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    being a mum, my fabulous man, tattoos, vintage 50's stuff, webkinz, knitting, sewing, baking.
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  1. wow, thanks so much guys! keep the opinions coming because i need all the info i can get.

    the enterolab sounds like the way to go for testing but it is so expensive... especially if there are four of us to be tested and no coverage at all for it.

    am i wrong in understanding that for the standard blood work that you must be consuming gluten on a regular basis? this is a problem for my son as there is no way at almost 16 mos and only 20 lbs i am going to gluten him. i am pretty certain that he has celiac.

    i have recently removed wheat/gluten from my daughter's diet and mine as well. is it too late to test us? (blood work) is there a link between diverticulitis and celiac too? sorry i have so many questions but like i said, we are new to all of this.

    thanks everyone.

  2. i'm so glad to see that you are an intelligent and well educated gal. i'm sure all of the words of caution here are merely because we all have had our experiences and wouldn't want to see ANYONE relive them, whether we know them or not.

    my ex would pick arguments with me, criticize me endlessly... follow me into the bathroom where i could never believe such a strong woman like me would choose to go and cry. he would yell at me and beat on the door. then there was the name calling. i was stupid. illogical. irrational. over-emotional. this was almost a daily occurrence. he tore me down bit by bit. he fell in love with me because i was a strong woman, then he seemed to need to destroy that in me. he would do this in front of the baby and think nothing of it. the rage and his inability to control himself were terrifying. it's funny how my emotion of hurt and despair seemed unwarrented in his eyes but he couldn't view rage as an emotion or even one that needed to be reigned in. not funny "ha ha" but funny -- horribly sad.

    when my daughter was 18 months old i went from living in a condo i owned, being a stay at home mom and house-wife with a vehicle to being a single mom on welfare with nothing. and to tell you the truth, i hadn't been happier in 6 years. the peace was incredible. i knew i could NOT have him teach her how a woman should be treated.

    he never did understand why i left and to this day still carries an incredible amount of anger towards me for leaving him. he has since remarried and that anger at my leaving is still as strong as the day i left.

    sounds like your husband is doing some leveling. he feels inferior. he has to make you feel too bad to ever feel like you deserve more or better. there is hope that you can talk him into some councelling. he is probably not a bad guy but more a guy with bad coping skills.

    good luck and keep us posted. i'm rooting for you.

  3. Wow, thank you everyone for your concern. I'm fine, really. They are just threats. Still not okay, I know, but he's only like that about 5% of the time, and most of the time he's a really good dad. My daughter loves him and he is good with her most of the time. It would be really hard for me to walk away from that.

    i'm so glad to see you back here and posting. it's good to see you are fine. i know you may have your reasons to stay, but please, try to think about what this may do to your daughter down the road.

    none of us are in your position and i refuse to judge, but i know that in my own personal experience both with my father and with my ex that ANY amount of threat or aggression in any measure is NOT acceptable and should not be tolerated. AND it always gets worse.

    like i said, it took me 10 years to sort through my grief and pain. 10 years of trying to find a jerk like my dad to love me -- to give me the love he didn't -- instead of going and finding a kind and sweet and sensitive guy... like my hubby. 10 years is a long time to spend digging yourself out of a hole that you didn't dig in the first place.

    be strong and good luck. hopefully he will pull his head out of his rear and never treat you that way again. you deserve better.

  4. AFAIK, you can use Enterolab for testing. I believe there are a few Canadian members who have used them.


    really? cool, thanks. i had emailed them asking if that was possible. now to scrape up the cash. that's the hard part. not working to stay with bambino... maybe i know what to ask my folks for for christmas? nothin says love like stool samples! :D

    thanks for any info at all everyone... we are still so new to this.

  5. Hol-grain brown rice crackers... ever so lightly sea salted corrugated charred cardboard. there's not enough peanut butter in the world to cover that taste. poison in cardboard form.

    i love almost all glutino products, including their chocolate cookies that someone didn't like. they are so expensive but dreamy.

    i also like bob's red mill flour. the garbanzo bean flavor is gross when raw (i.e. cookie dough) but really yummy cooked. (see my chocolate chip cookie recipe in the recipes section.)

    in canada, no-name puddings are gluten free and yummy.

