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    I love art. <br />dancing in falling leaves<br />feeling wind in my hair<br />dragons. <br />
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    eating dandelions in the bottom of a box
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. come ooonnn everybody

    life has just begun,

    so why'd i have to go

    and take it all away??

  3. HI, my name's Robin, I'm 21 and was just diagnosed. From being sick and a little strange I had a lot of the same prob.s as far as friends and popularity in school. It wasn't until I was 14 that I made true friends that I still have, I was never popular per say but now, I'm so glad because I'm in college persuing my dreams and they are all still at home acting like they did in h

  4. Hey, Stargirl! Don't be so... sad! I'm NOT popular and I have wonderful, supportive friends, so you might think I can't relate, but I can. YOu are not alone. Just remember that. I'm not saying that life is all sunshine and daisies, but let me put it this way. You have more than one friend now!

  5. well. hellos to everyone. i guess i had a rough day. not much to say. ha i rhymed. well loves to all just checking out the blog .::STARGIRL::.
  6. k everyone. every time i come here i'm posting part of a song that i feel like every time