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  1. What's your take on office coffee machines? My job has two kinds, one of those pod/k-cup types with Gevalia coffee which I saw mixed info about when i searched on google so I will probably avoid. The other is a Starbucks brewing machine (i included an image i found from google) that actually has beans in the container on top. I'm wondering if this is safe since it appears to just be the beans and whatever filtering process it goes through inside with the water. Also starbucks coffees in the store are all gluten free... Do you think it's safe?

    Does anyone have a list of ok creamers? We have the Land o Lakes mini moo's and Nestle coffee mate french vanilla.



  2. I know this post is kind of old, but I was just reading about cheese in a magazine and some washed rind cheeses are actually washed with beer. Also sometimes bacteria is added to the rinds (I'm not sure if these bacteria also have a risk of being cultured on bread). So it seems like some of the artisanal cheeses that you wouldn't otherwise suspect, may actually contain gluten.

    The cheese rind, when there is one, is usually distinctive and there are many variations. Dry natural rind is formed by the curds at the edges of the cheese as it dries out. This is tough, hard and thick. Soft bloomy, white rinds have a growth of mold from sprayed Penicillium spores on the surface. These rinds are white when fresh but darken with age. They may or may not be eaten, as desired. Washed rind cheeses are washed with water, brine, wine or beer, and sometimes they develop a bacterial growth that varies from yellow to dark red. These rinds are often smelly and rarely eaten. Sometimes cheeses are encompassed in rinds not originating with the cheese itself. Such rinds can be of herbs, leaves, wax, or even ashes.

    From: http://www.allaboutbeer.com/food/232-cheeseandbeer.html

  3. Does anyone ever get cold night sweats? I feel like when it's really cold, I tend to ball up and cocoon myself with in the sheets to stay warm, but at some point in the night I must be overheating because I'll wake up and I'll be drenched in sweat. Mostly on my chest. Sometimes its so bad that I have to put a towel down afterwards because my sheets are sweaty. This usually only happens when its really cold around Fall/Winter time.

    What could cause this? Anxiety? Some other medical condition? I don't take any medication so it's not that. I've had this before and after going gluten-free, although I never had this problem until my second year of college. Thats around the same time that I started having stomach symptoms and was really stressed out with my roommate situation. I also had a really bad cold that turned into a bad sinus infection which was the sickest I've ever been. It's also around the time I started working out. So there were a lot of different things going on that make it even harder to try to pinpoint a cause for anything.

  4. I was a teenager myself only a couple years ago. I'm just saying unless they have experience with allergies, they have no idea what you're even talking about.

    I always bring my lunch just in case.

    Soeaking of horror stories, I went to UNO on vacation in FL, and they brought out my meal with a breadstick on it. Then the manager came over and told me he had a gluten allergy and he would make sure it was prepared right...then he himself brought out another dish with a breadstick on it. Finally the third time they made it right, but I just have to trust that they didn't just spit on it or just take the breadstick off and give me the same food.

    I hated UNO before I had to avoid gluten...


  5. Make friends with your local Chinese restaurant. I know, you probably think I'm nuts. But I went into mine in the late afternoon on a weekday when there was no one there and talked to the (manager? owner? something of that nature) and explained to him what I could and couldn't have, no soy sauce, clean wok, etc. He was sooo helpful, and totally understanding. He even offered to make me special fried rice without soy sauce the seasoned pork because he didn't know what was in it...and I was going to settle for white rice!! He even put my food in a separate bag, and knew not to put in a fortune cookies. Great guy, I feel so lucky to be able to eat chinese and it's never made me sick. Depending on the restaurant/staff, it may or may not work out, and if you don't feel like they're listening or understanding don't risk it. But it's worth a try!

    Really?! I've always been afraid to even attempt to go to a chinese restaurant because of all their sauces and because the language barrier makes it even more difficult. Chinese food is probably the thing I miss most. I go to P.F. Changs every now and then which is awesome, but that's the only time I can eat chinese. Maybe I'll try it one of these days. There are a couple of them around here. I just feel like even if they say they can accomodate you, you still don't really know if they've understood. But then again, I suppose you're chances arent any worse then trying to explain it to the teenagers working in most american restaurants.

  6. I just started a new job and every Monday they order take out for everyone. I know plenty of gluten free restaurants, but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for gluten free take out. There are the usual places around here...Subway, Cosi's, pizza places, saladworks, local deli's, etc. there's actually a jule's thin crust nearby that makes gluten-free pizza, so I might suggest that. Anyone have ideas at what to order at these places or know of any chains that would be good to order from?

    I'll always bring lunch in case. It just seems hard to be able to order gluten-free food over the phone and not really have any control over what they're preparing. Probably the safest bet if anything it to order salads and just keep my own dressing at work.


  7. Hey, I have a huge problem. I went to visit my friend who lives outside orlando, fl. He neglected to mention that his house was infested with roaches (and i'm not exagerating...they are EVERYWHERE)! I need to get out of here now, but I don't know where to go or what to do! I can't just go anywhere because I need to be able to get food or find restaurants with gluten free stuff. I have some gluten free snacks and enough food for a few meals, but not enough to survive the whole 2 weeks I was planning on being here.

    I can just buy a ticket to go home, but I'm already in Florida. I might as well try to salvage some sort of vacation. Please help! The only thing I can think of is going to stay at a disney hotel for a few days and then fly back early. I seem to remember seeing on here that they cater pretty well to the diet. I'm freaking out. I feel like there are bugs crawling all over me right now!

    What should I do?!?!?!


