from an ice cream shoppe). Now she's in a lot of pain & is just screaming & throwing up.

    Is there anything we can give her to help the pain in her tummy? This is a new symptom for her. Before she would only vomit for hours. Now the pain comes along w/the vomiting. What helps alleviate the pain w/o making it worse for her? Any advice would be helpful!

  6. I wish I knew how to get it out there more. I've tried all our local newspapers & not one is interested in doing an article about Celiac awareness. I'm really trying to get it out there b/c I've only heard of one other child in our area that has it. If someone has a magical answer, I'd love to hear it :)

  7. We've gone to 2 different locations & only had issues with one of them.

    The first place explained that the manager handles all the gluten-free pizzas & will bring it out to the table personally as to ensure no cross contamination. It was excellent. Dd had it & loved it! She was so excited to actually eat restaurant food w/o having to bring her own (she's 5).

    Then we went to location #2. We ordered the gluten-free pizza again & this time the server brought it out, not a manager. So I inquired if it was the gluten-free pizza & asked if she was certain there was no cross contamination.... *crickets* So, I help out & ask if it was baked separately, if it was made in a separate area & if it was cut w/a different knife. Her answer was "I believe so". Not good enough.

    I then asked if she could go back & check b/c otherwise there would be a very sick little girl w/in 15 minutes of her eating. When the server came back, she admitted that the same knife that cut our gluten pizza was used to cut the gluten-free pizza. She said they only had ONE pizza cutting tool in the kitchen :o

    They did remake it, but I was very leery about dd eating it.

    I guess the PSA is; even if there is a gluten-free menu, you may still need to check & double check to make sure it was properly prepared. sigh.

  8. What have you bought?

    My 2yo is going to get one , Ive found a sports band for small kids to wear. Its the smallest I can find.

    We feel this will keep strangers from randomly handing her candy MAYBE and make people more aware in the family.

    We went to MedicAlert http://www.medicalert.org/FAI/FAI.aspx

    I really feel a lot better with her having it on all the time. It never comes off & the reps there are very, very helpful. I highly recommend them!

  9. My dd was dx'd 2yrs ago & it seems that she's always ending up in the hospital for one reason or another. She's had 3 kidney infections (has reflux), whenever she gets sick she ends up so dehydrated that it requires at least an overnight hospital stay if not longer. She recently had rectal prolapse & has to go back to see the ped GI...

    Is this "normal" for a child w/Celiac? She gets sick so quickly it's not even funny. I'm so sad for her.

  10. Im looking for other families or a support group who have children in Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. Anyone out there?

    I'm in the far NW burbs & have not found anything close by. There used to be one in Rockford, but I'm pretty sure it's now defunct.

    LMK if you find something, my dd would be so excited to find someone else that has celiac!