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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. adiftime

    The Financial Aspect

    I have also read some where that the difference between the cost of our foods vs normal diets can be deducted on your tax return. It doesn't help much now, but maybe it will at the end of the year. I haven't actually checked into it but I did read it some where on here.
  3. adiftime

    Physical And Emotional Trama

    Lucy, It was so good to hear your voice today. I have been very worried about you. I know that you will get through this tough time. I know that you have the support of your sweet husband, myself and soooooo many others on this forum, that understand what you are going through. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to this, but it will come in time. It's different for everyone, but you will know when you start crossing that threshold of better. Just know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! Love ya, Billie
  4. adiftime

    Good News

    Wonderful!!!! Good Luck to You!!! Luckily I found a dietician in the Tulsa area that is really knowledgeable about the disease. She & her husband even went on the diet for a few months to learn more about. I really lucked out. Once You get your degree, your clients will have your personal understanding of the disease and a wealth of knowledge to bout. What a great combination!!!!!!! Cudos to YOU! Yea! Billie
  5. I think if I had to chose one, I would pick my most dominate hand. I don't think there is any hard and fast rules on this. I would like to THANK EVERYONE for participating in this, it's been really interesting. I hope at least 100 participate. Thanks again Everyone!!! Billie
  6. adiftime

    Ok - Anybody Out There From Oklahoma!

    Thanks for the info. I may try to get in to see him. I have a wonderful dietician, but your doctor sounds just like what I'm looking for. Thanks again, Billie
  7. adiftime

    Ok - Anybody Out There From Oklahoma!

    Wild Oats is a neat store. I haven't been there but a couple of times so far. Hopefully when I get to feeling a little better I will be able to spend a little more time lokking at what they have to offer. If you dont mind me asking, Who is your GI doctor? Right now I am pretty much dependent on my dietician for info. The GI that I went to for the scope, just did the scope and sent me back to my primary, who doesn't seem to know a whole lot. My dietician is doing some checking for me also, but I really think I should be working with a doctor that understands the disease a little bit better than my primary care doctor. I was beginning to think I was alone on this site as far as any one being in Oklahoma. Surely there is more Oklahomans on this site than just us two. Thanks for responding, talk to you soon. Billie
  8. Not sure the health food doctor that told me this actually knew the difference between gluten intolerant and celiac sprue. I didn't really think this would be a scientific study but was curious how many actually have a short pinky. After I posted it I wished I had included choices that would have indicated the severity of the disease, but I didn't. Oh well! It's still interesting to see the numbers. Billie
  9. It is interesting isn't it? Of course the teachers are going to say they don't have it. The old case of, "Not me, there isn't any thing wrong with me." But maybe, she planted a seed and some day if they develop a problem they might think where to look . We can only hope and pray that we have educated one more person to this disease. And with this kind of diagnosis a little fun doing it!!! I find myself looking at peoples fingers now all of the time. Course if it isn't laying flat you can't tell. I have been checking family, friends and anyone else that I can. I've tried to make it my new goal(since being diagnosed) to tell at least one new person a day.
  10. Hi! I am in the Tulsa area and just wondering if there is anyone in this group around here? Billie
  11. You should be looking at the joint/line just before your finger nail on your ring finger.
  12. I know this has only been on here for a couple of days, but I had hoped to have at least 100 people for a good comparison. Also, I am curious for the 5 people that have a longer pinky, what their diagnoisis' are. Don't really think this is a scientific study, but if it all has to do with genes, maybe it is an indication of a possiblity of having the disease. I think when one is measuring you should look at the length of your finger from the palm side of your hand. Thanks to all of you that have participated.
  13. Hi! thanks for the other ideas. Have only tried a couple of recipe so far. Actually last night was one of the first times I have felt like cooking. My husband has been doing most of the cooking for the last couple of months. My energy level just doesn't seem to last very long right now. Even this little meal still made me tired. I really haven't gotten out much since this all came on so I haven't gotten any serious shopping done. Soon though I hope. I feel a little stronger each day. Thanks again, Billie
  14. Hey imsohungry, I have really enjoyed looking at all of the different recipes, and like being able to save ones to my own cookbook. You are welcome, bfarnsworth. Hey suepooh, we tried the Cheezy Baked Chicken Nuggets tonight. They were Ok, but not crazy about them. Just haven't developed a like for the texture of cornmeal yet, If we ever do. I'll have to check out the recipes you listed, thanks for the info. Billie
  15. adiftime

    Thank God I Now Know

    Susan, Guess I hadn't thought about being tested for other food allergies, being able to be done through blood test. That would sure be a lot better than finding out by eating the wrong things and ending up sick. I weighed 115# when I checked into the hospital to have our daughter, left hospital weighing 98 and have never gained above since. (33 yrs ago) I've been keeping track of my foods and weight on It looks like it does a lot of the same thing your website does, such as keeping track of activities etc.. Billie