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  1. New Grist, Bard's Tale and Red Bridge are all gluten free. All Vodka's are safe because they are filtered.....some people say no but everything I've read says the filtering process elimintes any protiens. Try and Vodka and Cranberry or fruit juice........I drink the Bard's Tale (dragon's gold in...
  2. About 10 days ago I had put the same question out on the board as I had the same reaction you did and called Hershey's and they told me the same thing they told you..........I got Hershey's plain chocolate bars and a jar of peanut butter and dip my candy bar in the peanut butter.........it saves...
  3. Hello, I also posted a question on here the other day because I ate a Reese's Peanut Butter "pumpkin" cup and had ill reactions, I called Hershey's and they counld not tell me that any of the peanut butter cups were gluten free. I also read that they may use wheat when rolling out the ingredients...