  6. my 15 month old son stopped really growing at all around the 6 to 8 month stage, suffered horrible GERD from 8 weeks of age on. no hair and lonnnnng eyelashes. doctors finally suggested celiac around 10 months and since being pulled from any trace of gluten, he has finally begun to grow again. i came to the msg board here looking for info and support for him, but now i am beginning to think that i need to be tested too. all the reading here has me putting two and two together... it all adds up.

    i was a bald baby with super long eyelashes and of irish and brittish decent. collic and irritability from 3 mos (when my mom introduced formula). i have a history of severe rash as a child, occasional random outbursts of hives as an adult. chronic nagging sinusitis and post nasal drip that never clears, occasional migranes, chronic headaches, irritability and or moodiness and or depression in bouts for no aparent reason. i have also had asthma and allergies ever since i was 6 mos old. at one year, i was the size of a 6 month old and now am only 4'11''.

    4 years ago i had my appendix removed because i was having such horrible pains in my abdomen and sides off and on... when i eventually went to the hospital, my white blood cell count was through the roof, and on the ultrasound it appeared that i had fluid in my abdominal cavity. the surgeon and specialist weren't certain that it was appendicitis because the appendix itself looked normal on the ultrasound, so they did an old fashioned large incision so that the could poke around and proclaimed diverticulitis. i am only 36.

    what do you all think? is it possible i have just been poisoning myself my whole life? i had always assumed that i just came from bad genes with nagging health issues that i was just supposed to deal with. is it really possible that i just need to stop eating the wrong things? and now i wonder about my daughter as well. she also had the tell-tale no hair and long eyelashes, asthma, chronic cough and post nasal drip... and she suffers from bouts of anxiety that are almost uncontrollable. even as an infant she would panic if she wasn't at home. at three, she would flip out if i started the bathtub and left the room while it filled. (not with her in the tub, just she would worry that it would overflow--to the point of screaming). i have recently pulled her off wheat completely.

    are there any testing options in canada that are less invasive and more accurate than glutening and blood tests or biopsy? i don't like those options, especially for my son and daughter. is there enterolab here? can you request this type of testing from your md?

  7. thanks for that... i'll check. although those links are not for my province but it might give me some ideas.

    yes, it can be frustrating as my child is not disabled or anything, but needs the kind of care that i think only a parent one on one can provide... and he struggles each day to gain an ounce so even an occasional exposure to gluten could be disastrous.

    now if only you could have the enterolab done here in canada. :unsure:

  8. good for you for being such a conciencious mama! and an attatchment mom too... wow, awesome!

    i know that la leche league and kellymom often recommend avocado as an excellent first food as it is high in healthy fatty acids and easily digested. a really ripe avocado cut into very small bits or mashed is more nutritious than a banana or rice cereal. you can even mix breastmilk into it. good luck and trust your mama instincts.

  9. hi there lightning bolt. i'm new here and maybe it's not my place to say, but i never seem to be good at minding my tongue. :rolleyes:

    when i was growing up, my father was emotionally manipulative and abusive. verbally, and occasionally physically. it got worse as i got older. sometimes it was only rage towards my mother and sometimes it was turned on me.

    my mom would tell me that she was going to leave and i would get so happy that we would finally be away from all the hurt. the fear... the anger and the dysfunction. she never did leave and get me out of there.

    it took me 10 years of therapy to undo the hurt and the mess in my head from growing up and feeling inferior, unloved and ineffectual. 10 years.

    what your husband is doing is definitely abuse. you have your reasons and we all have to respect you... but even though i don't know you i am completely sure that you deserve so much more... and i have NO doubt that your daughter does. girls learn to choose men based on what they witness growing up.

    hang in there... and keep us posted.

  10. I am at the end of my rope, I am a single mother of three, Emily 5, Erika 3 and Donvoan 20 months all three as well as myself have Celiac Disease. I have had to remove them from all forms of child care due to them getting sick from people who don't care to learn about there needs.

    No daycare provider will take them on as they will not go put the work in needed to make sure my kids are not feed gluten. My two babysitters that were willing to take them are not paying attention to the CC factors. I know its not easy but I need a break! the EX has been banned for being alone with the kids so he is no help and to make it worse I am looking at taking my daughter out of school as the lunch room is not supervised as it should be and she is getting CC and glutened every day.

