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    but you don't look sick.

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    food. art. music. making people smile.
    metaphysics. astrology. tarot. I am clairvoyant.
    I am a certified reiki master|teacher.
    general optomism.
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  1. Hey there! I hope you're doing well. Long time no see!

  2. fun to come up totally vegan recipes and salad dressings with exotic fruit

  3. Thanks, Doing pretty good. Got back after almost a month in a clinic in Calif. Nw I'm off of all salt, sugar, oil, dairy and animal protein of any kind. It made a big difference in the last 7 weeks with my energy starting to come back and no problems walking or with circulation. A-fib much better too. Will do this for 6 months then get tested again.

  4. Thank you eeyore!!! :):):)

  5. It's been 2 years going gluten free for me (I am soy dairy and nightshade free, carageenan free, and I developed a nasty intolerance to rice in May) And I accidentally ate some organic mayo that had paprika in it and I had an awful reaction. I got all achy and felt really irritable and edgy. ...
  6. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  7. My pleasure! I think I once said that I wish my students recipes where as good as yours! I'm waiting to buy your book!

  8. YOU are such a Sweetheart, Ken. :)

  9. You have such great recipes, if you ever want to send them to me, I'll make a section for you on hawaiifruit.net

    take care

  10. I was under the impression this had to do with systemic candida, and after you get the candida under control (killing it off) your breath gets sweet and you don't have that odd body odor anymore. Love Love sickchick