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  1. You have to be serious about your food issues. Usually I just eat before going out or bring something with me to eat. That way I don't have to worry about being sick or finding nothing to eat. As for the storing of food issue- just have a set of your own things. That way they can't make comments and you know yours is in it's own container. It is hard for people who aren't used to the whole cross-contamination thing. Good luck!

  2. Were those foods you were eating when you felt bad containing gluten and eggs? Celiac Disease has so many symptoms from headaches,r ashes, vomiting, etc., that you could have had many and not thought they were related. You can be gluten-free if you try and get used to your diet. It takes awhile to get used to and you'll be better off on it. Plus, you could have complications and a compromised immune system if you continue eating it.

    Good luck and you'll find this site is a great resource!

  3. Anti-anxiety medication is good, too, but I found it worked best with therapy. It took me a long time to not be so scared and anxious of the symptoms returning. Then, I felt crazy for feeling that and that made me more anxious. When you are sick so long it is hard to believe that you truly can live a normal life. Add in the fact of worrying about being glutened- oi!

    It will take awhile but if you are active in trying to control the anxiety it can decrease and go away! At least that is how it went with me.