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  1. Shellfish yes. A very serious allergy. Can even be deadly. When I said meat, I meant Mammals. Allergic to beef??? I dont believe it. Can you back up this with scientific data? Some people are allergic to everything. They are also called Hypochondriacs in some circles! You will find a lot of them right here on this site.
  2. Great post!!!!! Ive never heard of an intolerance, or allergy to meat. That's because there ain't no such a thing. (Unless it's rotten) Meat is the most basic food. Humans are Hunters and Gatherers. Always were, always will be. You are a very smart person, and wise!
  3. That is a lie. Wild animals are a natural resource. I live in a rural community and the cows here are free ranging. And darn tasty too! Dont believe everything you see on Oprah! I love animals too. They taste great! PETA = People for the Eating of Tasty Animals! Dont tell me Im stupid, and I wont tell you the same. You are just like the first person who insulted me on this thread. You dont like my way of life. And I dont like yours.
  4. The meat I eat doesn't use any grain. I kill my own meat. Deer, Turkey, Squirrel, Rabbit, and the Occasional Beaver & Muskrat. I also catch my own fish. So I am not a part of that problem. And I dont read the NY times, because it's a Liberal publication. Humans are predators, we are supposed to eat meat.
  5. Never meant to be flippant. Whatever that means. (Im sure its not good, and I dont have the time or the inclination to google it!) I actually was trying to be nice. Meat is a renewable resource. We are not running out of animals. So dont give me that stupid PETA line of bunk! I think the OP should enjoy meat. Meat is wonderful. And being Gluten Free is torture to me. I hate it. It is ruining my life, socially and mentally. I cant be with normal people and partake in anything good. Unless it is a cookout where meat is being grilled. Even then I have to be careful of the bread, CC, and all that bunk! My friends dont sit around and grill Tofu! I have never even met a vegetarian! Im sick of not being able to enjoy a doughnut when someone brings them to work. Im sick to death of explaining why I cant eat anything, anywhere, to everybody! My post was not meant to offend, it was meant to be supportive. I dont understand how anyone could not eat meat? Thats just weird to me. Sorry! Im just a good ol boy, trying to live in a world where fast food is the norm, and I cant have it. Im just about ready to go buy a real pizza, a 30 pack of Bud Light, and say the hell with it. I just paid $81 for two cases of gluten-free beer! I could have bought 120 Bud Lights for that much money! This diet has taken away everything I love! Food and beer! And to top it off, my IBS is not better. My anxiety is gone, but thats it. Yes I have noticed other small benefits. But I was not a miserable sick person when I found out I had this Celiac. I got along fine without being on a gluten-free diet for 42 years! 7 months of this is about to send me off a cliff. Sorry to the OP if I offended you. It was not my intention. As for Bully4you, learn to mind your own G****N business!
  6. Why dont you eat meat? Meat is good for you, and its a renewable resource. Having to be gluten-free is torture enough. Be good to yourself and cook yourself a big thick, juicy steak, and enjoy it.
  7. Im having serious thoughts of just giving up on this diet. I have been at it for 7 months (Yes Im Celiac). My daughter went camping this weekend with friends. I was watching them pack all that food for the trip. I only saw one thing I could eat that they packed. a package of Cheetos. I have 3 camping trips coming up. What to take. Cook for the kids, then eat a bowl of progresso soup myself. Or worse, Vieannas, or hot dogs. No bun. And Corn! Im so sick of corn. Everything I eat seems to be made of corn. I had a gluten-free Pizza the other day and it tasted like cornbread pizza. Gross! I am really down about this. Cant eat anywhere, and Im so tired of reading lables. After 7 months my gut is not any better. I told myself I was going to give this 2 years and if my IBS was not cured I was giving up. I dont think Im going to make it 2 years. I may just go to Pizza Hut and get it over with. I feel no better than I did all my life, and I have had Celiac all my life Im sure. At least for 30 years out of 43. If Im not going to feel any better, why go through this? They say there is a "chance" I could get intestinal cancer one day if I dont stay on a gluten-free diet. Well, they way Im drinking over this I will die of liver failure before that. I used to be a beer drinker, now I have to drink hard liquor. And I dont do wine. Seem to be Whinning enough though. Sorry for the rant. Im just about to go crazy thinking about these camping trips coming up. Im frying deer steak for everyone, so I will have to buy a lot of expensive gluten-free flour, and take all my skillets. Doesnt seem worth the trouble to me. But I told everyone I would cook it for them. I wasnt thinking about how much that stupid fake flour was gonna cost. Im tempted to use real flour and just eat it.
