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  1. HI YA LADIES!! OMG its been forever since I posted. Not that I haven't been keeping up with reading, I just have gotten so lazy I've forgotten to write. (No really, I have lost so much weight my arms are just too skinny to type - I WISH!!) The last time I posted it was about my "WHO CARES" diet, which is actually working.... I have stopped counting and scaling and measuring and I have lost 3.5 kilos (7.5 pounds?). I just cut all my carbs (not all!!) but most carbs, and started eating a very high protein diet. Instead of potatoes at dinner, I had chick peas and beans, etc. No pasta. And, I also took your advice on the lactose thing and went lactose free. Wow, what a difference. Not that I am taking much notice. I am in a bit of a la-la land with the whole gluten thing, and going to the dark side, which I will explain later (HA!!! Testing myself against the evils of gluten!) but alas, I end up in the same boat. Ok, well, maybe because I am only 4 months in and now really missing food, and its christmas and birthdays and fun and all that, so I have tried something with gluten in it 3 times now and, realised, hey its not worth it. It's like taking illicit drugs sometimes!! (Not that I have...) But, at the time, it seems like a good time, but then, you end up paying for it. Maybe that's why I haven't posted. I am so dopey and DUH and depressed... and then again, it is Christmas. It is hot here in QLD, Australia, so mainly all days we are in the pool (I have 3 kids), swimming, and more swimming, fruit for lunch (too hot for sandwhiches etc) so I guess that's where its going. I am still wearing my bikini. I may be 5 kilos heavier than last year, but, WHO CARES! Anyways, the moral of my post (blahblahblah) is that, the less I worry about what I look like, the more fun I am having. And I guess over time I will sort out this 'dark-side' thing flirting with gluten-goodness.... HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS LADIES and I will think of you, sipping my cool cocktail, by the tropical pool, in sunny and beautiful Australia for an downunder Chrissy day!
  2. Fajitas, BellyFat and all the other ladies, wow, must be this time of year... I am on the same brain-wave as you guys, I have been TRYING my hardest and the damn scales are not shifting, I'm eating RABBIT FOOD whilst my fam gets chips, and I also had to see a dietitian (for celiac disease) who made me FEEL SO BAD about my lifestyle... SO I THOUGHT - BUGGER IT!! And guess what - this week, drinking coke and eating whatever I want (gluten-free) and not worrying about 3 serves of this and 2 serves of that, and no sugar BLAHBLAHBLAH - I lost a kilo and a half... I think its the brain. When we think about everything we eat, it freaks out and goes into overdrive. I don't know, I just know that I am SO NOT doing 40 MINUTES on the treadmill EVERYDAY. It hurts. And its boring. And pointless. I'm going to listen to my body, and eat nice things, and if I want that chocolate, I will. Hopefully this gets my into my dress for my wedding next year - but if not, I will buy a new one!! OR HAVE A NAKED WEDDING ( ) Have a great weekend everyone!!
  3. Kassandra, Everyone has been spot on - but also, just remember, anything that is in 'bold' is an allergen -either nuts, wheat etc... It's a good reminder if you get 'spaced out' after reading soooo many labels. Just wondering, has anyone come across ingredients not labelled properly? I was shopping today and came across several items not labelled properly (mainly in the asian section, not being racist, just some of the products had bad labelling - i love asian etc food...) I shouldn't have said that, but after reading so many threads, its scary the amount of ppl that get 'abused' online because of a flippant comment. I'm hoping that cuz we are Aussie's that we all know how to have a laugh and not take things so seriously! I just wanted to say that it has been wonderful to have 'local' (haha) people to share comments with, and ask the really the stupid questions (sorry Joss!) because sometimes its hard getting support at home... Long story there, has anyone else had 'issues' (minor or major) with their support circle - mainly partners - reactions, sympathy, understanding, tolerance? Thanks in advance!! Miss Wing Bat!!!
  4. Hello everyone, sorry I haven't said a HUGE THANKYOU for all your wonderful ideas - sometimes I can be a bit brain-dead. I am going to do - pastry free mini quiches using gluten-free flour, sushi rolls, and a lovely platter with dips and bits that are gluten-free. I'm going to sneak into the BBQ some gluten-free rissoles (old family recipe) and some gluten-free sausages, which, no-one has noticed yet. All said and done, come party day sometimes I start 'tippling' a bit early and forget to cook and then we just have whatever on the BBQ. All child's B'day parties before the age of 4 are roughly disguised as a chance for the 'big kids' to have a party... It's my first occasion at home to show the extended family and friends the choices that I do have with gluten-free food, because it seems that all I have gotten since telling them I was DX is "Oh, you can't eat sh*t now..." (which I have never done - AHHAHA) I also was told the other day by a family member that "All these new diet fads are so hard to follow, weight watchers is just as hard..." Yep - still have a bit of Celiac Disease Drum Beating and Soap Boxing to do. But the good news is that my dad and his partner are going gluten-free without a DX - they eat no processed food whatever so the change will be minimal... Another HUUUUUUUGE weekend on the way - WEEEEEeeeeEEEEEE!!!
