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  1. JustCan

    3 Year Old With Symptoms

    I've been gluten-free for 5 years after years of being sick. I discovered the diet on my own and got tested after going gluten-free because I was not well informed back then. My blood test for celiac was negative and the biopsy was inconclusive so I don't know if I have celiac or if I'm just very, very gluten intolerant. I did a gluten challenge for the biopsy though and thought I was going to die so there is no doubt in my mind that its poison for me. Flash forward and I now have two kids that are 3.5 and 15 months. I kept my older son gluten-free until he was 2.5 and the younger one still is. We introduced gluten very slowly with the older one and he seemed fine (ate it at birthday parties, family events, etc but that was it). But, at the beginning of the summer we switched to a new daycare that provides snacks (we provided all snacks and lunch at the old one) so he's been eating a lot more gluten in the last couple months then he ever has before (we still pack lunch which is gluten-free since our house is). He's started to complain about having trouble going to the bathroom and his behavior has changed. Last week we were on vacation and he was 100% gluten-free and the issues disappeared. He's been back at daycare this week and we got a call on Tuesday that he was hysterical because he had to go to the bathroom but couldn't. My husband had to go to daycare to calm him down and we took him to the doctor that afternoon. She said his stomach was very gurgly and bloated and that something was definitely making him uncomfortable. We did the blood test for celiac on Wednesday morning so I don't have the results but I'd love some input on other's experiences with their kids. I tend to be super paranoid about gluten after being so sick most of my life and constantly watch for symptoms in my kids so I'm a little worried that's what I'm doing here and this is really just normal stuff for a 3 year old (moodiness, tummy troubles, etc). But I also don't want to miss the signs. If the blood test comes back negative and he hasn't gone back to his normal happy self, I will be trying a gluten-free diet with him but any experience or insight would be helpful. Does it sound like gluten is bothering him? Anyone go through something similar with being gluten-free themselves and trying to figure it out with their kids? Thanks so much!
  2. We're hosting thanksgiving and I'm trying to put together the menu. My nephew is dairy free so the entire meal will be gluten-free and dairy free. I'm struggling with gravy. I've tried making my own and for some reason it never comes out all that well but my bigger issue is that the people we're having over will be a little unsure of homemade gravy anyway (I don't think they've ever had it and they're people that make a big deal over "different" food.) So, does anyone know of a packaged/bottled gluten-free turkey gravy? Thanks!
  3. JustCan

    Infant Reaction To Breastmilk

    My son is allergic to eggs and nuts. He was diagnose at 5 months and is now 9 months. He had a constant rash and ezcema and would spit up constantly until we figured it out. The reaction seemed to be pretty quick but after a few weeks of trying to take various things out of my diet we decided to get him tested since food allergies run in my husband's family. I'm already gluten free so we knew it wasn't that. Within two days of me taking eggs and nuts out of my diet, his skin cleared up and he stopped spitting up so much. So, I'm probably not much help, but I wanted to chime in that my son reacted to the allergens in my milk pretty quickly and also responded very quickly when I took those foods out of my diet. I would think everyone is different though. Would it be possible to test for food allergies to rule that out even if you can't test for celiac at this point? Good luck!
  4. JustCan

    Gluten-free Rice Cereal And Baby Food

    Hi, I have a 9 month old so I'm dealing with some of the same things. I have celiac and like you plan to keep him gluten free for a while as well. He's also allergic to eggs and nuts so that complicates it further. Anyway, we use Earth's Best rice cereal and aren't doing any of the other grains. Both our pediatrician and allergist were ok with this approach given the family history. I make my own baby food so I know it's gluten/allergen free but I do have a few jars in the house just in case. Just read them carefully. As far as cheerios, there is a rice cereal that's gluten free but it had traces of our other allergens so we couldn't use it. I can't remember what it was though. Instead, we've been using plain old puffed rice. It's the stuff that comes in the bag at Whole Foods or somewhere similar, it's not even in a box. He seems to really like it and is learning how to pick up food using those. We've also given him Chex but he's still having a little trouble chewing those. Good luck!
  5. JustCan

    Breastfeeding And Celiac Babies?

