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  1. This article mentions "the DQAI*0501 allele", can anyone tell me if that is the same thing as DQ5 which my genetic tests indicated that I have? http://www.internalmedicinenews.com/news/gastroenterology/single-article/consider-celiac-disease-in-autoimmune-disorder-patients/9e1f371327.html
  2. I just had my second endoscopy on Friday and like the first time the worst part was when they put in my IV. After that they wheeled me in, did the throat spray, then knocked me out. They used Demerol and something else on me for the sedation. Kate
  3. EH's dining card includes many items which are gluten-free and leaves out many that are not. You'd be much better off using the more accurate cards sold by Triumph Dining (http://www.triumphdining.com/). Kate
  4. I'm seeing new posters use the term "gluten-free" and it's getting on my nerves a bit. Every time someone uses it, it's like a little ad for Hasselbeck's book. The forum already auto-magically changes every "g f" to "gluten-free" - can we do the same with "gluten-free"?
  5. Years ago, I was house sitting for a friend and they had tons of mint in their yard. I found a mint sorbet recipe in a Sunset magazine recipe book, it was fabulous. Great on those hot summer days. Kate
  6. Here is some good information and links about 504 plans: http://www.americanceliac.org/studentsCD.htm Some guidance for the school cafeteria staff: http://www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/guidance/speci...etary_needs.pdf Kate
  7. I'm so glad that you brought that up! Since going gluten-free, I sometimes have unexplained bouts of diarrhea and I had been focusing on "finding the hidden gluten" to no avail. Years ago, when I was diagnosed with dust mite allergy, the allergist said that my reaction was the worst he had ever seen for that particular allergen. Since going gluten-free, my environmental allergy symptoms have almost disappeared and I haven't been as vigilant in my dust mite elimination efforts. You've given me a wake-up call, samcarter. Thanks!
  8. My sister and I both have PCOS, but have opposite symptoms. In me, it causes very heavy, lengthy periods that I must take BC to regulate. She has to take BC to even have a period at all. After 15+ years, I decided that I don't want to spend the next 15-20 on the Pill, so I've had the Essure and Novasure procedures done. Starting in July, I won't have to worry about pregnancy anymore and I won't have heavy periods (maybe none at all) so I can discontinue BC. Yay! Kate
  9. OMG, the gas, I forgot about the gas! That was also a huge problem for me, but it started clearing up as soon as I went gluten-free. Kate
  10. The constant, painful diarrhea which had been the norm since middle school went away within a few weeks. I had my first consecutive solid bowel movements in over 20 years. (Not exactly an improvement, but I had to urinate more often because all that liquid wasn't exiting through my bowel anymore.) My chronic fatigue went away, as did the "arthritis" in my shoulders and hips. People started telling me how much better I looked, because I had previously always looked kind of grey and sickly. No more sores in my mouth. My nails now grow 2-3 times faster than they did before. Kate
  11. Karen, you are a very lucky person. You had 41 good years without it and you're getting diagnosed in less than a year's time. You weren't referred to a shrink because the doctors thought that you were crazy. Your doctor actually knew what tests to run. New gluten-free products are coming out every day. Celiac disease is actually being discussed in the mainstream media. Some restaurants have gluten free menus...for crying out loud, there's even gluten-free pizza at several chains now! For many of us, a diagnosis of celiac disease has been a blessing, because the end of our suffering was finally in sight. Kate
  12. Bethe, Ask for a copy of the test results, I'll bet that you do have a celiac gene, just not one of the two recognized in the U.S. I have one of those "unofficial" genes and neither of the "official" ones, so my doctor put in my records that I have "gluten-sensitivity" and must be on a gluten-free diet. I don't have the "gold standard" diagnosis, but I have something to back me up, when and if I need it. Kate
  13. Kath, Yes, I can totally relate. After nearly 25 years of symptoms, to finally find out what to do to relieve them was HUGE! (I was just a little bitter about the fact that over the previous 15 years I had asked several doctors - including a GI specialist - about celiac disease and been rebuffed...but what's past is past.) I'm now working on educating people about the disease, so others don't have to go through what I went through. Kate
  14. I don't watch The View regularly, but I've seen her mention it on there, most often during food segments. For instance, one time Whoopi was doing a segment about new food products and one thing was a gluten-free pizza. Elisabeth heard "gluten-free", swooped in from stage left, grabbed up the plate and ran off with it. I fell out! Kate
  15. I would start documenting your efforts to inform her about this. Write down dates and times of any conversations you have had about it that you can recall. Send her via certified mail or some other trackable way a letter outlining your concerns. This is in preparation for having a court order that she have the kids tested, if she continues to refuse. As a person who suffered with celiac disease from at least the age of 12 to the age of 34, I implore you to make sure that they get tested as soon as possible. My growth was stunted, I suffered from depression and neurological issues, I was told that it was all in my head...my teen years were hell and my 20s weren't much better. I fear the long-term effects of 20+ years of damage. Don't let this happen to your kids. Kate
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