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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thanks for that website. I just wanted to clarify that I am not new here. I use this forum so much it's ridiculous.
  3. misdiagnosed6yrs

    I Need Your Experience And Help

    I get run down when I am glutened. This is also the worst cold season in the history of.. well, life.
  4. misdiagnosed6yrs

    I Need Your Experience And Help

    I wouldn't trust anything catered unless you call ahead for a gluten-free meal and make sure they know about CC. Where did you get this SW salad? Can you trust the place? And the tortilla chips? Were they 100% corn? I noticed you didn't say that. That's probably it right there. This sounds scary. Are the fries gluten-free. do they have seasoning on them? Are they cooked in a fry only fryolater? Oh man, the CC that could happen there. Let me ask, you say you eat smoothies and do an elimation diet? What are you eliminating cause the foods you had in that 24 period is not on an elimination diet. Fried foods, dressing, soda... I'm happy to pass along some advice I was given a few months back. Go see a nutritionist before trying an elimination diet. You have no idea how bad you can mess up your body. The sickness that you are feeling, I felt for narly 3 weeks for being careless. Eating gets easier. The pain does not. You just need to be more careful if you don't want to feel like this. Eat a ton of rice and bananas and drink lots of water. I hope you feel better!
  5. Hi everyone. I'm not new to this site, I have celiac disease. I need info for a friend of a friend. The boy is 2 and was just dianosed. Please give me the best links, topics, websites, etc... This girl has turned to me for help and I plan on sending her here, but first I need to get her started. Again, I have celiac disease but I don't have kids, therefor, I have no idea how to help a 2 year old. I don't even know what stage of foods they eat. I really am clueless when it comes to kids. I know, it's pathetic. Please help
  6. I have nothing to say, I just wanted to be # 10,000 to reply to this topic!!
  7. Ugh. I went to cook tater tots and noticed they have WHEAT listed on them. How did this happen? I thought I checked the label in the store. Last time I looked them up, the website and the employees said they do not contain gluten. They will clearly mark it on the label if they change and all of sudden do use it. Well that day certainly has come. The bag of tater tots was open cause last week I made some. That means, I ate the wheat. So why am I not sick? Last time I was sick, it lasted almost 3 weeks and that (I think) was due to CC. All the more reason to think this disease hates me. I can't figure all of this out. How long was it before everyone had a good idea of what they were up against?
  8. Physical. I have been sick since dec 22nd. Everything I eat hurts. 20 minutes after eating... bam! pain. Hopefully its just my body healing from being glutened cause I need to get up and moving again. I haven't been this sick since the summer (pre-diagnose)
  9. misdiagnosed6yrs

    When Will My Belly Get Better?

    I meant gluten, egg and soy. Sorry. although dairy isn't all that great either, so I've heard.
  10. misdiagnosed6yrs

    When Will My Belly Get Better?

    I was diagnosed in Aug but I had the big C, so it was different. Not better or worse just different. Aug was a strange month but October I was regular and it was a great month. Nov started to change up a bit and Dec started to get worse. Now I am trying to figure out if I have other problems besides celiac. Reading these posts makes me realize the first year is a roller coaster. Apparently the 2nd year throws quite a few curve balls too. Make sure you are entirely gluten-free, egg free, dairy free and keep up the good work. It's not easy. Just keep trying
  11. misdiagnosed6yrs

    Elimination Diet Gone Wrong?

    I realize I started this thread as an elimination diet and yes I did cut out dairy until my doctor said go back to eating food. Thats when I had string cheese. I was going to start a new thread but I didn't want to have to explain why I was eating the foods I was eating. If what I am feeling is a reaction from the glutening on dec 22nd.. wow. thats a long time. If what I am feeling is because the plaster in my house has wheat in it, then that's another story. BUT if neither is the case and what I am feeling is because I'm eating something wrong... I stll need the input. I was getting worse as each day came. Today my stomach is so tight, I can't do anything. I am afraid tomorrow will be the same and I can't sit on my couch all day. I can't escape from this house that may or may not have gluten in the air. They are sanding tonight and possibly tomorrow. We set up plastic and sheets at four locations to keep the dust from coming upstairs. As soon as the sanding is done, I have a team of people ready to clean it up. Twice. Is there anything I can put on my rice that will make it taste not so dry and bland? I'm gonna try to stick to the brat diet for a few days. Isn't that too much fruit though? Bananas and applesauce?
  12. misdiagnosed6yrs

    Elimination Diet Gone Wrong?

