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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. My IC medication (Elmiron) has been the biggest help for my pain, but I'm not sure if it is safe for children. You may want to look into freeze dried aloe vera - some people with IC have had success with it, and it is a more natural approach to treating the bladder walls. Aloe vera juice and gel...
  3. I actually looked at my regular grocery store first and did not find any gluten free oyster sauce. Since I use very little of it, one bottle lasts me a long time.
  4. I found some gluten-free oyster sauce at my local Whole Foods - I think it is the Choy Sun.
  5. Splenda can irritate the digestive tract too. Stevia is a great alternative to Splenda. It is an extract from a naturally sweet herb. You can find it in the supplement section of health food stores.
  6. This is a very interesting thread. I was diagnosed with IC a year ago, and not long after I was diagnosed with IBS. However, recently my intestinal symptoms have been getting worse and I am getting tested for celiac. It would be interesting to discover if there is a connection between the two...