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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. mmshutt

    Endocopy For Celiac On Tuesday

    Thank you to all 3 of you for your help. I didn't know maltodextrin wasn't wheat in the US. It is just on my "forbidden" list given to me by my doctor. I will call the manufacturer to be positive that it is okay to have. Thanks!
  3. I have a question that I need help with and don't know if my doctor or his nurse can answer it. I think the people of this "community" have more knowledge. I have been on the Celiac diet since 8/16/07. I am to have a 2nd biopsy of my small intestine on Tuesday to see if the diet has "worked' to know for sure that I do indeed have Celiac. My problem is that yesterday, i got a little flavor packet to add to my water and noticed it has maltodextrin in it. Something I recognized as a no no. I have been using these packet almost daily for 3 weeks. Is this going to screw up the validity of the biopsy I am having in 3 days???????? It was too late to call my doctor and I don't know if he would know anyway. Should the test be rescheduled?? When I first started the diet, I kept making mistakes out of ignorance. I feel like I have gotten pretty good at staying gluten free, but I am afraid this is could be a big deal. Does anyone have any suggestions or know if this will affect my test????
  4. Lynn, Thanks for the tips, I know it will get easier as time goes on. It is nice to have people who have already been through it giving much needed advice! Mary
  5. Janet, Sorry! I am still getting used to how this works!! I would love to have the phone # for the really good food company! I need some more choices! Mary
  6. Thank you, Janet! I will Google them right away! Having more choices of food makes me feel less deprived!!
  7. I have only been gluten free for about 4 weeks and I too have been having muscle and joint pain. It helps me to know that you are having it too. I was afraid I'd developed Lupus or some other problem on top of Celiac. How long will this last? I haven't been to a party yet (or gone out to eat) and I am worried too. I figure I will have to pack my own food to be safe. I would like to assure you that it gets easier as you go on. After 1 week on the diet my husband came home from work and I started crying because I was having trouble finding anything to eat! Reading labels and deciding if something is safe is very hard for me. Too many ingredients may contain wheat! I found a local store that carries a large supply of gluten-free products, including some yummy gluten-free donuts! I also have been ordering food online. Finally, I have found that Wal-Mart puts Gluten Free on the labels of it's brand (Great Value) of foods. That has been really helpful. Does anyone know of a web site or a place I can get a list of safe brands and foods? Good luck and I feel your pain! Mary