    I have been told by every place of help that they are ether to disabled or not disabled enough! I can't afford to join the Celiac association here so I have not even had a chance to meet others in my area that might be of some help. The cost of trying to stay at home and gluten-free food has got me worried how im going to survive. Im trying to keep myself from getting depressed but I feel like giving up but to do that means my kids suffer!

    if you have any ideas please let me know. I live in Alberta Canada if that helps. thank you


    oh that is so horrible and sad! i know what an armfull it can be and how little people will take you seriously sometimes. i was doing daycare in my home for my son and another little fellow and i couldn't get the other mother to understand that i could NOT have her bringing wheat into my home either. so hard to get them to GET it.

    here's a thought. bear with me here... initially it would mean MORE work. how about you run an ad in a local free paper like craigslist and see if there are any other celiac kids who need daycare that YOU could provide in your home. then you could make money while staying at home with your kids. that might leave you some left over funds to get out once in awhile. you definitely need some support group of sorts near home. friends, family, celiac support groups... if they charge too much, contact them and explain your situation. they may be willing to bend the rules for a mommy who needs it.

    hugs and positive thoughts to you and the kidlets.

  11. wow. you could be describing my son. normal stools (for the most part) i.e. no loose stools... seems healthy enough but he went from being a smallish boy (25th percentile) to dropping off the charts. noone seemed to be concerned but my mama senses were tingling. after talking to one doctor, she mentioned the posability of celiac. i started researching it and just decided to pull any sort of gluten from his diet... the testing options seemed nasty.

    after 6 months of gluten free living (or the closest thing we can swing--dang if he didn't once find a donut in our bag while we were at the fair) he is finally back up to 10th percentile in weight and about 15th to 20th in height.

    our current doc who agrees with the thought of celiac for dear henry said that there is no point in testing him currently as here in canada they don't tend to go forward with the biopsy until the bloodwork comes back pos. and he doesn't see any good in us glutening lil henry just for the bloodwork that may or may not come back pos. i don't know enough about the testing so i'm sure that someone else may have more insight as to what that all entails. all i know is that pulling any source from his diet was test enough for me. after only 3 mos, the difference was amazing!

    trust your mama instincts. those are strong and are there for a reason. here's love and best wishes for your little one!

  12. today i made cocolate chip cookies for the kids for the first time since diagnosis. these turned out so well i defy anyone to tell them apart. i experimented with the flour and here's what i used:

    -1 cup salted gluten-free margarine

    -1 1/2 cup granulated sugar (recipe called for one cup granulated, 1/2 cup brown but we were out of brown sugar)

    -2 eggs

    -2 tsp vanilla (gluten-free of course) recipe called for 1 tsp but we like our vanilla.

    -2/3 cup glutinous rice flour

    -1 1/3 cup Bob's Red Mill gluten-free flour (largely garbanzo and sorhgum flour)

    -2 tbsp corn flour for texture.

    -1/2 tsp xanthan gum

    *you could use 1 1/2 cup rice flour and 1/2 cup potato flour instead*

    -1 tsp baking soda

    -1 pk gluten-free chocolate chips. (chipits semi-sweet are gluten-free)

    -1/2 cup almonds or walnuts if desired.

    cream together sugar, eggs, margarine and vanilla. then add all dry ingredients except the chocolate chips (and nuts if you want) and blend for 1 min.

    add choc chips (and nuts if desired) and stir

    spoon onto cookie sheet and bake in pre-heated oven at 350 deg for 12 to 15 mins depending on your oven. remove when cookies are lightly golden around edges and still gooey in center. let cool 2 mins and remove from cookie sheet.

    soooooo good!

  13. I was just wondering if there are any financial breaks for parents who have to stay at home with their pre-school aged celiac children? my son is so sensitive and we live rurally enough that none of the local daycares would be able to accomodate him and his needs. the one daycare in our town actually serves wheat snacks for snacktime... so it's everywhere.

    financially, it is really hard for our family, but so worth it. so if you are Canadian and know if there are any ways to get some support, pls let me know. thanks so much in advance.

  14. hi there everyone, i'm a mom to a fantastic little boy who we believe has celiac... and now after dealing with his symptoms, i am beginning to believe that my daughter also has an issue with wheat.

    my son stopped gaining weight around 5 to 6 months old... right around the time that he started eating his first solids. he did not gain more than an ounce a month until he was a year old and had been put on a strict gluten-free diet for 2 months. now at 15 months he weighs what his sister did at 10 months... but for him, this is a major feat.

    i am exhausted. i'm frustrated by how little is known out there about celiac unless someone's life is already touched by it. i'm tired of asking if something has wheat in it in a restauraunt and having people brush it off like it is nothing, or worse, they have NO idea at all. i am irritated by how many things for babies contain wheat when there is no good reason to put it in there. (i believe my son was first exposed to wheat by eating an infant snack) ... so BOY am i ever happy i found you all!

    thanks for listening to me vent. i promise i will be much nicer from now on! :D