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  1. Just recently saw a new line of salad toppings or dressings called the Best Life, or something like that. The one with onion and poppy seeds looked really good---I didn't see any obvious gluten items on the label, but possibly "flavorings" and "spices". (It was a week or two ago, so the memory is fading....) I didn't buy it but was very tempted.....anybody know if these are safe or not? As I try to eat more veggies, anything to dress them up a little is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. stitchy woman

    Glutin Free Retaurants In Wa

    Z Tejas in Bellevue Square (mid to upscale Mexican food) has a gluten free menu. Also, if Mora's ice cream is still there, they are supposed to have gluten-free ice cream.
  3. stitchy woman

    Visiting Lafayette, La

    An update on my recent trip. First of all, I got glutened at the Outback. The waitress didn't bother to tell the cook, so the salad was gluten-free, but the chicken on the Barbie was not. I found two "health food" stores---the one in the oil center has a very small shelf area for gluten-free, and the products looked like they had been there since the creation of Man. The other one, Organically Yours, was a happy find. Still a smallish house off of K. Saloom near the Youngsville road---it was smaller than I was expecting but had a nice selection of gluten-free stuff throughout the store, as well as a fair amount of stuff in the freezer. Chicken fingers, gluten-free Pad Thai, and pizza were just some of it. Not a huge, huge selection but adequate, and fresher looking merchandise. I think the next trip will entail calling Organically Yours a few weeks ahead to make sure they have things in stock, and maybe still ordering items to be delivered to my dad's. I did a fair amount of cooking and baking, and we ate well! Too well!
  4. stitchy woman

    Visiting Lafayette, La

    I do know a new "health foodie" kind of store was about to open near River Ranch, and it may have some stuff......I will check it out while there, but that area is not known for health foods. And you are right---so many foods are taboo. I have yet to figure out how to make gumbo roux with gluten-free flour--any thoughts?
  5. stitchy woman

    Visiting Lafayette, La

    In about a week, I will be visiting my dad in the Lafayette, LA area, and it is only my second trip since being diagnosed. I did fairly well the first time by bringing lots of my own food, but is there good places to buy the gluten-free items, or restaurants other than Outback that might be recommended? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  6. stitchy woman

    First Gfcf Christmas -- Gluteny Gifts

    I am nodding my head in total understanding to all this. This is my first gluten-free-Christmas as well. Tons of cookies and donuts at work. MY MIL is wanting to make crab cakes for Christmas and me to help her, which I will, but then I will have to bring something else to eat. I feel a little left out of all of this, but then again, I had my first gluten-free Thanksgiving and despite dining well on grilled catfish, came home to found I was the same weight, and have lost 2 lbs since then. I would love to join in the general cookie munching, but keep thinking that it would be better to try a gluten-free version, and by the time I get home, the idea of baking is not as appealing as relaxing. Maybe I will make some stuff this weekend, since it is Christmas after all. And I am grateful for finally learning why I had all my previous tummy troubles, so this may be the best I will have felt in holidays for a long time. I would either see about getting a refund for the gift cert or regifting it, and thank the family that gave it. They meant well. Y'all rock. But you know that. :-)
  7. Before I was diagnosed, I had read a book on weight loss supplements one could take to boost the metabolism. One of these was Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Ingredients listed are the CLA and other fatty acids, Gelatin (non-bovine), Glycerin, soybean oil, water, beta carotene and d-alpha tocopherol. I thought I would ask here before emailing the manufacturer. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. stitchy woman

    Quinoa Pasta

    And I don't remember the brand of quinoa pasta I used---waah! I'll have to look again next time I shop.
  9. That does look very nice! Would love to know how the taste and texture turned out.
  10. stitchy woman

    Quinoa Pasta

    I have to add a big thumbs up for the quinoa pasta as well. It seems the closest to wheat. I made a tuna casserole the other day and my non-gluten-free hubby woofed quite a bit of it down, and even when he found out it was gluten-free, continued eating then and for leftovers the next day. He has tried some of the other things like the corn or rice spaghetti, but always poo-poo'd them. So I was thrilled to find something that he tolerated, even liked! The sauce I used was a can of gluten-free mushroom soup. I've also made it from white sauce, using a flour blend and milk, so no help on the sauce question.
  11. I've only been gluten-free about 6 weeks, and despite some occasional mistakes where I get small amounts of gluten, I have lost 6 lbs and don't know about the inches. I still have a fair amount more to lose, but it is a relief to see the scale go the other way, as well as no longer having the internal tickings of when Things Are Not Right.
  12. stitchy woman

    Puget Sound: Mora's Ice Cream

    No worries, Tiffany! I didn't see it as snarky but helpful---guess my snarky-meter is temporarily in the shop. Meanwhile, I am planning a trip to the Mall next week!
  13. stitchy woman

    Puget Sound: Mora's Ice Cream

    Thanks for the info, Tiffany. I just saw the underline on a glance-through and didn't realize it was a hyperlink. I will have to try that on my next infrequent visit to the mall.
  14. stitchy woman

    Puget Sound: Mora's Ice Cream

    Oh, yum. Where are they located in Bellevue?
  15. stitchy woman

    New To The Group From Seattle Area

    I live in Snohomish Co, but work on the Eastside, so am considering which group to join for meetings--I guess it depends on time and dates held. Just recently diagnosed via blood tests, and have only been trying to go gluten-free for a month, so plenty of mistakes and progresses both. I would check out these bakeries, but I'm also trying to see this as a chance to eat healthier, and not just replace foods--my butt can use a little slimming. Maybe as a special treat, I will go visit the bakeries. Glad to see you all!