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  1. This thread is long dead, but since this thread caused me to test some different beers for gluten.....I had to post. I recently ordered the Haven Gluten Flow Through Test from www.elisa-tek.com . I then proceeded to test: Guiness Heineken Sol Coronita Extra (small Corona bottle) Stella Artois Budweiser La Messeger (gluten free beer) I had been told over the years that some of these were gluten free and some were not... Well after doing the tests, everything had gluten except the Coronita and the La Messeger. The Coronita is imported from Mexico to here (Canada) and not bottled locally. I have not done further testing as of yet on Corona Extra, but one can assume with very high confidence that it would also pass the test. What's interesting is that Sol has gluten, but not the Coronita. The tests are sensitive to 10-20 ppm and very easy to use. They cost me 14$ a test or so. Now the caveats: 1. I performed this test on my local beer, beer varies a great deal by region. 2. The Coronita was imported from Mexico, which would make me believe that anyone in North America would be getting the same beer, but check what the bottle says. 3. The test spot came up completely blank as compared to the control spot, ie. ZERO gluten, but maybe you are more sensitive to gluten than the test. So in closing. I have enough evidence for me to drink Coronita Extra and Corona Extra....but I will retest it every year, just to be sure. I highly recommend you buy the test and do the test yourself. They sell it in packages as low as two tests and it is well worth it.
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