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  1. I have been diagnosed in the past with Fibromyalgia, anemia, IBS, magnesium deficiency. I had a tooth crumble for no apparent reason. My mother has osteoporosis and a thyroid condition.

    About a year ago I started itching TERRIBLY. (It was more like red BURNING skin than itching.) I went from doctor to doctor and none helped. Then I read a book about allergies and it said wheat was the most common one. I eliminated wheat from my diet and all the burning went away. I still eat VERY small amounts of wheat and I will notice tingling skin when I do. I was tested for Celiac a while back but I had been wheat free for about a month when I did it. The test was negative. My question is, should I be tested again? I saw a gastro and he said I probably should but he didn't think itching was a sign of Celiac but of an allergy.

    I am afraid to eat wheat again as it is miserable to do so. If I have Celiac and eat small amounts of wheat (soy sauce etc.), Is that really that bad to do? Should I be tested so that I can be sure? Do you think I have Celiac or just an allergy?