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  1. Oven roasted pot roast with carrots, onions, potatoes. I put lipton onion soup in the water, and made gravy with potato starch. I made a brussel sprouts casserole with dried cranberries and almond slivers.
  2. Tulsa Oklahoma is a great place for celiacs. One of the best restaurants in town is owned and run by a chef with celiac. More than half his menu is gluten free. Almost any restaurant you go into there has a gluten free menu. Plus, there is a PF Changs, Pew wei, and all the other national chains...
  3. I have no problem with Trader Joe's labeling. I look at the manufacturing statement on the back for all gluten free products. I would have a problem if they did not disclose that it is manufactured in a plant that also processes wheat products. The best thing to do if you cannot tolerate any...
  4. Vomiting was one of my major symptoms prior to diagnosis. I have only had it once since going gluten free 1 1/2 ago. That was immediately after coming home from eating out. I feel sure it must have been a glutening from cross contamination. I rarely eat out. It would not be normal for your...
  5. The way I understand it, metaplasia is where the cells have changed to an abnormal state. The road to cancer goes something like this: Normal cells -------->inflammation----------->metaplasia----------->dysplasia---------->cancer So it would appear that the cells have been inflamed...
  6. I am highly allergic to most metals. I didn't know how bad it was until I was older and found that the dental amalgam used in my root canal had eaten away my jaw bone and I had to have a bone graft. They think now that the original almalgam fillings caused the damage leading to the root canals...