  8. I went to GNC and I asked the staff. They weren't 100% sure so they called the company for me to find out and they told me that it's possible that it is produced on equipment that manufactures wheat and there is less than a 2% chance that it could be contaminated. I decided to go with Nutiva Hempshake which has less protein and calories, but says no gluten on the package. I didn't bother looking at any of the other brands of whey protein, but maybe in the future I'll check it out.


  9. I am intolerant to gluten, dairy and soy. Kind of lets out most all protein powders until I discovered Hemp Protein Powder and Hemp Milk. I put the powder into baked goods and smoothies and use the milk as a dairy replacement. I personally thought the powder in a shake by itself was nasty but with fruit and stuff added was really palateable.

    I tried the hemp seeds and hemp shake from Nutiva (http://nutiva.com/). I would confirm with the company that its free of your allergens, because this was before I was on a gluten free diet. The ingredients look okay though. I got this from GNC and with their gold card discount, it wasn't that pricey. I made the recipe that they have on the amazon acai hemp shake product page. It wasn't bad.


  10. I found the best thing was to take an evolutionary approach with diet. Eat foods similar to what people ate before the advent of agriculture. If you're interested, look into "paleo diet".

    Science Daily's agenda is reporting on new science. I don't think they've got a hidden agenda to sell you a book or supplements. :P

    I have heard of that diet and I was thinking about trying it, but I'm skinny and can't put weight on and I don't know if I could get enough calories that way. I'd have to eat like 60 pounds of fruits and veggies. I'm thinking of trying a variation of it, but I haven't had a chance to plan it out. Like eating mostly foods that don't have any weird ingredients so it would still allow for peanut butter, or cooked veggies instead of raw. But I saw someone on here wrote that even fruit has coatings on it to keep it fresh...so short of starting my own farm, I'm not so sure how practical a strict paleo diet would be. But I think its a good idea to eat more like that.

    You never know, they could be seeking funding for more research or just trying to keep reader interest. I'm just saying everyone has an agenda to some degree.

  11. Woah. Calm down people. I wasn't accusing anybody of being a hypochondriac. I think you missed my message completely. I was accusing the sources of everything from internet articles to magazines to television commercials.

    Im saying there's tons of people out there with there own agendas (even if its not selling a product, people who believe in something often try to get everyone else to agree...religion for example).Theres a ridiculous amount of conflicting information, and we take it all in all day everyday. I'm just saying if you listen to everything you read you could go crazy and eventually all you'll be left eating is grass. Take a magazine like Men's Health for example. On every page it tells you 15 different things you should be doing differently, supplements you should be taking, foods you should be eating. There's no way anyone can follow that. On top of that, 10 pages later you'll find information that says the complete opposite.

    My point is you should take everything with a grain of salt. I wouldn't have posted that article if I didn't think it was interesting, I just dont know how much I would trust something on the internet from 2000 that clearly says it's a preliminary paper.

  12. I'd like to try this diet since I am gluten free but still having symptoms. I figure if I eat only unprocessed ingredients I can't possibly feel as bad. The only problem is I am skinny and it's impossible for me to put on any weight. I feel like being on this diet would make it even harder to gain weight and I can't really afford to lose weight.

    I eat pretty healthy and I actually tried counting calories and it was tough to make it up to 2000 calories even. On this diet, 2000 calories would be like 60 lbs of fruit, veggies, meat, and fish. I don't think I could handle that kind of volume.

    One of the things I've considered is that while our bodies may not have evolved to eat the way we do now, our society has. Is it possible that if everyone went on a diet like this that some may not be able to thrive? Think about if we let natural selection take over instead of modern healthcare...there's no way that people would be able to sustain themselves like we can now.


  13. these articles were really interesting---ok, i didn't read the second word for word, but got the gist of it----just wondering if anyone else gets feeling almost overwhelmed by how many different foods could possibly be causing problems for them? i would like to experiment with eliminating more foods to see if i could help my fibro, but i just can't seem to wrap my mind around the complexity of it, yet.

    Its ridiculous, and there's so much junk you can read about out there that it can make you nuts. I wonder if a lot of symptoms can be in your head just because of how much information we're bombarded with. What you should eat, what you shouldn't eat, what supplements you should take, what medicines you should take, etc. Isn't it ridiculous that we see ads for medicines these days and all the sudden the disease is a lot more prevalent? Something is wrong here. Either something is making everyone sick, or we're making ourselves sick. Somewhere down the line after everyone's head is spinning from all of the contradicting information, it seems like people have lost the ability to know how and what to eat...I know its making me crazy.

  14. I thought people might find this article interesting. It suggests there's a relationship between lectins and celiac disease.

    Science News Daily: Why Red Beans And Rice Can Be Nauseating

    Take a look at this one:


    You never know with the internet how factual any of this stuff is (the article is pretty old too), but it sounds plausible. I have been avoiding gluten for 3 or 4 months and still not feeling great. Maybe I should try to avoid lectins. I never know how safe a diet like that would be though. I want to make sure I'm not missing out on something else I need.

  15. Kevin,

    Thank you for posting that information. That is what this site is all about, helping each other through Celiacland.

    I would use a bit of caution upon relying on 2004 ingredient information. Products change frequently and while it's easy to rely on passed on information, the MUST rule here is to READ ALL LABELS. ;) Barley can be a hidden ingredient. And, when in doubt, call or write the company.

    As richard indicated, barley, rye, malt and oats are not reqired to be listed as an allergin. Wheat is required.

    That's crazy. They should have to list everything. That's the point of having an ingredients list. Considering that there are enough people with gluten intolerance and celiac disease, they should be forced to list gluten and not just wheat.

    I saw a post somewhere on here about certain brands that will always identify sources of gluten...I'll have to find it and try to stick to them.