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  1. She started complaining about it again last night after we had spaghetti pie (mozz cheese, parm., sauce, rice noodles). She was also clearing her throat a lot afterwards. I am wondering if it could be a dairy thing? She has never had problems with dairy before....could it start at 6? I am going to make a doctors appointment on Monday but I wanted to have more substance to go on that just "a bubble"!! I should also mention that she has a decreased appetite. She is still so skinny from having Celiac and now she is eating even less. I was thinking she was being dramatic (she typically is) but she actually agreed that she should go to the doctor last night. Now I am nervous but have to wait till Monday!
  2. My daughter has been diagnosed with Celiac disease since she turned 4 (she is no 6). She has had yearly blood tests which have all been in the normal range after we went gluten free. She has recently been complaining that she feels like there is a bubble in her throat. I keep thinking that it may be an allergy or acid reflux? Has anyone else had similar complaints?
  3. My husband HATES coconut but I have read of the benefits of substituting it in cooking. Is the flavored masked well in food or do you still taste coconut? I did buy some coconut oil and flour that I have been meaning to try in baking.
  4. My 4 year old daughter has been gluten free for almost a year. We dealt with behavior problems prior to her diagnosis and they had greatly improved on a gluten free diet..at first. Usually her only reaction to gluten is her change in behavior. She becomes very mean, she hits, bites, throws tantrums and she get the "crazy" eyes and my husband and I call them. It lasts for a week and is the hardest thing to deal with. On a gluten-free diet she is so sweet and nice. Lately we are having more bad days than good. My house is gluten free and I am careful to pack lunches when she travels to restaurants and preschool. If this is a gluten cross contamination I have no idea where she is getting it. I have heard recently about also having her on a casein free diet. Her doctor never mentioned removing the casein. Could this be the problem?? I have also heard about probiotics and information on adding those to her diet would be greatly appreciated as well. We need help!!
  5. Could you tell me more about these enzymes. My daughters doctor hasn't mentioned the use of these. What do they do? What kind of research has been done on there useage? We are still waiting for weight gain....
  6. Wow, your daughter sounds a lot like my prior to diagnosis. My daughter was also only 28 lbs at her 4-year old check up. She was also born at the 50% and stayed there until we introduced solids at 9 months. Then she fell to the 4th % (by her 4-year old check up). She never had diarrhea but she did have very light stools. She also never wanted to eat and had huge mood swings. Since I had done some research on Celiac I insisted on having them order blood work although my doctor (although she insisted she would have to have diarrhea for Celiac). She was positive and now since we are gluten free she is gaining weight and the mood swings are so much better!
  7. I am very new to this...My 4-year old daughter has only been gluten free for four months. I am trying to pinpoint where I think she is getting some gluten. She is in a preschool setting for three days and with family for the other two days. Therefore it is getting hard for me to determine where the problem is. My question is how soon after an accident does the symptoms begin? She never has complained of stomach pain (before or after diagnosis). She did get her very first bout of diarrhea last week (for three days) but what I typically see is her stools becoming very pale, complaints of nighttime "growing pains" and a dribble rash on her chin. I am assuming that the dribble rash is probably contamination from that day but what about the loose, pale stools and the muscle pains? Could that occur the same day of the accident? Ugh, this seemed so much easier in theory. We went gluten free, period. The cross contamination is much harder to contain (with a 4-year old) than I thought. She is great and she does not cheat on purpose. I hear her question her caregivers if that food had gluten in it! Her acceptance and knowledge of what she can or cannot eat has gone very well. Well, except for one time, "but it was only a lick!!" of birthday cake icing!
  8. I so agree! Our ped. kept saying that unless she has diarrhea that she didn't have celiac. I kept saying....her poop is yellow!! Thankfully after a positive blood test and a positive biopsy she was gluten free. Yes, the poop turns yellow after an accident. So true. As for the poster... We decided to go for the biopsy with our 4 year old. I am glad we did since she didn't have the typical celiac symptoms because we now have no doubt in our minds. However, with that being said we are foregoing a biopsy with our 15 month old. She is showing the telltale signs and we are in the process of doing a gluten challenge and awaiting enterolab results. Her blood work was negative and that is typical at her young age. Our GI doctor said we caught my 4 year old at an early stage (patchy damage to the villi). So therefore it took 4 years before she had patchy damage. I don't want to wait 4 years of watching my daughter fall off the weight chart to await a biopsy. I would definitely ask the GI doc if he actually has ever seen damage at that young of an age before.
  9. I am new to this and have a question about symptoms a child can have from accidently getting gluten. My daugher spent the night at her grandparents Friday night and I was told she woke up twice during the night to throw up. My mother said she was very careful but I think she got some gluten somewhere. This has been our first experience like this since we went gluten free two months ago. Now 5 days later she awoke last night with severe "growing pains". Can this still be a symptom of her gluten accident on friday or is this a potentially new exposure? She hasn't had her leg cramps since we went gluten free. She never had GI symptoms prior to her diagnosis (just was very underweight). Does vomiting and diahrea always the result of being glutened? Does the symptoms of an accident worsen the longer you have been gluten free? Should we expect more severe symptoms the longer she is off gluten when she gets accidently exposed? Also, how long does syptoms last after an accident? Sorry so many questions!!
  10. My daughter has only been gluten free for 2 months. Last night she took a bath (I used California baby body wash by regular shampoo). She was playing in the tub and putting water into her mouth and spitting it back out. About two hours after she was asleep she woke up screaming and didn't respond to my voice. She only woke up after she peed herself. It happened again later in the night and she then awoke a third time moaning that she was having "growing pains" in her legs. Is night terrors and muscle aches/pain a sight of ingesting gluten? She has never had the typical GI symptoms (no diarrhea) so I wasn't sure if this is how her body reacts to gluten now. Anybody has seen this?
  11. Question about Enterolab. I saw that it was pretty expensive. Did you submit to insurance and if so, did they pay it entirely?
  12. My oldest daughter (4 years) was recently diagnosed with Celiac (via blood & biopsy). How accurate are the blood test for very young children. My youngest is only 14 months and my ped. just gave me an order to get her her blood work done. The only sign that she is showing is a very bloated belly at the end of the day and her weight % is starting to drop. I would love to know now if she has celiac now so that I can get her gluten-free immediately. I keep reading that testing can be unreliable in young children.
  13. My daughter has recently been diagnosed. My daugher gained weight very slowly and at 4 years old she only weighed in at 29lbs. Her ped. kept reasurring me that she was just naturally thin, she's been following her own growth curve, etc. I finally insisted that I wanted her tested for celiac and she was positive. My daughter's only signs were pale stools and low weight/slow growth and horrible eczema. No we are about to test our one year old because her weight has stalled and it has a noticiably full/distended belly and also had developed eczema after starting solids. Our ped. tells me not to jump to conclusions that she also has celiac. Funny, they really do not know much about Celiac and how it is very heriditary. Trust your mommy instincts!
  14. We are in for March 13th but on a cancellation list. I am going to call again tommorow to see if she has any openings. We are trying different gluten free foods sporadically. We are still not gluten free but I thought it was a way of finding out what she likes so we can be ready. She is SOOO picky. She has not liked anything we have introduced! Ugh.
  15. I am from Lancaster, PA as well. You mentioned Central Market. There is now a stand called This Little Piggy which make baby food up to todder/kid meals. She has gluten free versions of the toddler/kid meals. She also takes special orders if your child has special dietary needs such as a need for gluten and dairy free.
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