    Excellent advice. I'll take it. But I thought Bob's red mill oats were okay. I don't need to be eating oats, I don't even care for them. It was for a cereal substitute. The salsa thing was stupid. I realize that. The doctor told me to look up a gluten free diet and do it. He told me to go to a dietician but after reading stories about them being uninformed, I didn't go. I did a lot of research but ignored the dairy stuff. Let's be honest, the gluten-free is enough to take in, then add dairy free? ha.
  13. misdiagnosed6yrs

    Elimination Diet Gone Wrong?

    I'm pretty sure I was glutened a few days before christmas. Then I had really bad pains last week and again a few days ago. After the first one mentioned. I have not been better. So, that makes total sense. If indeed there is wheat in the plaster in my house, then, I am putting myself in danger every day. They are trying to hurry and finish, then clean up all the dust. How potent is this stuff and for how long? We all have joint compound in our houses. There must be a time frame for when its no longer poison. I sure hope so cause its my bedroom they are doing. I was feeling ok when I woke up, just some after effects but ok, i guess. Then I went to Home depot to pick some things up. When I got out of the car I realized my stomach was sore, then after walking around HD, I felt like I need to move really slowly cause of the pain. Is this the kind of side effects that happen after being glutened? and is there anything I can do about it? I have to be able to get up and move around. It feels like my stomach is super tight, like I just worked my abs for an hour and pushed it too far. This pain seems to come and go. It stops when Ilay down and rest, but as soon as I get up and start moving a bit, its back.
  14. I feel ya. This last summer was the worst ever. I saw a neuro, a gyno, an endo, a gastro..etc... oh don't forget the mental doc. I had ultra sounds (please note the plural there), cat scans, biopsies (again plural). I was falling apart. I had more problems at 31 then someone twice my age. Things were happening to my body that I never knew existed. I'll tell you what. One doctor hit the nail on the head and refused to send me to a specialist. It would've been a surgeon. She said because I was diagnosed with Celiac, I should take care of that first and see what happens after. Everything from the summer was gone. Just disappeared. Eat right and everything else just goes into place. I am so glad I never saw that surgeon, I didn't need to. If I listed all my problems, you wouldn't believe me. I didn't leave the house either. I struggled to go to bed and then struggled to get up. I went Gluten free and went through some other crazy, random things... After my body calmed down a little (over a month), I was a new person. I was walking on air. You couldn't bring me down if you tried. Good luck with everything and get to the doctor. Its time to get better. Cause if you do have celiac disease. It doesn't end there and you'll need a few months to regain yourself before you'll be ready to battle this thing. It is a battle. I'm doing it right now. I am 5 months in. I had 3 good months (really really good) and 1 not so good and now... the worst month. You see, I'm just trying to be honest. It wont end with a diagnosis. You have to put both feet forward and go for it. I have a blog that I keep as a diary of MY personal experience with celiac disease. For some, it will help with understanding that this IS like a roller coaster and its normal to feel different everyday. For others it may seem scary, that you don't want to be so confused. It's how it was for me. The only thing I can do is be honest. If you want to read it, let me know. I can't post it here. Good luck and keep talking to us, so we can help. Bobbi
  15. The problem is that your not eating right. If you have thyroid and celiac and your not doing everything to treat them, it can cause many problems that don't make any sense. Can you be tired and wide awake? sure. I've been there. I have hypothyroid and celiac. When I first cut gluten out, I had the infamous insomnia. It seems its a typical side effect. (at first) With insomnia I was wide awake but oh so tired. I couldn't sleep no matter what I tried and I take sleep meds!!! They didn't work. This lasted for a few weeks. I think once I got a hang of the food, things changed. I just saw the doctor yesterday and she said that if you don't eat right and you have multiple conditions, you will get all kinds of side effects that just don't make sense. Don't forget stress. It alone can make you very sick. You need to treat all of your conditions. Not sure if you have celiac disease but if you have already been tested (!!!) then you need to go 100% gluten free. If you get dianosed with thyroid, then you need to take your meds everyday! Its all about taking care of yourself. Being Gluten free is hard enough when we try, I could only imagine how hard it is for someone who needs to be but doesn't quite go the distance.