  8. Get some for free here: http://www.celiacsociety.com/AllergyAlertCard.asp
  9. Thanks for all the advise. I may try soy free for awhile and see what happens. I was tested for dairy, and did not show an intolerance to dairy. May just have to do the raw foods diet for awhile.
  10. Here it is, right at 7 months gluten-free. Diagnosed with blood test. Only 2 or 3 accidents in 7 months. Im 43 and figure Ive had this for 35 years or so. I got the enterolab test and was found intolerant to eggs and soy. (Soy was a lower number) I have cut out the eggs, but I cant cut out the soy. There is no way I can live like that. EVERYTHING has soy in it! I am positive I am 100% gluten-free, with no CC issues. I dont eat out, and I have a gluten-free kitchen at home. I read every label. Im not getting gluten. The last glutening I had was from some Darvocet I took for pain. I didnt check them out first, and darvocets have gluten in them. I got a really tore up stomache from it for about 3 days. Well, I have a tore up stomache today and there is no way I have ingested gluten. Im just sick of this. If it cured my IBS, it would be so worth it. But it doesnt. If my IBS (Big D) wont go away after awhile, why should I continue this gluten-free diet? I fully intend to give my insides 2 years to heal. But I swear, if my IBS is not better in 2 years of a gluten-free diet, Im just going to eat what I want and say the hell with it! Now I have to go change my underwear, again! Argggg!!!!
  11. I use Canola oil for pan frying. Im eating some killer deer fried deer steak as I type this one handed! The other is too greasy. I use corn oil for deep frying fish. I stay away from "vegetable oils" because they are just soybean oil. Olive oil for stir fry's, Canola oil for Pan frying, and for deep frying french fries. Corn oil for deep frying.
  12. I agree!! McDonalds is not gluten-free friendly. The only thing I trust there is the eggs and sausage patties that come with the Big Breakfast. And since Im egg intolerant (thanks to celiac) that leaves only the sausage. Dont know a about you, but I would rather stop at a gas station and get some Doritos, and a Hershy bar, than go to McHeartattack and ask for the Big Breakfast, minus the egg, hashbrowns and biscuit.
  13. I have only been at this for 6 months, but I have learned a few ways to make traveling easier. I try to eat real healthy when Im home, and I pig out on junk foods when i travel. I will take fun stuff like Hormel Chili W/Beans, Vieanna's, Pork & Beans, Fritos and Bean Dip, Popcorn, Beef Jerky, Hot Dogs, Candy Bars, Ice Cream and lots of other chips and stuff. It makes traveling more fun cause thats when I let myself eat all the things that are bad for me. When I get back home, its Salads, and healthy cooking with natural foods and natural ingredients. And you can load up on junk food at any convienance store! :-)
  14. If you eat a healthy diet, you dont need vitamins! Vitamins are made to sell! Eat a well balanced diet and forget supplements. You just pee them out anyway. Supplements are a joke, and an expensive joke to the uninformed consumer! Save your money, Vitamins are another form of "Snake Oil"!
  15. Was looking at different chips today. Noticed that Lay's Honey B'Bque Chips say (Contains Soy, and Milk) But with a close read you see that they also contain "Barley Flour" Beware!!!! always read ALL the ingredients!
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