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  1. I remember reading many times that some Tazo teas have gluten in them - namely the Green Ginger, Tazo Honeybush, Lemon Ginger, and Tea Lemonade. I decided to check with the company because it looked like all old information and sure enough, they have revised their statement on gluten. Here is what I received from their Customer Care dept. Looks like they have removed the potential gluten in all tea flavors.


    Thank you so much for taking the time to contact Tazo.


    Thank you for your inquiry. None of our teas contain wheat or barley in them. Some of our teas do continue corn or corn derived products but no wheat or barley.

    • While some glues do contain wheat and/or animal products, no glue of any kind is used to seal Tazo filterbags. They are stapled; so there is no glue present.
    • Tazo Filterbag manufacturing plants have allergen control standards in place.
    • While there is always risk of cross-contamination with gluten containing products in the retail setting, the actual dry filterbag components should not contain any gluten.


  2. I recently switched from the regular sized Altoids to the mini's that they sell at Target, cuz I like the way they fit into my purse. I've been eating them on and off for MONTHS, and just last night decided to turn over the box and read the ingredients and sure enough...WHEAT maltodextrin. I've been having headaches and insomnia all week and now I know why! Just wanted to warn others so no one else makes my mistake!! :blink:


  3. I hear back from Thai Kitchen about the wheat in the mushroom soup. Turns out they make a different mushroom soup specifically for Whole Foods that has wheat in it. The soup at all other stores is still gluten free. Strange!

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your interest in our products and welcome the opportunity to be of assistance to you.

    We are aware of special allergies and intolerance to certain ingredients such as the following:

    Peanuts Fish Soy proteins Sulfites

    Tree nuts Eggs Wheat proteins Yellow No. 5 & 6

    Shellfish Milk Red Pepper

    As a responsible food company, our company follows the U.S. Food Drug & Cosmetic Act regulations to ensure consumer safety concerning food allergens. We declare these ingredients on our label in the ingredient statement. Federal regulations require us to list sulfites if they are over 10 parts per million, so we use that as our label declaration limit. Because we are constantly improving our products, we encourage you to read the ingredient statement on our packages at the time of your purchase.

    In addition, we follow good manufacturing practices at our plants. Our employees are trained in the importance of correct labeling and the necessity of performing thorough equipment wash-downs to eliminate cross-contact of ingredients.

    Although we cannot guarantee our products to be 100% free of allergens not listed on the label, we want you to know that we take this situation seriously and have taken extra precautions to eliminate the possibility of mislabeling or cross-contact.

    We manufacture one Mushroom Bowl for Whole Foods that has soy powder, which has a wheat derivative. Our other Mushroom bowls available at all major grocery sores, including Target and Wal Mart is Gluten Free. It says Gluten Free in red. I am sorry for the confusion that this has may have caused.

  4. I have been gluten free for 2 years now and the diet has definitely made a huge impact on my health and well being. I have never cheated or knowingly ingested gluten, so I wasn't sure what my reaction would be. Yesterday I had 2 sips of a soup that I thought was safe and then found out it had soy sauce in it. I was interested to see my reaction, but surprisingly I felt nothing! The only thing I noticed was this morning I woke up with red eyes.

    I never had a biopsy done so I'm starting to get worried...does anyone else not have a reaction when they eat gluten? Or is it possible to eat a small amount and not do any damage?

    Thanks :)


  5. Thai Kitchen has never been trustworthy. Taste of Thai on the other hand earlier this year added an announcement on every package that all their products are gluten-free. Now they're not the fastest moving items at the supermarket, so you could easily run across some older packages that still have gluten, but Taste of Thai is the far better, more responsible and more authentic (not much wheat in Thai cooking as far as I know) company.

    Thanks! I went to the store and picked some up, hopefully they are tasty.

  6. I often enjoy the Mushroom soup rice bowls from Thai Kitchen for lunch at work. I just took a few bites of one this afternoon and noticed that it tasted a bit different, grabbed the box out of the trash, and sure enough! CONTAINS WHEAT. Such a nice feeling. I have an email into the company to explain what has happened, and the fact that it still says it is gluten free on their website http://www.worldpantry.com/cgi-bin/ncommer...cgrfnbr=1339446 - So BEWARE of Thai Kitchen, make sure you read the label and confirm the gluten-free status before consuming!!!

