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  1. Joss, I suffer the calf and toe cramps! So painful! I have only learned I have celiac disease the 15th of Nov. 2007. My stomach is huge and I have very thin arms and legs. I just wanted to say I understand your frustration. My family and friends seem to think its going to be easy to simply avoid bread and flour products. They have no idea! By the way I am 66 years old.

  2. Hi All! About the avatars, if you like them just right click on them and "save picture" in your photos then you can change them whenever the fancy takes you. Jessica's grandmother, yes I was thinking that juvenile diabeties is a far more serious disease than type 2. Give her a big cuddle from...
  3. I like Moores bread too. It's quite expensive though at nearly $6 per loaf. Joss
  4. Kassandra you should be fine. It will be Summer in NZ and there will be a lot of seasonal fruit and vegetables. I think they get similar product in New Zealand as we do in Australia. There is a great celiac group there, so I would google that and get in touch with a representive from there. I am...
  5. I dislike the pastry in quiiches anyway. Why not make it like a fritata and just bake the filling in a nonstick dish/tray. Thinly sliced and overlapped potato also amkes a good quiche base. I hope you have a great party MissWingBat and big birthday hugs to your little party person. Joss
  6. I don't eat much processed food but I tried the Leda mintons which tasted fine to me. How about having fruit at you baby's party. I love sliced rockmelon. Just remember to keep your food separated and far away from the glutenous stuff. If you buy some icy pole molds, you will have to fight the...
  7. Aussie Peg I think I ordered a Toastabag yesterday. I placed my order and paid with my credit card. Then I was informed that I would be notified soon about the final price. Somehow I find this a bit strange. I hope I get my little toaster mate sometime soon. Miss wing Bat I have a prolapsed bladder...
  8. MissWingBat first Aussie Peg would have forwarded that info to you, but I just happened to be online so I sent it instead. I only hope I did not step on any toes. I keep it on my desktop handy to use at a moments notice. Next never ask them to put it in the microwave to warm up as this could lead...
  9. MissWingBat I can forward Aussie Pegs list if you pm your email. Or you can send Peg a PM. One of the nice things I discovered today was that Muffin Break make gluten free muffins. They are made first and the tongs are isolated and don't touch any other muffin in the store. The ones I had today...
  10. I am so glad that the little Wingbats are celiac disease free. Aussie Peg sent me a long list.
  11. Ok this is a post to say thank you to all those wonderfully helpful Aussies out there that have given me so much information in so little time. Aussie Peg was wonderful too and sent me a very long email that I cut and copied into a permanent folder on my desktop of my PC. Today I went into town...
  12. Thank you so much for forwarding the Cadbury's info. Luckily I ate some dairy milk chocolate even though I have a problem with milk too. The people at Mentos sent me an email saying that all mentos products are gluten free. it says as much on their website too. I have never had any side effects...
  13. Hi can I join in this discussion? I live in Perth and I am also on a gluten-free diet. I had a positive IgA test in 2001, which my doctor at the time told me to igmnore. When I finally want gluten free 3 months ago many of my lifetime illnesses seem to be resolving. I was wondering about the...