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  1. Barb-

    I really appreciate the help! That gives me a lot of options!! Thanks!

    Hi Kristen & Melissa -

    One small correction, Butternuts, TJ's and Whole Foods are all in Hadley, not Amherst. If you travel a little further up rte. 9 to Amherst, you will find a wonderful Chinese restaurant call Panda East. They are well educated and will happily cook for you and bring you gluten free soy sauce and the manager will visit your table while you eat to make sure you are happy. There is also a Thai place in Amherst called Thai Corner and they will also cook gluten-free for you if requested. There are lots of options here.

    Sadly my daughter is so sensitive that we have stopped eating out until we get at least one round of "normal" bloodwork (which will hopefully be soon) and then we're looking forward to cautiously trying a few of these little treats again.

    Enjoy your trip to our "Happy Valley"!


  2. I think whats most important is that we are returning to a place of being balanced in our bodies, ie no nutrient deficincies. However, we all get to that place is what is right for us. No, I don't love the idea of eating meat, but after an ongoing bout with severe anemia and b vitamin deficiency and having no improvement, you reach a decision point! After adding organic meat and dairy to my diet and cutting out soy completely I made a quick turn around, and finally put on some seriously needed weight!!! I have been a fan of soy since day one, but now I gotta say, it does seem to do something to you and I think especially for women. i think for some women its fantastic and others a nightmare depending on your hormone balance.

    For some people, they may be able to get along just fine as a vegetarian and vegan with celiac, and that is to be commended, but for some people the extra restriction can be overwhelming, and I think thats ok.

  3. Hey-

    I was a vegetarian for 12 years, a vegan for 2 of them, and after my celiac diagnosis, I lasted maybe two years tops as a veg. Although to keep my meat intake in check, I only buy organic and free range items. (This works because I don't make much money!). As far as non meat items, I enjoy the lightlife tempeh in wildrice or soy (the other kinds have gluten). I also love sunshine veggie burgers, tofu pups and sunergia (sp?) tofu already seasoned. (i think only one kind isn't gluten free).


  4. Hey-

    Just wanted to throw a few things out there that are good for vegetarians too. I eat a lot of lightlife tempeh in soy, wild rice or flax. Great source of protein and good to eat. I like to saute with gluten-free soy sauce with rice or even throw it in sushi with avocado. The best gluten-free veggie dog is the tofu pups. I just tried the soy boy ones and they were pretty gross. Also, soy boy does make a flavored tofu that is gluten free and tastes good, it says gluten-free on the package. Annies and bone suckin sauce also makes marinades that are gluten free that you can just dump on plain extra firm tofu and let soak for the day and then make a sandwhich or have it with rice.

    I was a vegetarian for 10 years before my diagnoses, unfortantely I got really anemic doing my gluten-free diet and veg. diet so i am taking iron and a lot of b vitamins and have started eating small amounts of meat. So for those balancing these diets, please be careful to get your B vitamins in yr diet!! see a dietician if you can! (one that knows about celiac that is)


  5. I am not sure if I had that test. I will go back through my records and look. My spine doesn't hurt, its realyy just my knee. Occasionally I feel general swelling or tingly-ness, but thats all. I think whats so frustrating about it, is I just can't figure out how to treat it or who to listen to. It seems like finding a good rheumatologist is almost worse than a gastroenterologist!! Then, I think about going to aholistic doctor, but the one I went to just shovels hundreds of dollars of vitamins at me like anyone can afford that every month.

  6. I am moving in a few weeks outside of cummington/northampton I think. ( I have found a job but not yet gone to get an apartment!) I have family south of boston, so I will probably be through there a lot. I would love to know places to shop, I am so used to being 2 minutes from whole foods that I am a bit nervous! Are there any active support groups in MA?


  7. I feel the same way too sometimes. I won't give the diet up but it is frustrating dealing with people. I find it frustrating that its one extreme to another, someone who has to know every detail of what you ate and whats wrong with you to the person who doesn't care at all and just wants you to eat their food they swear is gluten free with out understanding even what gluten is, and they don't want you to ask any questions about the ingrediants. I am in my mid twenties and my mother does both. Sometimes she is all over what I have eaten, and sometimes, she messes up when she is cooking and makes me feel guilty that i should eat it anyway to make her feel better. And i think for me, whats more frustrating is being diagnosed almost 3 years ago sticking to the diet really well and feeling great for about a year, then being diagnosed with another autoimmune disease. It feels like what was the point of sticking to the disease if you get sick with something completely different?

    However, I guess the answer is to just focus on healing and find other avenues of life more satisfying than food when possible. i recommend yoga. : )


  8. Hi-

    I was diagnosed with celiacs about three years ago. I felt great going off gluten till last april. My knee suddenly became so swollen I got a bakers cyst that had to be drained. I also get other joint pain sometimes in my hips but no swelling there. The orthopedic couldn't find anything wrong, and then sent me to a rheumatologist, who just put me on plaquenil to make the swelling leave. She got weak positive results for an elevated ANA that were inconclusive b/c the next time she tested me they were w/i normal range. I was wondering if anyone else has had joints swell up? I know its a symptom of celiacs, but I had been gluten-free for over a year at that point. I am wondering if I am accidently eating gluten and not knowing it? (I eat carefeully but I don't think I am senstive enough to know it). I am trying acupuncture now to stop swelling. I just really would feel better if anyone else had any similar experiences or suggestions.

    thanks, m