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  1. Hi gang. I'm sure everyone can relate to that wit's end moment with dealing with Celiac and I feel like I'm finally hitting mine. I was diagnosed 15 years ago and through that time have had lots of ups and downs teaching family, friends, partners, loved ones and restaurant staff how to safely make...
  2. From what I've read wild salmon is better than farm raised because of higher levels of Omega 3's. Farm raised fish are not fed their natural diet, therefore, they are lighter in color and lower in omegas (the reason all farm raised salmon contains dye!). I'm not sure of the mercury levels though...
  3. I used to get this pain too, and still do if I have repeated reactions. The duodenum (first section of the intestine) is in the upper right hand side of the abdomen and this is the first part of the intestines to react to gluten. Could it be that? I know if I keep eating something wrong over a couple...
  4. I try to keep my caloric intake on the 30-30-40 (protein-fat-carbs) level because I'm somewhat sensitive to crashes and falls in blood sugar too (though nowhere what it used to be). I've heard from somewhere (runner's world or a similar publication) that buckwheat helps stabilize blood sugar levels...
  5. My personal opinion, and not everyone will agree with me, is that celiacs are just as "normal" as "normal" people, sometimes even healthier, as long as we stay 110% gluten free. I say this because I went through my first race season thinking I was completely gluten free, when I was actually eating...
  6. I race dowhill/4X/Super D and do several epics with my buddies every year. I eat a lot of omega 3's to help with recovery-2 pieces of salmon a day during race season and lots of walnuts and flax. I keep my diet very simple-Buckwheat, Rice, Popcorn, Quinoa, veggies, beans, fruit, nuts, seafood, water...