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  1. My local grocery store sells two brands of bagged lentils. They look similar but one states it was made on the same lines as wheat products and the other says glutenfree. We can't be too careful! Even gluten-free lentils can be hard on your stomach if you aren't used to them. I like Tolerant...
  2. I wouldn't use the things you can't get clean- the cast iron and the cooking pot. The rest should be fine as long as you clean them well.
  3. Well, I don't know if there is a replacement for it. I just use tofu and temeph as meat replacements that aren't like pre-made veggie burgers. If you find out a way to make it, though, post here!
  4. Isomalt is a sweetener and does not contain malt. It is gluten-free.
  5. Here are some North Carolina groups: http://www.celiactoday.com/links/support_group/search/NC http://www.csaceliacs.org/chapters2.php?stateid=34 http://www.enabling.org/ia/celiac/groups/grpus-nc.html
  6. Blood is fine but marrow is a no (I was also very upset about this). It makes sense since Celliacs is an auto-immune disorder but in family situations I think it is okay but to the general population we are out. Further research in the future might change this, though, who knows!
  7. Did you look at http://www.yerba-mate.com/? Okay, the next parts are me guessing pretty much since I have never heard of this tea. Valor energetico is not an ingredient but since this seems to be an energy drink it is listing the energy value of the tea. Hierro is probably in reference to the...
  8. Hahahaha, you too... what's up?

  9. I don't know any brands who add gluten but the best way to find out is call a few companies and ask.
  10. I do consider Celiacs to be a disability under the law because it does rule our lives and could be a problem at work and/or school. I do not, however, list it when filling out paper work.
  11. These were not th breaded wings! They were what you would call "naked." You couldn't tell by looking at them he put a little flour on them.
  12. I was watching Restaurant Makeover on The Food Network and the Chef told how he made their chicken wings. He said some of the normal things you think of and then he said he uses a little flour! I would never have thought that by looking at them! So, just make sure to ask before eating them because...
  13. I get very tired. I do not have classes on Fridays and spend most of that day sleeping or doing nothing. I just feel tired and worn down. Your signiture says you are 15. I am a few years older and these years require a lot more sleep than 8 hours. In my recent health class my Professor said that...
  14. Oh, I used to like eating there when I lived in California.