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  1. I have lost 34 pounds in eleven months on the gluten-free diet. I definitely had weight to lose. That's for sure. When I found out I had Celiac i decided that if i was going to have to cut all that stuff out of my diet, i would be real careful what i reintroduced. I only have dessert as an occassional treat. O no longer overeat and i feel better. I also cut out breads, even gluten-free ones. I eat very healthy now.

  2. Hey there!

    Well, for TWO months I have not been feeling well. About two weeks or so ago I came on here to find that after being gluten free for awhile we can develop other intolerances :blink: So, I began paying close attention to what I ate and drank and my reactions to each.

    So far I am certain that I can no longer tolerate dairy so I have eliminated it from my diet. I felt a little better this week but I have noticed that items with caramel coloring are bothering me.

    I made a post here this summer asking if anyone was bothered by fountain cokes. I have known for awhile they were bothering me, as well as the can coke. BUT I just did not want to believe it. Now that I am intolerant of dairy I am noticing it more.

    I have done some google research :P and found that milk derivatives can be found possibly in caramel coloring.

    I bought a dairy free, gluten-free, soy free, corn free, nut free, oat free, etc. granola cereal and twice i have had a reaction to it. I read on the ingredient label this morning that it has caramel color in it.

    Does anyone else have a reaction to caramel coloring? I'm not saying this is my problem. It's just a part of my journey to figure out what things are bothering me :rolleyes:

    -Ali :)

  3. Happy! That is wonderful advice! I completely agree!

    Jewi- Well, for 7 weeks i have beem sick and everyday i say the same things...what on earth did i get ahold of.....why am i still sick....yada yada....

    But then a few days ago i get on here and start reading that i can develop more intolerances. Well, that certainly makes sense but boy does it make me frustrated. So for 3 days i have read and racked my brain. And so far i have come up with dairy makes me feel terrible. and tomatos are giving me heartburn. And i also read about oxylates and that may be it too. So im going to cut them out. I ate ice cream yesterday as a test and i was sooo sick.

    Here are my symptoms:



    constipation too

    stomach cramps


    beautiful stomach noises

    muscle pain again

    The GI discomfort is the biggest problem right no1.

    Oh! And for a couple months now I have been saying that can cokes and fountain cokes have been bothering me but yet they are supposed to be gluten free. I was reading on a casein free website last nite that caramal color has a MILK derivative in it!!!! Oh my goodness! So my devastated heart is still trying to deal w that! But i needed to kick them anyway! Besides being terrible for me, they make me sick!

    Good luck!

    -Ali :)

  4. Hey there Sara! Welcome!

    There is a Safe and Forbidden list on this website at Celiac.com. Print out a copy and refer to it often until you become more familiar.

    It is very overwhelming at first! I truly thought i would never get the hang of reading labels! But i have!

    Use this forum for support! It is an amazing support system! No question is a stupid question!

    Also, once you begin to feel better on the diet, that chocolate chip cookie or pizza will look like poison to you! I never believed that until it began to happen to me! But it will. Once you feel better you will never want to go back!

    There is a very helpful forum in here called Gluten Free products. You can ask questions in there and read thru other threads and get some answers on products. There is a recipe forum here as well. Both are wonderful resources!

    Good luck to you!

    -Ali :)

  5. Hello! My name is frustrated...nice to meet u :lol:

    Just kidding ;) But seriously, I had NO idea until a few days ago that i could develop more intolerances. I have been sick for two months and it is getting worse. I am going to eliminate casein/dairy first. I think i have to limit sugar too! I am so hoping i can still tolerate soy as it is in everything! Oh! and tomatos are bothering me too!

  6. Hi Janet!

    It is my understanding from my mom that the items are gluten free items like Pamela's and Bob's red mill. It's a sectioned area of gluten free products.


    Hi! Maybe you could call your local Ralph's store and ask if they now have a gluten-free section. My brother is in orange county, i can ask him where he shops. Maybe he can ask for us.

    Oh! and FYI, i have been noticing that Walmart's brand- Great Value has been labeling their products gluten-free! YAY!

  7. Welcome!

    The most important thing here is that you feel better. I also had a negative bloodwork test for Celiac. This is common. If you try the diet and it works then you should continue it.

    I think everyone is different as far as when they started feeling better. I began to feel better probably within the first month. The bloating was the first thing to go. Then gradually i lost the heartburn, gas, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, muscle pain, etc. And my stools became normal for the first time in my life!

