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  1. IM sorry, perhaps I didnt explain our history well enough as I wasnt really thinking it was celiacs related!

    My husband worked at the public schools as a custodian when my kids first got it. My first son who is a twin was hospitalized 2 times for ear infections (yeah that is a whole other story) a month before he got it. My sister and her husband had it for a while before this though. So really, it could have come from any number of places.

    In his diaper area, a red boil appeared. My daughter, his twin, a week later, got a red boil. They were on antibiotics and it went away. I disinfected my ENTIRE house, every nook and crany. This is when they were 10 months old. Joshua was born 2 months later, and at 10 month old, so a year later almost to the exact DAY, he got the infamous red boil in his diaper area. Antibiotics, went away. Sterilized my house. I asked, WHY in the world, and HOW in the world, could he have gotten it at the same exact age, a year later, and they dont have it, no one has had it since then, then he just came up with it. They told me no matter how much I disinfect our home, it is in our noses, on our skin, ect.

    He just got it again maybe 3 weeks ago on his chin. Elijah (my older twin) had it maybe 7 months ago on his knee. Elizabeth I think has only had it the one time. I had it once on my stomach while pregnant with my baby who is now 8 months. The doctor didnt even give me antibiotics because it was already draining, and it was positive for MRSA.

    My sister and her husband and kids all have had it at various times. They seem more suseptible to it though, they have had it much much more. She also disinfect.

    To make the assumption that I dont know it is dangerous and that I need to clean is far fetched. MRSA is extremely annoying to me. I wish it never got here. Now it is here, and we deal with it as it causes us harm. Luckily the kind of MRSA we get is the skin infection, when it gets in the blood it really really bad, usually when people die from it. I disinfect everything on a normal basis anyway. I am a freak like that.

    Thanks for all the links, but I am in contact with quite a few doctors because of it. Infectious disease has said it is in 70 percent of homes, even if it doesnt cause a problem. It will always be in our home. People come to my home and dont get it. My dh lives here and has never had it. My baby has never had it. I have had it once in 3 years. Elizabeth has had it once in 3 years, the other 2 boys twice. I know what it is, how it works and what the dangers are. Thanks though ;)

    Forgive me. I did not mean to imply anything offensive. Bowing out of conversation.

  2. He has had MRSA a couple times since he was 10 months old. My twins got it at 10 months old also, and have each had it twice too. I have had it once. My sister gave it to us, her and her husband get it often, I had never even heard of it. Its pretty nasty and very very annoying.

    According to a school nurse who goes to my church, MRSA has become the fourth leading cause of death in the US. (I'm sorry - I don't know where she got that statistic but probably from a professional publication.) It's not annoying. It's deadly.

    It stays alive on surfaces for up to 90 days. You need to disinfect every surface in your house that you touch with your skin with alcohol or bleach. That includes furniture. Because of repeated infections, you may even want to wash your clothes in alcohol.

    Your sister and her husband need to do the same thing.

    If anyone has a gym membership, cancel it NOW because that gym is not cleaning surfaces between users.

    More info:

    MRSA in Schools

    MRSA Among Athletes

    Environmental Management of Staph and MRSA in Community Settings

    Healthcare-associated MRSA

    Community-Associated MRSA

    I really hope you find a doctor who will look at your son as a whole person and not just as a list of symptoms. Something is obviously wrong and the poor little guy needs to start down the road to recovery as soon as possible. :wub:

  3. Try some of the bread or cake mixes from Pamela's or Gluten Free Pantry. The ones I have on hand do not contain dairy or soy and either do not call for them to be added or have alternate directions. They are not your mom's but they are good. Pamela's chocolate cake is excellent and even better if you add chocolate chips. ;) If you can't find them locally they can be purchased online.

    It's a good idea to educate your family about celiac. It's important for them to understand that untreated celiac is fatal, and it's a slow painful death, just as death from a lifetime of smoking is a slow painful death. Washing a couple of extra dishes is a small price to pay for a healthy mother. Hopefully your kids will come to understand this.

  4. Thanks I may look into other clinics and such for the NDs.. Thank you also for the list! I am seeing my .. 4th Gastro in Seattle here in a few weeks. Hopefully I can get that antibody test. Who knows. Like every other blood test I seem to get it will most likely be negative. I am used to it!!

    Thanks again for your help and responding... I have horrible insomnia right now.. even though I spent the entire DAY in a larthargic fuzz.. now I can't sleep at all. Its all so very frustrating.

    I suggest you send a PM to board members "tarnalberry" who lives in the north end and/or to "cruelshoes" who lives in the south end for recommendations. ;)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I honestly did not get the chance to go in today. So I will tomorrow... I've been peeing in the collection pan and earlier this afternoon it looked like someone sprinkled fine-grained sand into it. Just now I spotted some of the 'sand' again, plus a tiny brown blob that looked hairy (but big enough to notice). I've also been having some serious nausea and have been feverish all day. It's horrible, I hate getting new problems for the first time =(

    This needs to get bumped to the very top of your priority list. Kidney infections can become very serious very quickly. It either needs to be dealt with ASAP or eliminated as the problem and whatever is causing the problem needs to be found. Nausea + fever + passing something in the urine is not a good combination.

  6. And sometimes both happen at once. There is a line of products of which I am very aware, where the package was redesigned recently. The old package was four pounds. The "new, improved" package is three pounds, but the price went up by two dollars at the same time. :(

    This is not a gluten-free specialty food, BTW.

