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  1. I am at the end of my rope. I have been gluten-free for over two years and now, (all of a sudden) I'm back to square one. I know that I wasn't accidentally glutened because my symptoms have lasted over three weeks. Normally if I encounter CC, (I never, ever, EVER cheat!) I'm out for about 4 days with GI problems, skin issues, etc. and then it's over. My husband is an absolute angel and forbids gluten to ever enter our home...food or beauty products. It has to be something else. After about a week and a half of diarrhea about 6-10x/day, I was so dehydrated that I went to the emergency room. The doctor impatiently let me talk for approximately 1.5 minutes and told me that I have the flu. I thought my husband was going to blow a gasket! The guy didn't even care to listen to me. I had/have severe abdominal pain, so he ordered an x-ray. X-RAY????? Why? Because my bones might have the flu, too?! Seriously... He proceeded to give me morphine through my IV and then sent me home with Immodium five minutes later with "stomach flu" as my diagnosis. I'm not quite sure when they started treated a stomach bug with morphine...mmmmm. What a jacka**! (Pardon my language) I don't know where he got his degree, clown school? Anyway...I have been doing my own research over the last two months or so, (I have been so drained...I figured it was worth looking into) and the only thing that makes any sense is Refractory Sprue. I know that it's uncommon, but they also told this 120 lb., 25 yr. old that I wasn't the "typical" candidate for gall bladder problems yet they didn't have a issue with taking it out! So after all that kvetching....here's my list of symptoms: constant abdominal pain, frequent diarrhea, passing undigested food (sorry! I'm past the embarrassment stage...I just need answers), bloody stools, extreme fatigue, lightheadedness, constantly hungry, colorless skin, skin that tears easily (I took a band-aid off the other day and it ripped two squares of my skin off where the adhesive was), arms and legs both losing mass/weight with an extremely bloated stomach, etc., etc. I apologize for being blunt, but I cannot go on like this. I just got married and I feel SO guilty to burden my new husband with this. He has been nothing but understanding, but I'm supposed to be fun, young and still in that "honeymoon" phase. I feel so bad for affecting anyone in my life....husband, parents, employer. It's hard to explain it to my boss because I don't "look" sick. I jokingly told my husband that I was going to start wearing a sling on my arm so I could have "something wrong with me" that people could understand. My husband is in the military so that makes my hospital/doctor experience interesting. (It possibly explains the aforementioned diagnosis) I just need an answer. I can't take this anymore. I thought life was hard enough with trying to go gluten free 2 years ago...what's the point now? So many people say that they "just have to" cheat...I wish! I'm trying to stay optimistic about it, but I can't anymore. Could this be RS? If not, what's wrong with me?
  2. I was accidentally glutened, (thank you, Chili's!) this past week and now my face is breaking out. I am a model and I have a big photo shoot on Sunday. Does anyone have any helpful hints they would like to pass along? I would really appreciate it!
  3. I agree, it sounds like a gallbladder issue. I actually had mine removed two years before I was even tested for celiac disease. I had intense pain in my upper right quadrant, (under the ribcage). Since I wasn't the "typical" patient for a gallbladder issue, I suffered for about a month before they would finally listen to me. Turns out I did have a problem with my gb....I didn't work at all! I was 21 at the time and very thin so I didn't fit the stereotypical gallstone patient, but they ended up giving me some test that monitors the flow of the gb and realized that I didn't work at all. I truly believe that if they would have tested me for celiac disease first I would still have my gallbladder. My mother has also had the same symptoms....intense pain on the right side, under the rib cage. She had her gb removed a year before me. Nothing helps the pain, (I was on Morphine in the ER for 2 days and it didn't touch that spot!) Good luck...I hope this helps!
  4. I have been on a gluten-free diet for over 2 years now and I couldn't figure out why I still had symptoms of glutening, (i.e. aching body, facial breakouts, stomach problems, etc.). I didn't really feel as strong as when I had accidentally ate something that I wasn't supposed....I was at the end of my rope, that's how I ended up on this site. I started reading up on everything I could related to celiac to see if I was missing something. I thought the whole idea of hair and body care products was bogus until I accidentally apple cider'd myself! Let me explain...my hair had alot of product build-up and my purifying shampoo wasn't doing the trick. My mom suggested that I rinse it in apple cider vinegar, apparently it strips your hair and leaves it "clean". I shampooed my hair as usual and rinsed with the vinegar. I don't shower with my mouth open, as I assume most of you don't, but I ended up with vinegar in my mouth somehow! Any of you who have any experience with a.c. vinegar know that it is rather strong and pungent. There was no mistaking that I had enough in my mouth post-shower that I had to brush my teeth. Immediately, I went online to see what ingredients to avoid in beauty products. Since switching to gluten-free last week, I have had more energy, my face is clearing up, my stomach problems are slowing going away. Maybe there IS something to this theory! I don't care what I have to do to feel better. Obviously the people that can't live and let live weren't sick enough to try anything. Thank your lucky stars that you don't have it as bad as some of us. Besides, don't we get enough heckling from ignorant doctors? I don't have DH or any other skin allergy, by the way. If you are still skeptical, a little vinegar will help you understand!
  5. michiamojersey