  7. I bought some Ian's sweet potato fries the other day and figured they would be fine since the only two ingredients listed were sweet potatoes and oil. I thought I'd email the company just in case, since they normally label things that are gluten free...Their response is that it is not gluten free because the fries are dusted with flour!! How is it ok for them to use an ingredient and not list it like that?! Especially one like flour that so many people are intolerant and allergic to.

    Very frustrating!! Anyway, heads up to anyone else who may have thought they were safe.

  8. I mentioned it to a doctor once and she laughed and told me I was fine! Although this was the same doctor that told me that I didn't have celiac disease...I will probably just keep on ignoring it, I tend to run to the doctor anytime anything is bothering me and it usually ends up being nothing. I think if I show up saying I'm having chest pains they'll shoo me out pretty fast considering I'm only 26! I'll try to mention it at my next check upwe'll see what happens. Thanks everyone :)

  9. I have been having sharp, stabbing pains in my right lower arm and the right side of my chest. The pain seems to correspond to my heart beat, and the two pains are synchronized. It usually last for about 10-15 seconds and happens at random times, like this morning while I was sleeping. Sometimes it's very minor and other times it is very painful. Does anyone know if this might be related to celiac disease? Maybe some kind of nerve damage or something? I've been gluten-free for about a year and 2 months, and I take a B-vitamin, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, and Multi. Sometimes it scares me and I'd love to know how to fix it! Thanks :)

  10. I'm a big fan of dessert and I've been too afraid to go anywhere where "scoops" are involved...so I did some research into frozen yogurt places and I wanted to share my results!

    Blue Mango

    - Received an email from them saying there yogurts are gluten free


    Red Mango

    - Listed as gluten-free on their website.



    - Received the following email...With the exception of our yogurt flavors which use ingredients that would explicitly contain gluten, such as the double cookies and cream, our yogurt flavors do not contain gluten. However, all of our flavors are processed in a facility that also processes products which do contain gluten.



    - Frosty's are gluten-free! And other stuff too.



    - Lots of gluten free choices..


    Golden Spoon

    - Mostly gluten free...


    If anyone has additions, bring em on!


  11. So according to the Pinkberry website, their yogurts are all gluten free. However, due to regulations they have different ingredients in California than in all other states. I was just in their store in Los Angeles and ordered some yogurt, when I noticed the ingredient "starch" on the list. I went ahead and ate it because I remembered seeing the gluten free statement on their website, but when I got home to check I found that they change their ingredients for California. Does anyone know what the deal is or had problems with Pinkberry? I emailed the company about it and I'm going to be really upset to hear that I can't eat it anymore! :( Hopefully it's potato starch or something...

  12. It could mean there is some hidden gluten lurking somewhere . . . old can opener, old chapstick . . . could be in a medication/vitamin . . . could be in a toiletry.

    It could also mean that you are still healing. What was your beginning value? What is that value now? For some, it takes a while for the value to return to normal levels. If your value has decreased, I wouldn't worry too much but I would probably still look around and double check.

    How are you feeling?

    My Ttg went from 24.5 to 11...My doctor hadn't mentioned this the first time he called, he just said that I was still positive and that there is probably gluten in my diet. I suppose since it has decreased quite a bit, I am probably in pretty good shape.

    Other question...If you get "glutened", does the number and the damage go back to the original point (24.5), or does it only do a small amount of damage that can be repaired in a short amount of time?

  13. I have been on the gluten-free diet for about 6 months, and I had the celiac blood screening done again. I still tested positive for Celiac Disease, and I have been really careful about what I eat. Is it normal for the test to remain positive, or is there some source of hidden gluten in my diet? And does it mean that I am continuously eating gluten, or did I just slip up once near the time of my test?

    I really thought I was doing well! What a frustrating disease this is!!



  14. Yeah I guess I should give it a little more time before I rush into surgery. I've tried just about every brand and type of contacts, seen just about every optometrist and opthamologist at my hospital...I suggested that Sjorgen's condition to the opthamologist, but he brushed it off pretty quickly because I don't have dry mouth. I think I'll go ahead and have the blood test done anyway, I should have learned my lesson about doctors after I diagnosed myself with Celiac Disease after they tried to blame "IBS".

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions, it's good to know I'm not the only one having these problems :)