  5. Hi there Little D, Is that like evaporated milk? I am in OZ so don't know that brand. Someone suggested goats milk instead. I haven't really looked into different milks so it might be right under my nose... I hate milk anyways, funny that - I grew up on a farm and hated milk, bread and meat all my childhood. Mum just thought I was fussy but I guess it was my body telling me something. It wasn't until I became a mother and started eating sandwhiches and dinners (I used to live on fruit and alcohol as a single girl) that I started getting sick. So I can say that I have never, in my whole life, actually drunk a full glass of milk (unless its flavoured!) What about cheese? Is there some others that I can try?
  6. HI ladies, how terrible to have that devastation so close - hope the clean-up isn't too bad Fajitas. We look like having a huge cyclone season this year so we'd better start preparing. This adds a new dimension for us now that I am diagnosed because I will not only have to have food for the family, but gluten-free choices as well. The diet, I think may be working. I think my problem is, my nemisis, the scales. Because I feel great every morning, I think my tummy is shrinking, but then when I hop on the scales - no difference! I think I need a tape measure instead. It has been extremely hot here already (we are going into summer) so the kids and I are drinking heaps of water and eating lots of watermelon and icy-poles (my frozen-fruit recipe!). So hopefully the scales are just reflecting water weight. I have been modifying my exercise routine. Because I have 3 kids and can't leave them to go bike riding or to the gym, I work out in their nap time (because do you know how hard it is to do yoga with 3 x kids thinking you're being a horsey!) and twice a day we all go for a swim. I usually do aqua-exercises with bub in my arms, she loves the jumping ones. We live in a highset house and I'm on a mission to do the stairs to excess - I'll take one cup or plate up at a time instead of a big pile, therefore I am going up 5 times in a row instead of once. It's little things like that, keeping active, that is helping. What doesn't help is the fact that before DX, i would rest 4-5 hours a day, not moving, and yet still lose weight. Now I am eating healthy, I seem to be putting it on! So far I am at 133 pounds (I worked out how to change my scales over instead of kilos!) and eating lots of fruit, veg and little carbs. I have cut out dairy for 2 days, that is, except for my morning coffee - should I substitute for soy? Thanks ladies and have a wonderful day!
  7. Changing Body Shape?

    OMG you all could be me!! After going gluten-free, I have put on 5 kilos and all in the tum. I bought one of those 'fat-suits' (as I call them) that suck it all in and push your boobs together because of the squishy-ness!! I've been gluten free for a while now and I find that I 'bloat' with dairy, with horrible cramps, and have headaches with rice... So i'm heading back 2 the hills and going all fruit and veg, which is extremely hard... But I am getting married in 10 months and HAVE 2 LOSE THE BELLY! Any other suggestions? I know it takes months and lifestyle to change, but I'm willing... I look extremely funny with scrawny arms and the beergut...
  8. Congrat BellyFat (that is so not a flattering name!) You sound like you are doing great on the diet too... WEll, I knew the week that I wanted to start to lose weight I would blow out - we had birthdays galore this week and lots of snacks, but I tried to keep it under wraps - most days. I have lost a kilo and I bought a treadmill on thursday so I can watch TV, mind kids and exercise (and most probably talk on the phone too) SUPERMUM! Slowly, slowly, slowly. I think I have a prob with dairy so going to cut it out this week to see if any difference. Been gluten-free for a while now, still bloated, gassy, migranes, and cramps everyday. Also, everytime I eat rice, I get a migrane the next day - can anyone shed any light on their 'other' allergies and how did they find out about them?
  9. Hi there every1, Saz, I made banana cake last week - absolutely beautiful fresh out the oven, but alas! It didn't rise either - and then the next day it seemed to get heavier and heavier. I used SR flour, no bicarb or cornflour. My little boy's b'day party is coming up next weekend, all the fam are coming over and they are still to realise what gluten-free means. So does anyone have any great party food ideas that I can slip in, and then surprise them that they are gluten free! He had his actual birthday yesterday where we went to the waterpark, and I bought 'bought' cake and chips and lollies, which I couldn't have any of. So I wanted to have stuff at his party that I was ok to snack on - its hard to celebrate your babies birthday without having any cake. Just slicing it up and not licking your fingers was hard enough! Usually for parties I make my killer mini-quiches - but they are with puff pastry. Anyone had any luck finding or making their own pastry? Thanks in advance...!!!
