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  1. http://icee.com/faq.asp?productid=16&p...EEs+gluten+free? The Minute Maid flavors and Coca Cola product flavors are gluten free according to the above link. Answered my own question after continued search online.
  2. We are gluten-free/cf. So, no store bought ice cream this summer. We try to be as healthy and organic as possible, but sometimes you gotta cheat, especially when you are away from home and can't make something. Does anyone know if the Cherry (and Coke) Icee you often see at convenience stores...
  3. Only Dannon's Plain Yogurt is gluten free. Yoplait and Brown Cow are two gluten free brands, as long as you get the ones without granola or grains added - read the label. I also recently heard that Stoneyfield Farm's yogurt is now gluten free.