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  1. kkaysmiles

    "my Dr. Said It's Ok To Have Wine"

    What is nonsense..that they do it or that you doubt they do it
  2. kkaysmiles

    McDonald's McFrappes

    I had caramel and felt sick..Have never felt bad after the mocha..I do leave the choc sauce off..figure it helps the...
  3. kkaysmiles

    Glutened Vent

    Ah that would probably explain why the corn chips I have that are supposed to be gluten-free seem to bother me!!!! Thanks
  4. kkaysmiles

    How Do You Get Ur Family To Understand?

    I do think he is afraid of the inconvience it will cause him. He is not very adaptable and has trouble with change....
  5. I was just diagnosed and confirmed to have celiac. I have not done much follow up as $ is really tight right now. My...
  6. I was just diagnosed last week. I am learning alot and so glad I found this site. I have read over the years about...
  7. kkaysmiles

    Severe Bloating

    Have you thought about cross contaimination...in your kitchen (counters, butter or margerine tubs?) It is going to take...