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  1. Well I'm still doing okay on gluten. However, I'm also still having reactions to something, and dairy is my top suspect. On Friday I ate a few small pieces of milk chocolate, and had the same gas reactions a few hours later (it feels like extra gas is getting produced in my intestines, which causes mucus to be produced as well, probably as a protective measure). But on Sunday night I had three slices of cheese pizza and only had a small reaction, which could have been from all the fat. So maybe it is lactose after all. I think I'm going to skip the lactose/whey/casein for a week or so, and then try some cheese again. If that goes well, I'll move on from there.

    Oh, and I did find a soy cheese at Whole Foods which doesn't have casein. I think it's called Vegan Gourmet? I haven't tried it yet since I'm still wary of soy.

  2. The results from my celiac panel blood test came back negative, but I decided to try the gluten free diet anyway. I went completely gluten free for 2 months, and I did feel better. However, at the end of those two months (a week ago), I started eating gluten again to test whether or not it was the lack of gluten that was helping me. I have been eating cream of wheat, wheat crackers, whole wheat english muffins, and french bread... at least 2 items per day.

    For the first two days I felt fine, no changes. Then I ate a small sub sandwich with only turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a little vinegar, followed by a slice of boysenberry pie a little later. A short while after eating the pie, the gas symptoms began (gurgling in my intestines, and later gas and mucus instead of stool coming out). I don't think it was the gluten that started this... is there usually dairy in fresh bread or in pie crusts? I have been dairy free for many months, but I wonder if maybe I was being more diligent about it when I was avoiding gluten as well (since I had to read all the labels anyway). I am also mostly off of soy and haven't had any in the past week. I had some symptoms that day and the next, and then for the past few days I've been fine again (still eating wheat). So it seems that gluten is not giving me problems.

    I know before I started the gluten free diet, I would react after eating foods that did not have dairy in them. Maybe my intestines were just irritated in general? Also, just before starting the gluten free diet I also started taking some probiotics. I suspect that they may have something to do with feeling better.

    One thing I would like to do is test whether it is the lactose or casein that may be causing me problems. I have been avoiding both. From what I understand, hard cheeses like cheddar have little or no lactose in them? Also, yogurt is generally easier to digest than some other dairy sources like milk? Can anyone suggest a plan for testing lactose/casein intolerance?

  3. I think this is my first real success at baking gluten free. I used a mix, so it was very easy to do. It was the Gluten Free Pantry muffin mix. I followed the directions on the box except for the following substitutions:

    -Replaced butter with 2 mashed bananas

    -Used egg beaters instead of eggs

    -Used unsweetened almond milk instead of milk

    -Added 1/4 cup Enjoy Life chocolate chips just before pouring into muffin tins

    I came out with 16 muffins. Could have been a little less if I had made them bigger, but the size is fine.

    These are really yummy! The banana/chocolate chip combo is delicious, and without the butter they are much healthier. The banana keeps them moist, and the chocolate chips are nice and gooey when the muffins are warm (fresh out of the oven or heated a little in the microwave).

  4. I used to eat tofu and other stuff made from soy all the time before my intestinal issues started (I was a vegetarian). Once my problems started getting worse, I began to look at food intolerances. I noticed that stuff with soy protein in it (like veggie burgers and soy protein powder) quickly gave me migraines and made me lethargic. I think that soy may have been giving me gas too, but it seemed like everything did that. So I don't know if I'm actually intolerant to soy or if it just gives me migraines in large amounts. At some point I'd like to try forms of soy that may be more tolerable than others.

  5. For those of you who are sensitive to soy, are there any forms of soy which are more tolerable than others? Tofu, soy milk, soy sauce, etc? I know I react to concentrated soy protein, but seem to do okay with items with soy lecithin in them. I'm wondering if maybe I can tolerate any other forms of soy as well.

  6. However..the waves of tiredness, and my sore throat persisted. I find this interesting..the sore throat tends to come in the evenings after my main meal and I have ear involvement with it - my ears feel a little..well like theyre open to the world if that makes sense. They dont hurt, itch ever so slightly deep inside. Sometimes my hearing cuts out like im underwater. I can hear but theres this muffled quality to it.

    The ear thing sounds very familiar to me. I have been getting it for years... my hearing can get muffled in one or both ears. I always thought it was due to ear wax or changes in weather pressure. I never thought to consider that it might be a reaction to food! I will have to check what I have eaten recently the next time it happens.

