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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. misdiagnosed6yrs

    Help Needed For Newly Diagnosed 2 Year Old

    Thanks for that website. I just wanted to clarify that I am not new here. I use this forum so much it's ridiculous...
  3. misdiagnosed6yrs

    I Need Your Experience And Help

    I get run down when I am glutened. This is also the worst cold season in the history of.. well, life.
  4. misdiagnosed6yrs

    I Need Your Experience And Help

    I wouldn't trust anything catered unless you call ahead for a gluten-free meal and make sure they know about CC. Where...
  5. Hi everyone. I'm not new to this site, I have celiac disease. I need info for a friend of a friend. The boy is...
  6. misdiagnosed6yrs

    The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Original

    I have nothing to say, I just wanted to be # 10,000 to reply to this topic!!
  7. Ugh. I went to cook tater tots and noticed they have WHEAT listed on them. How did this happen? I thought I checked the...
  8. Physical. I have been sick since dec 22nd. Everything I eat hurts. 20 minutes after eating... bam! pain. Hopefully...
  9. misdiagnosed6yrs

    When Will My Belly Get Better?

    I meant gluten, egg and soy. Sorry. although dairy isn't all that great either, so I've heard.
  10. misdiagnosed6yrs

    When Will My Belly Get Better?

    I was diagnosed in Aug but I had the big C, so it was different. Not better or worse just different. Aug was a strange...
  11. misdiagnosed6yrs

    Elimination Diet Gone Wrong?

    I realize I started this thread as an elimination diet and yes I did cut out dairy until my doctor said go back to eating...
  12. misdiagnosed6yrs

    Elimination Diet Gone Wrong?

    Excellent advice. I'll take it. But I thought Bob's red mill oats were okay. I don't need to be eating oats, I don...
  13. misdiagnosed6yrs

    Elimination Diet Gone Wrong?

    I'm pretty sure I was glutened a few days before christmas. Then I had really bad pains last week and again a few days...
  14. I feel ya. This last summer was the worst ever. I saw a neuro, a gyno, an endo, a gastro..etc... oh don't forget the...
  15. The problem is that your not eating right. If you have thyroid and celiac and your not doing everything to treat them...