    It sounds to me like you are pretty aware that you cannot tolerate dairy. So i would definitely stick with a non dairy diet. You know your body best. Going gluten free will not hurt you. You will be haelthier and probably feel a lot better:

    Also, something i learned when i came into all this is that intolerance and allergy are not the same thing. It is very important to recognize that. I tested negative for all food allergies but i have food intolerances.

    I hope I've helped. Im on a blackberry and cant remember all of your questions. Im sure others will chime in too!

    Good luck!

    -Ali :)

  8. Hey there!

    Okay, I have been a cookie dough conosier (sp?) since high school! Making raw dough and eating it was my snack LOL :lol:

    Sooo, since going gluten-free i have had many moments where i needed my raw cookie dough fix and this is what i have found..... :lol:;)

    Gluten Free Pantry cookie dough......nasty raw!..never cooked it cause i did not like the raw taste.

    Authentic Foods Mix.....DELICIOUS raw AND cooked (this is my absolute favorite!) My parents' and son's fav too and they are gluten eaters!

    Pamela's brownie mix....pretty good raw...a little grainy...good cooked but still grainy. Most people rave about pamelas brownie mix. I have only cooked it once so im not sure if i did something wrong.

    365 Whole Foods brand Cookie mix.....pretty good raw and okay cooked...also grainy...but still pretty yummy.

    365 Whole Foods brand Brownie mix.....soooooo good raw! and INCREDIBLE cooked!!!

    I also tried to make my own dough ONCE from scratch bc i was having a dough craving and i will NEVER do that again! ICK! So nasty! the taste was indescribable! I also spit and hacked and wiped my mouth out!

    And yes ;) I have heard the salmonilla tales from my mother half of my life and now from the guy i am dating :lol: BUT i love my dough :)

    -Ali :)

  9. My son is 9. He has had severe irritabilaty/anger/defiance/anxiety issues since he was 3 yrs old. I have taken 5 month parenting classes and even ordered the Total Transformation program by James Lehman. Both have helped but we still have some residual issues still hanging around.

    I have always suspected that diet was involved. I had never heard of Celiac diseas until I was diagnosed. In the last couple of weeks i have been strongly considering trying a gluten-free diet for my son. I think it could only help him. And ur child too. I am going to order the Enterolab tests and test him. I'm in the process of deciding if i should go gluten-free for him now or wait for the test results.

    All this to say...I highly encourage you to try the diet. I think it could only help our children. I know when i get glutened the anxiety and irritablity are over the top for me.

    Good luck!

    -Ali :)

  10. Hey there!

    I need someone to explain cross contamination to me. Im not sure if i am getting CC'd or if i have developed new intolerances.

    I got sick again today and have no idea why. I ingested gluten accidentally 7 weeks ago and havent been the same since.

    i know this question has been asked a zillion times im sure but i would really appreciate if someone would break it down for me.

    Can i get CCbd by breathing in when around gluten?

    In what ways can i be CC'd?

    Thank u!

    -Ali :)

  11. Zook! Welcome!

    I used to have DAILY headaches before going gluten free. Some were dull and others I could not open my eyes. But now, the headaches are completely gone. They only come back if i have been cc'd or glutened accidentally.

    Good luck to u!

    If u do the diet, u need to go at it 100%. I think it would probably be great for u. It takes patience and time but u can do it!

    -Ali :)

  12. Hey there!

    When i went to the neurologist he talked w me and litened to my symptoms, then formed a plan.

    I did have to have an MRI. I kept my eyes closed the whole time and they gave me ear phones to listen to music. Alex, is right, they can give u anxiety medication. just make sure it is gluten free. But u can research that ahead of time.

    I used to have numbness in my feet and hands often prior to the gluten-free diet. It has become almost non existent for me since going gluten-free. But i still have some trouble w feeling in my palms.

    Good luck!

    -Ali :)

  13. Hey there!

    This is a wonderful thread!!! i am in the process of reading all 24 pgs from a Blackberry so it is taking some time.

    I was able to locate on the internet which foods are considered oxylates. But i could not locate which foods are considered nightshades. Would someone post a list of nightshad foods for me please? I'm sorry if it is already posted in here but like i said, im reading slowly from a blackberry so i havent found it yet.

    Thank u so much! This is very interesting information. I have been gluten-free for ten months and doing very well until 6 weeks ago. Now i am trying to figure out what i could be intolerant of now! It gets frustrating!

    Thanks again!

    -Ali :)