  10. Hi there, I have just received an email from Unilever with a 3 page doc outlining all their gluten free products. It has such brands as continental, Bertolli and like the chicken tonight varieties. If anyone is interested in it, I'll be happy to email it to you. I actually contacted their company to find out which of their streets icecreams are gluten free, but this is a bonus! I received my Celiac pack from the QLD society yesterday, is anyone else a member? Did you find the info handy? I got a range of free samples of food products too, like a bag of JellyBelly beans which are so nice. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
  11. Well, llok at that, you learn something new everyday!! Thanks Joss. I'm a bit of a dork sometimes. I love this forum, I learn all new stuff and go and research into it. Joss, I didn't really go into the finer details whilst looking it up, but something did catch my eye about cocoa butter being used with pessaries. I can't remember which site but that may be the cause of your problems... ?? The cutting board I used was a general one Aussie Peg, I didn't think I was at 'that stage' but it certainly is something to note. I used the toaster after doing the kids toast yesterday to do some gluten free fruit bread (and, well, it was sorta ok... after I sprinkled SUGAR on it!! ) It just is a totally different taste to... bread! What is a toaster bag anyways - (a bag you put your toaster in! ha!) My bro has arrived from Cairns today so we are having a BBQ with big fat steaks. YUM! Have a great sunday afternoon!
  12. Hello Aussie Peg (and others!) How do you get tested for the other allergies? Is it through your normal doctor or a naturpath? I think it definitely was the sushi somehow because I guinea-pigged myself the next day without the kids and 1/2hour after eating it again I was out-for-it for 2 hours. Then later in the day I drank a strongbow with no side effects (apart from feeling good!!) So I wonder, what, in sushi (Rice, rice vinegar, sea weed, prawns, avo, cuc and carrot) could have made me feel that way. I see that you are only 25 Aussie Peg, what a shame I don't live in Brissi anymore. But I can't beat the weather up here and its great being in a town where you can get anywhere within 15 minutes. I see the traffic jams in Brissi on the news here, and then the storms you've been having - ARGH! Joss, thanks for the info on Muffin Break, I'll watch that next time and will ask again about their cooking processes. Does seem a bit suss!! Can I ask - what is a pessary bladder? Aussie Peg - where is Mrs Flannerys? Is it a chain store? Ok, it's friday night and that's time to go let my hair down (as soon as the kids go to bed!!) YAYAY! MWB
  13. thank you for the warm welcome little d. I have been eating ok this week, mainly tunas and fruit, but we are having a big binge tonight (FRIDAY NIGHT YAY!) so we'll put the kids to bed early and have a few drinks, which I know is the first thing to put weight on with... Doesn't help we are having chips and pies for dinner too! BUT I PROMISE... (here we go they all say!!) that Monday - EXERCISE AND STRICT DIET!! I nearly went to the dark side and bought some diet pills but the boxes were so confusing re: being celiac disease so thought I would TRY my hardest first. As my partner said, if they worked so well everyone would stop eating and just have these pills... And at $50 I'd rather go to the markets sunday morning and buy some nice fresh veges and fruit instead. Hopefully will be back on soon (depending on the severity of tonight!!) MWB
  14. Hi everyone! I've been doing my homework and reading the back-logs of this thread so please can I join? I am 2 months into eating gluten-free and put on 5 kilos - not much, BUT I AM GETTING MARRIED NEXT YEAR and I've already got the dress... So I need to get off at least 7 kilos (or tone up this gluten-belly of mine). I am in Aussie so had to do kilos, but found a weight converter so I can understand where all you guys are at. I am currently 59.2k (130p) and want to get to 52 (114p). I have only just had the lightbulb moment last few days about all the processed, sugar-full gluten-free food you can buy is not so good, and that potatoes and corn makes me FAT!! So it's all tuna, veges and fruit from here. I have 2 darlings that I run about with most days, but also am going to walk with neighbour most nights. Since going gluten-free I have had intense sugar cravings, mostly at night (icecream and chocolate flake time), any ideas of yummy, healthy and NOT fattening snacks for that time (is there such a thing?) Thanks and hope I can join...
  15. Yes Joss it takes time for the lingo, the DD and the gluten-free, celiac disease's, DX, LMAO and BTW's. I have also discovered Muffin Break, I love their savoury muffins but are a bit cautious. I asked in depth what the process is in making them, they go in early and make them up before making the other muffins etc, etc. No CC. But then the other day I went in for a lunch snack, and asked for a savoury muffin, to which the guy said, it'll be 3 mins as they are still in the oven (?). So then, when it arrived, he said, "Fresh out of the oven for you!" which was weird, as it was stone cold. I had to get him to put it into the mike to warm it up. So, instead of asking and causing a fuss, I ate it (Because I was out with friends and didn't want to blahblahblah). I'm newly diagnosed so I'm still not sure of attacks etc, but as far as I know I was ok. I think. Does anyone know anything about OBENTO rice vinegar, and the 'glutinous' rice it contains? I had a huge attack yesterday (couldn't move arms or legs) and was wondering if it was the sushi rolls I made or the strongbow I drank. Or do symptoms attack like 24 hours after consuming? BTW Joss, thanks for all that info (THANKS AUSSIE PEG!) that is legendary and saved me SO MUCH TIME!! It will be my inhouse bible for my bag now!