    Just Wondering Who's From Minnesota

    I was born in central MN, (near Alexandria) but I have lived in Minnetonka for a couple years. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you if you know anyone that was on 35 yesterday!
  6. I just need to vent... I am so glad that I found this website. Finally, I have found people who can say, "I know how you feel" and you know it's real....genuine. How many times have you all heard that? Do they know what it's like to be doubled over in pain? Do they know what it's like to feel the hopelessness when the doctor refers you to a shrink because he/she can't figure out what's wrong with you...it must be in your head, right? Do they know the embarassment you feel when you have to tell a new boyfriend or girlfriend what it means for you to get "sick"? Do they know the self control it takes to not have a slice when all your friends/family are out for pizza? Do they know how it feels to lay awake at night thinking, "What is wrong with me"?! Have they ever felt that defeat when you accidently get "glutened"? Do they know how hard it is to go through your kitchen, bag everything up and give it away leaving you with bare cupboards...not knowing what you are supposed to eat? Do they know how awful some of this gluten-free crap tastes like? Do their mouths water at the thought of one more warm Krispy Kreme? To all of you that have to order salads with no croutons or cheese....who instinctively have an "escape" excuse just in case you get "that feeling" and you need to leave abruptly....to those of us that are forever explaining our "allergy", (and no, you can't just order a burger and take the bun off). We are troopers that have been through the trenches and continue to march on through this gluten-filled world. I salute you....'cause I know how you feel!
  7. Funny, I should come across this topic! I can help with the Victoria's Secret question. They said that their Garden Collection, (Love Spell, Amber Romance, Pure Seduction, Pear Glace, Strawberries and Champagne, My Desire, etc.) is gluten-free...but they can't guarantee that any of their other products are. I actually work at VS and I was checking the labels of all our beauty products today and it looks like most of the Insatiable shower gel/shampoos have gluten in them, (the company releases 3 new scents about every 4 months-some scents include Key Lime Lust, Carmel Kiss, Chocolate Covered Berries, etc.) but the lotions look okay. I'm just learning how to read beauty product labels, so don't quote me....jeez, it took long enough to read FOOD labels! I think the haircare is also out of the question. I'm not quite sure about the Dream Angels collection, (Heavenly, Desire, Divine, Halo) because I don't wear those fragrances, but if you call HR they are very accomodating and nice. I hope this helps some of you out!
  8. It would include Love Spell, but not Heavenly. Anything from the Garden Collection, (Love Spell, Romantic Wish, Amber Romance, Pear Glace, Strawberries and Champagne, My Desire, Forbidden Fantasy, etc.) would be included. I'm so excited....I thought I would be throwing all my yummy scents away! Instead....I'M GOING SHOPPING!
  9. michiamojersey

    Favorite Pasta Brands?

    I agree that Tinkyada is excellent, but I usually use DeBoles. I'm Italian so giving up "regular" pasta was hard...I think how you cook it helps. My grandmother told me to always make it "al dente" (slightly firm), rinse with hot water and give it a good blast with cold water at the end. If you add a little extra light olive oil to the water it helps the noodles retain their shape.
  10. Yay! I just got off the phone with a rep from Victoria's Secret and she informed me that their entire Garden line is gluten-free! She said that some of their other products might be gluten-free but she couldn't confirm that. How exciting??!! (Maybe it's just 'cause I work there and love the products! )