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  1. I really wish I could say this article is providing some good information, but unfortunately cross contamination is just...
  2. Are they providing you with fresh, never touched lettuce and cheese? Their practice, at least three years ago, was to...
  3. I couldn't agree with you more! I've stopped eating out due to always having symptoms and getting sick! Since doing...
  4. Mr. Pep'r

    Post Workout Protein Shakes

    Thank you for the reply Ennis_TX, I will look into both of those products.
  5. I have been using a protein shake from Garden of Life for years and my gut had absolutely no issue with it, in fact when...
  6. Mr. Pep'r

    Activities before health issues

    Thank you for the reply, I will talk with my doctor about this.
  7. Mr. Pep'r

    Activities before health issues

    Thanks for this additional information. I did some on-line research, and not sure if that was a good idea. The...
  8. Mr. Pep'r

    heart related question

    ironictruth, three years ago I was glutened and had some serious GI distress. I went to my doctor for some blood work...
  9. Mr. Pep'r

    Activities before health issues

    Posterboy, thank you for the Magnesium Citrate in formation, I will look into it. What I have noticed with me after...
  10. A word caution about eating out. Since I have stopped placing my health into the hands of others who either don't care...
  11. Mr. Pep'r

    Overwhelmed and unable to accept

    To the OP, I wish I could say it'll get easier like some have alluded. Sure, you're health will improve and you will...
  12. Mr. Pep'r

    Overwhelmed and unable to accept

    Wow, what a wonderful and heartfelt response in the "Coping With" forum.
  13. And your reply is what I am talking about. Since I was diagnosed in 2007 and going off the information provided then...
  14. Celiac Disease is not confusing by itself? I guess that is why so many doctors get the diagnosis right the first time...
  15. That was the OP’s original and only post so far, hopefully they are still here and will continue to visit for help a...