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  1. Does anyone know of gluten-free electrolytes I can buy that don't use corn syrup? I was using Emergen-C but noticed recently that it may use gluten/wheat in it.
  2. Ah, thank you Steve! This would explain my increased food sensitivities - I never had so many weird symptoms in my life after meals but after my gluten problems surfaced, I have had to change my diet completely, including taking a food sensitivity test. I feel better but anxiety is a by product of all this.
  3. I started my gluten-free diet in September and started eating more eggs as a result. One morning I made myself a nice big omelet with sausage and everything. I felt anxious, flushed, and a faster heartbeat. I took a food sensitivity blood test and tested very sensitive to eggs. You might also be sensitive to eggs at this point in your life. I don't know if my newly discovered food sensitivities are related to the onset of my gluten-intolerance symptoms, but the timing is uncanny, so I am on a rotation diet that excludes eggs for several months.
  4. I am going through the same thing. I get anxiety/nervousness symptoms that really began after the first few weeks of being gluten-free. I guess my body really "misses" that stuff. I am getting better - I can function at work now, despite the anxiety, but I also cannot WAIT until that glorious day when the mental stuff lifts away and we are back to normal. It definitely is a process...I also lost a lot of weight after going gluten free and found that I had other food sensitivities/allergies in addition to the gluten, that may have contributed to the anxiety/nervousness. When your immune system is constantly on the "alert" mode, it's going to cause anxiety. I have had to take on tai chi and meditation to manage the anxiety... and even some anti-anxiety DVDs. I wish there was a booklet that explained the mental health changes that accompany dietary and allergy discoveries so that we would not have to see this in isolation, but just what it is... a body-transforming process that affects the mind.
  5. I am just beginning a food insensitivity rotation program after getting tested (blood samples) for a lot of foods and chemicals. The company my dietician used is on www.nowleap.com. Seems to make a lot of sense. Besides gluten, I know I am sensitive to lots of other foods.
  6. Dear Phyllis, Is it possible for UCI medical doctors to rely only on blood tests because I don't really want to go through anything invasive? Also, did you ever do other tests on your own - like Enterolab? I am thinking of getting the kits and figuring some things out before my appointment, as I will have to wait til end of Oct. anyways... Thanks, Mbelle
  7. I do. I think I was glutened on Saturday night and it is now a Wednesday night. But even gluten free - I also get faint-like/sleepy/dizzy --- I would also appreciate any insights on this. Does anyone think this relates to blood sugar instability? I think I feel better when I stick to mini-meals throughout the day...
  8. thank you! This helps. Here's to thriving without gluten! (TWG) that is the goal.
  9. Thank you for the advice! I just checked out a book from the library about the glycemic index of different foods! I think it helped this past weekend - cashews, dried apricots, chickpeas and lentils are my favorites for low GI foods. AND, I noticed if I included these in small meals, I feel MUCH better throughout the day as far as blood sugar probs. I still have other digestive problems (a sensitive gut even 2 weeks after be gluten-free), but here's one problem that has a resolution.
  10. I was just reading some posts from August of 2006, where several persons in this forum complained of light-headedness, etc. There was some discussion of how giving up gluten can reak havoc on your blood sugar levels and also that the dizziness might be linked to glucose dumping? People said it gets better though. I have experienced this - dizziness, etc. 1 to 3 hours after eating... SMALL MEALS with LEAN PROTEINs throughout the day might be a way to combat this. Just some thoughts...
  11. Last week, my blood test which indicated wheat AND peanut allergies, confirmed what I had thought for months, that I have gluten intolerance. Frankly, the constant GI upset and diarrhea after any wheat would have clued me in! I am now on a gluten and dairy free (except for good yogurt) diet, but am also wondering when I will feel more energetic and not so weak all the time. I think eating enough high-fiber snacks and veggies is important, and I'm also working on getting good bacteria into my system. After 11 days, I have less GI upset, but my blood sugar is still erratic --- highs and lows, which are most apparent after a heavy meal and before breakfast. If you have had this problem, what did you do? My doctor emphasizes eating 6 small meals a day - it's not something I am used to - imagine having to pack 6 small meals when you go to work each day?! But if that's what it takes, I 'll do it. Any recommendations?
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