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  1. kschauer

    Houston, Tx - Tex Mex

    Sorry I have not been to Chuy's since being gluten free. I can recommend Freebirds Burrito - not exactly Tex Mex,...
  2. BJ Brewery just recently added gluten free pizza to their menu. It's okay - don't think pizza of the good ole days...
  3. kschauer

    Epernay Bistro Bridgeport Ct

    Thanks for the info, I'll be in the area next weekend
  4. Came back for another good one: Enjoy Life Soft baked Snickerdoodle cookies - Greatness.
  5. Uggh I just had CAESAR'S gluten-free Manicotti... Worst. thing. ever. I will 32nd the EnerG white rice bread -...
  6. Just wanted to share my experience with two Tex Mex places in Houston, TX Lupe Tortillas: I LOVED this place prior...
  7. kschauer

    Geographic Tongue

    It seems I have it too. WHAT NEXT
  8. kschauer

    Soy Intolerance

    Soy gives me some stomach and back pain. And usually has a laxative effect on me as well. I had been gluten free for...
  9. Hi everyone! Just checking in, I've been MIA for a while. I managed to stay on the diet while traveling to London ...
  10. The first time I tried them on a baking sheet - while baking all of the "goo" started to run, so I transferred them to...
  11. Almond-Honey Crisps - from BTVC - I can't get them to turn out right. They are more like Almond Honey crumbles. They...
  12. I like the Total Greek yogurt, that's actually what I got to eat yesterday. I may go and try to find another yogurt...
  13. Hi Everyone, I made it through the states and I'm in London - still on the SCD! No problems with the gluten free...
  14. I understand what you mean about the illegals, I am not planning an illegal feast by any means, but if something is overlooked...
  15. Thanks Sherry, I hope so. I haven't added anything new in two days, I feel comfortable here between Intro and Stage...