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  1. I love puffins, enjoy life granola gives me the same symptoms as if I ate gluten. It is the flaxseed..it tears my intestines up. I can eat flaxseed oil though, just not the seeds.
  2. Personally, I would give her coconut milk because it is high in fat, just like milk, I will be giving my child coconut milk after I am done breast feeding....really how much calcium is absorbed from milk? Hardly none at all, babies need fat not fiction.
  3. I know low thyroid can cause infertility...check it out
  4. I'm 10 weeks and crave peanut butter all the time... I had gluten free waffles and peanut butter for dinner the other night and i like to use the light brown rice bread and grill peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. THe peanut butter balls sound good, would you share the recipe.
  5. Check with your obgyn on what exactly you need. I know you need 30mg of IRON a day, and lots of calcium...so you are probably going to have to take individual viatamins on the ones you are not getting enough of.
  6. I used to have the same problem...I couldn't stop with one bottle...I still drink wine about 3-4 times a week, but stop after 2 or 3 glasses. I stopped craving as much wine when i stopped eating carbohydrates when drinking wine. If i drink wine, i've either eaten fruit all day or I drink it with protein meals such as cheese, salmon, chicken, ect...with no crackers or veggies. It has helped a lot, and if i get a sweet toothe after drinking a couple of glasses, I eat as much ice cream as my heart desires (because it is primary diary, a protein). After ice cream, i'm pretty much done with wine. Before i would eat chocolate, cookies, and other deserts that just made me crave more wine. it might be worth a try. On the fruit days with wine, i usually loose 3-4 pounds!!!! So you can drink and still loose weight!!!
  7. lol. it doesn't make it healthier, it makes it where calories don't count !!!! I love splurging on as much gluten free cookies that i want. It's nice to eat things that we normally can't gluten free and not worry about gaining weight.....it is the beverly hills diet and i recommend the first book..it is amazing, at least following the rules. In fact the rules are listed below for your convienence, so you can eat as much as you want without gaining weight!!! Remember
  8. Unfortunately lisa, you really have no control over what your roommate does, she is her own person. She is not going to change, i suggest you find a way to get out of the lease. I have struggled with roommates in the past, and it really doesn't get better but worse...especially on the cleaning up things...she probably won't take out her trash and then you wont even be able to use the kitchen...contact your landlord and tell them that your health is at risk, they should understand. Mine did and i still got my deposit back;) good luck,
  9. I'm not sure what cereal it is but it says "nut free and gluten free" it has flaxseeds in it. But both times i have eaten it i get the same reaction i get from eating gluten.
  10. I was self-diagnosed because i went to doctors all my life and not one could tell me why i had a rash on my arm and why i was so deficient in so many vitiamins and minerals. Finally, i got sick of my bledding sore on my hip bone, an itchy rash all over my stomach (how could i date? i couldn't), diarria waking me up at 6 in the morning until 2 pm, fatigue always, wondering if i was going to go into acomma when i fell asleep and never wake up, feeling good when i didn't eat, and so on. I could give a damn if a doctor diagnose me or not, the fact is, i am well, i don't wake up with diaria (unless accident cc), my skin is clear, i don't feel tired, i am well. And yes, when i get cross contamination, i do get very ill. I do not need approval from a doctor to let me know that gluten makes me sick or effects my nervous system (hands and feet go very numb after cc), and that i pass out the next day after having cc. I am still going to talk on this forum because it is nice to have a network where people are effected the same way after eating gluten. There are great ideas on recipes and good topics on what foods might have gluten in them. Oh, I told my sister for years that i have celiac's and she just didn't believe me....about 8 months ago, she called me and said, you totally have celiac's, she just took a course on celiac's at the medical school she is going to, to become a doctor.
  11. Unfortunately, it doesn't even go through my body to get a reaction, after eating oats I get an immediate horrible stomach ache and 20-30 minutes later I throw up until my stomach is empty.(this has happened 3-5 times before i gave them up)
  12. I get sick quite frequently, only occurs when i eat out...i pretty much had to cut out bone fish, because i get sick everytime i go there, pf changs, and other restuarants. I seem to do good at mexican restuarants just ordering chx dishes and beans no rice. I can't eat anything processed unless it has only been processed on gluten free machinery, and i can not eat corn fed and grain fed beef, i can only eat grass fed beef. The best thing that works for me is salmon and cheese. I have a rash on my back right now because i added corn back into my diet a month ago and now it is out of my diet again. So no corn, eggs, or gluten for me.
  13. I just found the book and coconut flour at the local healthfood store in my town
  14. I can eat as much as i want because when i eat carbs i do not eat any protein in the same day and i start out with fruit. If i eat protein, i don't eat any carbs.
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