    As is often the case, "new, improved" is only half right! :rolleyes::blink:

  7. :o So I really like the KK pizza shells - easy, convenient and a loaded one is good enough for supper with some veggies. HOWEVER ! Now the 8" pizza shell has become a 7" pizza shell...not so filling. I guess it's a sign of the times but I find it makes a difference.

    Has anyone else noticed any shrinkage - KK or other products ???

    This has been happening for years with all sorts of products. Companies have to choose between raising the prices - which you would definitely notice, or reducing the quantity of product in what otherwise looks like the same packaging and hope you don't notice.

    It is indeed a sign of the times. :ph34r:

  8. Were you aware of the dog/dog food situation when you accepted the job?

    Was the owner aware of your health issues?

    If I were you I would start looking for another job ASAP. You probably will have absolutely no success changing a situation that worked for everyone else before you started there.

    In the meantime, it might be worth it to talk to the boss and ask that the dog food be kept in an enclosed plastic or metal container.

  9. ERR, you would probably feel better if you wrote a letter to the doctor. Insist that it be kept in your (now closed) file. Keep emotions totally out of it. Just dryly outline all the visits you made, what you said, what he said and how you came back over and over without your problem ever being diagnosed.

    Send a copy to the medical board and more importantly to the insurance company. They need to be told over and over and over that it is costing them BIG BUCKS when they don't encourage doctors to at least run the celiac panel when they do other blood tests.

    The take a big breath and LET GO OF IT. Your frustrations and anger and resentments do not hurt anyone but you. Remind yourself daily to be grateful that now you know what has been wrong and now you can focus on getting well. :)

  10. Yes to what ravenwoodglass said. :)

    Actually Safeway carries many gluten free items but you will not find many of them in the center aisles where the processed foods are. You will find them around the perimeter in the fresh and frozen meats and produce sections.

    You don't have to be a good cook to fix a quick and easy meal. Your crock pot might become your new best friend! Here is a blog of a different crock pot recipe every day for a year. I believe most are gluten free.

    WalMart frozen chicken pieces, Minute Rice, and a bag of frozen veggies does not take any time or culinary skill. Trust me on this one! ;)

    Gluten-free substitutes are often very pricey. People on tight budgets learn to eat differently. I have read posts where people feed their entire families gluten free for less than $100 per week. Some are one-income parents, some home-school multiple kids. None have time to cook. See above crock pot comment.

    Oh and he's also had the genetic testing done and has both the genes.
    He got one from each of his parents - have you been tested? It would make your life *SO* much simpler if your whole household were gluten free.

  11. Just a quick response before others who are more familiar with the foods you listed jump in.

    First of all, I would not recommend adding more than one new food at a time. When you add several new things at once and then feel awful, you have no idea what caused it.

    Second, if the rice milk was Rice Dream, they can legally claim to be gluten free even though they really are not, because the amount of gluten the product contains is under the legal limit. But it is still there.

    Many newly diagnosed people have to give up dairy until they heal because the villi in the intestines that digest dairy are what is destroyed by the body's reaction to gluten. You may be able to add dairy back in later.

    Perhaps not all of your symptoms are caused by diet. You may just have a cold! :blink:

  12. Hi gluten-free Community....Do any of you guys ever get sick from just the odors from cooking gluten? For the past week I have been glutened, but couldn't figure how, until I awoke with heart palpitations, tingling lips and extreme anxiety at 1am...to find husband and son cooking pizza and pasta so that I wouldn't "catch" them with gluten. I try to maintain a gluten-free house, since me and my kids have gluten issues and a grandson with autism on the diet. My son is in denial, because he enjoys his gluten binges, he has been cooking late at night after I go to sleep. My grandson had problems at school during this week as well. Please tell me I'm not imagining the symptoms. Some people just don't get it. When I confronted them, shaking with sweats, they just said "hey, calm down, it's just pasta". OMG!

    Perhaps this article from How Stuff Works will clarify things for you.


    You should also show it to those who think they can dink around with substances that are poisonous to you and not have any negative consequences.

    You are not imagining the symptoms and some people just don't get it. But they need to.

    FWIW, a friend's son with a severe intolerance to casein went into anaphylactic shock because of an open package of cheese in an enclosed environment. He never even touched the stuff - but the fumes were in the air and that's all it took.

    I read some time ago of a person with a severe shellfish allergy who actually died :o from inhaling the aroma of someone else's shrimp dinner.

    Don't ever let anybody try to tell you that odors can't cause you problems!

    Hope you get them straightened out soon!

  13. Instead of wilting under the scrutiny (or testosterone-laden bullying) try answering with:

    "Hey, guys, I'm glad you asked. :D Let me tell you about the millions, yes millions of people in this country get sick eating just this very kind of food because they are either allergic to it or their bodies have an autoimmune response to it."

    Take it from there. You are in sales, right? Make it a sales pitch! ;)

  14. My gluten-free yeast bread baking has been disastrous at best, but I do well with quick breads in the glass pans.

    I looked up the silicone stuff online because it seems so weird. The online jury is definitely out. Some people loved them. Others worried about the bright colors leaching out. Still others had the stuff out-gas really noxious fumes so badly as to make them totally unusable.

    There really was no consensus so I decided to pass for now and stay with my glass pans.

  15. If you're going to worry about gluten getting on your hands because you may then touch your mouth and ingest it, then you'd have to worry about everything you touch, especially in public, as you never know when someone may have touched something after having gluten on their hands.

    Exactly. So you wash your hands a lot, especially after being out in public. Assume absolutely everything is contaminated and protect yourself accordingly.