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  1. The other day, my sister made Tuna Noodle Casserole. I LOVED this as a kid, and hadn't had it in 6 years. So I decided to make my own. Turned out really good! So I made it again today, writing down how it did it to share Note: My gluten-eating sister has tried this and says it
  2. they made three turkeys, two of which we gluten-free. One was a Cajun spiced deep fried one (in new oil, so i know it wasn't that) and then a plain just-the-bird turkey. I can't think what it was though. I had turkey, some mashed potatoes (asked what was in them, and they were real potatoes too!) a rice dish (homemade, they knew what went in it, it was clean) artichoke dip, which was gluten-free, and the pie WE made.... so idea how i got glutened.... My family is good about the gluten-free, the problem is when other people come over! We always scoop out the butter, then spread it, stuff like that. We have a four slot toaster, my sister labeled it 'Gluten free' and 'real' LOL She's the one that refuses to eat the gluten-free food though, she says it tastes weird... when you haven't had gluten (on purpose) in 6 years, it tastes just fine
  3. Haven't watched babylon5 , but it's on my netflix list! I homeschool too. It's great! I can write fanfiction and stuff for English! I start college soon though, my major will be 'get into Medical School'
  4. Ack I know! Thanksgiving was a bit of a nightmare. My dad works in the medical field. Every year the clinic does thanksgiving together. Which is great, they all know about celiac (well, most of them) and watch what they put in food for my mom and me.... but they don't think "can't use the same spoon' or 'Be careful about the flour on the counter" so I got glutened... Stargirl: You could say I'm obsessed, but that'd be an under statement I originally have Atlantis, but now i like it more. My favorite characters are Carson (*tear*) and Rodney, then Radek. Yes, I love Eureka too, haven't seen the other one.
  5. Have you ever had the feeling that you wanted to somehow, magically, make someone else a celiac (or other food allergy) and then give that food so they understand? I know it's really mean and everything, but sometimes they just don't get it! I've seriously had people tell me it was psychological, or try and feed to it me to see what would happen! One person has even said she was allergic to everything but brown rice and greens, but through meditation (and a bunch of other stuff like that) she can eat everything now... right... you had true allergies! And it
  6. LOL, Not sure I want the recipes if they're going to make me 'drop dead' Thanks for the warm welcome!
  7. Hello *waves* I'm 15, and gluten free for six years, but only JUST found this forum! I homeschool in Massachusetts, at least, that's where I live right now. We move, a lot, due to my dad's job. I tried public high school, but just wasn't for me. Why is it people need to tease you about your lunch that you bring from hoe every day, and that fact that you have vitiligo and thus your skin isn't all one color, that fact you move a lot on things like that? People can be so cruel! I love to cook, which is very helpful! My mo is celiac as well as me. I invent recipes ALL the time! I.E. tonight i made fried chicken with ramono and garlic in it, YUM! It doesn't have that 'beany' taste! Uh, I have two dogs and two cats, and, as of right now, 16 fish! I LOVE horses, I ride English style, and love jumping. Can't think of anything else... uh... Oh! Fav movies: Butterfly Effect, A Beautiful Mind, Monty Python movies, National Treasure Fav bands: Barenaked Ladies, Great Big Sea, Weird Al, Jack's Mannequin Fav food: gluten-free pasta, french fries, gluten-free chicken noodle/rice soup And I'm a TOTAL geek ~Tori
  8. Oh man! I wish my mom had done that with me! Since 4, we knew I couldn't have red dye, so I'd always traded with my sister (who was a little less then fair, but nothing I could do about it.) Then when I was 9, we discover I couldn't have gluten OR chocolate! That meant 98% of the candy was poison to me! So I ended up going, but not enjoying myself much know it was pointless, giving all the candy to my dad to take to work with him. I always felt like the odd one out. That's a really good idea though! If I ever have celiac kids, I'll be sure to use that idea!
  9. I was diagnosed when I was 9, so I was in elementary school at the time. Most of the kids were nice and didn't ease me, but there were some times. One of the best things is to have a 'cool' lunch. That doesn't mean it has to be really expensive and over the top, but cool. Include a slice of pizza, a really big cookie, piece of cake or something like that. Something that makes the other kids say 'I wish I could have a cool lunch like yours!' and then they won't tease you have having a 'lame' lunch. I've found that most of the gluten-free cookies freeze really well, so you can make a whole bunch and then use those, they're be thawed by lunch As well, if the class has snack time, make sure the teacher is 100% aware of it (and that it's not just wheat, barley, malt and things like that too.) Seeing as most snacks will be animal crackers, cookies, pretzels and things like that. Bring in a bag of celiac friendly options. That way, he won't miss out. It'd also work better if they were really cool things that he only got at school, vs home, so they don't seem old and lame! That's my two cents worth
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