  7. There used to be a little homemade ice cream place near me that carried Pumpkin Custard Ice Cream. I used to go there and have them make a milkshake out of it for me, and it was the best thing ever! I haven't thought about that in years..... I think I'll have to break out that ice cream machine that I've never used, and start experimenting!


    If you have a Jamba Juice near you, around October/November/December, they have a pumpkin smoothie. It tastes like pumpkin pie in a glass. :) Unfortunately, I think it is made with dairy, so it's out for me this year. But it's so easy to make yourself! The easy way would be to mix up pumpkin pie mix, ice, and your milk of choice in a blender. I tend to use straight pumpkin and add my own pumpkin pie spices and stevia for sweetener.

  8. It's been about a month and a half for me, and next weekend I'm going to start eating gluten. My bloodwork came back negative, so this is the true test for me. I have been feeling better, but I need to test it to make sure it is the lack of gluten and not something else in my diet or life that is making me feel better. The first couple of weeks were very up and down for me... feeling better was gradual. And I'm still not great yet, but better than I was.

  9. Julie,

    I love pumpkin, so I make a lot of stuff with it - pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin smoothies, and recently I tried some pumpkin fluff thingies made with pudding mix and cool whip (which were wonderful until I realized the casein in the cool whip probably wasn't the best for me). Back when I ate ice cream, I would use the canned pumpkin pie mix as an ice cream topper... yum! I'm always on the lookout for new ways to use pumpkin. :)

  10. At some point I would like to get tested for allergies/intolerances, but there isn't a pressing need for it right now. Right now I'm just trying to figure out which foods I should be avoiding besides gluten (so far dairy and soy, and possibly peanuts).

    I'm guessing you can be allergic or intolerance to mold then? What other foods are moldy?

  11. For easily portable snacks, you could try some raw food bars like Lara Bars and Cliff Nectar Bars. They are made of dried fruit and nuts - gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. No added sugar or other ingredients, and they are quite tasty! They could be a good option for when you're away from home, hungry, and don't have time to think about what to eat.

  12. On Wednesday I had some peanut butter (all natural, just peanuts and salt) while I was making a chocolate peanut butter pudding recipe. Shortly afterward, my stomach started to quite a bit. On Thursday I had the chocolate peanut butter pudding at lunch, and again my stomach started to hurt again right afterwards. I tested it again later that evening and had the same reaction, and I haven't had problems with the other ingredients in the recipe. I have not had a reaction like this to peanut butter or to other foods that I can recall (usually I get constipation/diarrhea and gas). Could this be an allergy or intolerance to peanuts? I already know I have problems with soy (gas, fatigue, and headaches right after eating). I have also been avoiding beans since they were problematic the last time I had them. Maybe it is a problem with legumes?

  13. I take Nature Made Essential Daily. I know it is gluten free, and I'm pretty sure it is free of the other things too, but I don't have my bottle with me to check. I like that it only has 100% of the vitamins instead of going overboard with massive doses. It also uses a less acidic version of Vitamin C, which is necessary for me since I have a bladder condition and can't have ascorbic acid (the usual form of Vitamin C in vitamins).

  14. I understand completely. I have trouble even walking into anywhere that smells like fresh bread (like a deli). It can be really tough watching other people eat something that looks soooo good. The fact that I can't eat some things just makes me want them more! Luckily my husband tries to be supportive and sympathetic and doesn't torture me with what he eats. He'll jokingly pretend something he's eating tastes terrible. It's still rough though.

    I have started to do more cooking/baking for myself and finding good substitutions. Maybe you could make a gluten free cheesecake for yourself? I don't do dairy, so cheesecake is out for me, but I have been trying out recipes made with pudding and gelatin - not quite cheesecake, but they are yummy and much healthier.

  15. So I went back and had the same Salmon and Avocado sushi from Whole Foods today, and I felt fine after eating it. So it was either cross contamination or the soy sauce... probably the soy sauce. I will try having the soy sauce with something else at a later time to make sure. That small amount may just have been too much soy for me. I don't know how much soy is in soy sauce, but I try to stick to only small amounts.

  16. I have had hair loss off and on for the past two years or so (and I'm only 28). It is all over and definitely noticeable. I use volumizing shampoos, but you can still see more of my scalp where I part my hair. I've had my thyroid and iron levels checked and all came back fine. I did try Rogaine for two months or so (as my dermatologist recommended) and saw no change. It would be fantastic if it started growing back on the gluten free diet.