    My situation is a little bit different but I thought I'd chime in anyway. I am gluten free and my 7 month old son is exclusively breastfed. For the first four months of his life, he had ezcema and would break out in an awful full body rash. He also spit up a lot and was very fussy towards the end of the day. I knew he wasn't getting gluten but obviously something was causing a reaction. Fortunately, he was gaining weight extremely well (always been in the 90th % since he was a week old). At his four month appt, the doctor suggested eliminating dairy to see if his skin cleared up. About a week and a half into doing that, his skin was much, much worse. I realized that I increased the amount of nuts and eggs I had been eating to make sure I was getting enough protein. At that point, we decided to have him tested for allergies and sure enough, he's allergic to nuts and eggs. Two days into eliminating those from my diet and his skin looked perfect, he was spitting up less, and the fussy time at the end of the day pretty much went away. My reason for telling you all of this is that the medical community seems to think that only dairy/milk protein can go through breastmilk. It's time to do more research because that is definitely not true. As others on here said, their babies reacted to gluten and mine was clearly reacting to other proteins so it's obviously possible. Hopefully you'll find your answers after going gluten free. Just make sure you're eating enough so your milk supply doesn't take a hit - I exclusively pump so I know exactly what I produce and I did lose a few ounces a day when we were trying to figure out what was causing the allergic reaction. Good luck!
  6. First, congrats! Unfortunately, I don't think there's really a consensus on this. My situation's a little bit different. I'm the one with celiac disease and we have a 6 month old son. So, I was of course gluten free while I was pregnant and still gluten free while I'm now breastfeeding. I will tell you that my son was recently diagnosed with allergies to nuts and eggs when his only exposure was through my milk so I believe foods including gluten can go through breastmilk. I'm now nut and egg free as well. I have no idea about in the womb though, seems less likely. Plus, there's no guarantee the baby will have celiac even though it's at a higher risk for it. Hopefully somone else has more information.
  7. JustCan

    Easy Pancakes

    Thanks! I made their bread last week with the egg replacer and it came out pretty good. I'll have to try the pancake mix.
  8. I used to use Pamela's baking mix to make pancakes and they were so easy. Just add a couple ingredients and you're done. But, my son was just diagnosed with allergies to nuts and eggs and unfortunately, Pamela's has almond flour in it. I tried Arrowhead Mills pancake mix today and it was awful - kind of like eating chalk. I'm not sure if it was the mix itself or that I used egg replacer or both. What mixes do you use to make pancakes? Thanks so much! These new allergies in the family are throwing me for a loop on certain things!
  9. Not sure this got posted the first time...trying again.
  10. Hi All! I have yet to find the new Betty Crocker mixes anywhere near me. My son is allergic to eggs and nuts so I need to check the ingredients first anyway. They're not listed online and when I emailed the company they of course said to read the ingredients. I'm trying to avoid going on a search for them if my family won't be able to eat them anyway. Can anyone tell me if they contain nuts or eggs? I know you need to add eggs but I can use egg replacer for that. Thanks so much!
  11. I'm celiac and my son was just diagnosed with allergies to eggs and nuts. I'm breastfeeding so I need to eliminate these from my diet as well. I had been eating an awesome bread from the grainless baker but can't have that anymore. I have a few of the sandwich bread mixes in the house from Whole Foods and the gluten-free Pantry but you need to put eggs in them. Has anyone successfully subbed the eggs out and if so, with what? Or, if you have a good bread that doesn't have eggs or nuts that would be helpful too. Thanks!
  12. JustCan

    Became Celiac After Living In England

    Interesting post. My senior year of college I studied abroad in Spain for four months and became extremely sick while I was there. I had been somewhat sick my whole life with stomach aches, dizziness, brain fog, etc but nothing compared to how bad it got while I was in Spain and after I came home. After I got home, I went to several doctors and had lots of tests but no one could figure it out. I thought it was yeast so about a year later I started limiting how much bread I had which made a huge difference but didn't actually figure out it was gluten until about 5 years later when I was eating more cereal to be "healthy" and my mom said maybe it's not the yeast it bread, but the wheat itself. Wish someone had said that 10 years earlier. Anyway, sorry to ramble. I think what the other poster said about a stressful situation is what happened to me. My symptoms were somewhat mild until I went to Spain. My group's first full day there was 9/11 so it was an extremely difficult time to be an American living abroad in addition to the normal stresses of studying abroad. Just glad I ultimately figured it out...it's been life-changing.
  13. JustCan

    Ellen Degeneres - Gluten Free!

    Thanks everybody. I totally agree that misinformation is dangerous. I don't think Ellen is celiac, I think she's just doing the diet to be healthier since she's also vegan. Writing into the show is a good idea. Like most of you, I worry that as this diet gets more mainstream, the risk of cross contamination will be even greater due to the lack of understanding. Still nice to hear it get some attention though.
  14. Ellen Degeneres said on her show on Friday June 5th that she has been gluten free for two weeks and feels much better. The "expert" she has on talked about intestinal damage but didn't actually name celiac disease. They did mention rice pasta and some other foods.