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  1. Hey all! Kara has a temp of 101. She's allowed to take an Ibuprofen but now I'd like to give her Tylenol. I bought the Very Berry Strawberry and on their website..it says it has not been tested for gluten but they can't imagine it containing gluten b/c they use corn starch etc. Has anyone here used this specific flavor of Tylenol? Thanks so much!
  2. Does anyone on here eat Eggo syrup? Kara got upset again this morning..having to eat (gasp!) REAL maple syrup. I know it's better for her than the artifical stuff but at this point...if the artifical stuff is gluten-free..I don't care. It can be her one vice b/c she rarely eats waffles anyway. I see that Aunt Jemima can't guarantee their's is gluten-free anymore BUT the Kellogg website states that the Eggo syrup is gluten-free. I was just wondering if anyone here has had a reaction from it?? Thanks so much! We are (well, DD is) just about 1 year gluten free! Mary
  3. I'm sure this has been suggested a million times ..but for newbies like me... I'm excited anytime I hear of something other than a ham roll up to pack my DD for lunch! Well, yesterday I bought some Llyods Barbeque (for the 1st time) for my DH...and as I was heating it up...I happened to turn the package over and it said GLUTEN FREE! I was SO happy...and this kind is soooo juicy with sauce I thought she might like it. So when she got home from school (she's 10)...I heated it up, spread it on a corn tortilla and sprinkled cheese on it and she loved it so much she took it today to school. Her teacher will heat up her food but I just did it in the microwave and put it in a small thermos....packed 2 tortilla shells, a baggie of shredded cheese....a snack pack of Mt. Olive garlic pickles and some yogos and she was set. She didn't even eat the yogo's b/c she was so full. Walmart has the barbeque on sale right now so I'm sending DH back to get some more tubs so I can freeze them I hope I've given at least one person out there a new idea....I'm just thrilled about it. Mary
  4. I bought the variety box of these bars...Peanut Butter and Cinnamon and Raisin. It is made by Kraft so I knew it'd list gluten ingredients if there were any. Well, the PB bars have barley malt but the Cinnamon Raisin sounded safe. So I let me daugther have one b/c she's been craving a good cereal bar. Well, she loved it and had no reaction. I called the number on the box....just to make me feel better...and the lady said it'll be listed on the box if it contains gluten. Then I asked her..."well, it says it's manufactured on the same equipment that processes wheat, etc..." and she said..."oh! then it has wheat in it!" I about freaked out. I said...do they rinse off the lines before they process these bars? but she never answered me. Then I said...well, do they have wheat IN THEM or are you saying I am just chancing CC. And she said....it's up to you at this point...meaning that could be CC. Does anyone else here eat these bars? Kara ate another one last night with no problem. I told her these are really diet bars and expensive and she can't be eating 4 a day. This is only her 2nd and she LOVES it. I thought one every once in a while would be fine but I wanted ya'lls opinion as to if anyone here eats them. I always buy stuff that says..."manufactured in a facility that processes wheat"....and never had any problem This is my first time seeing that it's "manufactured ON equipment that processes wheat." Thanks! Mary
  5. Thanks! Did you talk to the chef before you got there or when you arrived? We're counting on eating outside of Disney to save money..but if the food court is good..that'd be great. Kara doesn't eat enought to warrant eating at all of the sit down restaurants and then us leaving with $100 or more check.
  6. We're going in May to Disney and I had ( and still might) go to PF Chang's but then I saw how swanky it was. Can you go in shorts and a t-shirt? If not, I thought I'd check out Pei Wei since it seems more casual. We're staying at Pop Century so if anyone can tell me if their gluten-free food is good and about how long it'll take us to get there...I'd appreciate it. THANKS!!
  7. Hi, My DD is 9 and was diagnosed at the end of October. She is doing pretty well but I still can't take her to the store. The last 3 times she went with me..she left in tears (and me too)! She was very depressed after being diagnosed. Sometimes she'd cry in the car b/c she said she just couldn't hold it in any longer. I felt horrible b/c she was trying to be strong for US. Maybe it's different with girls, but her entire class has been very supportive of her. Not one person has been mean. Then again, I sub there (and often her class) so they know I'd beat them up. LOL Seriously, they asked me a lot of questions and I explained it to them. They felt sorry for her and are nice. Often she says her friends will look at her lunch (most of the time left overs from dinner) and will comment on how good it looks. That really makes her feel good. I havent' done this yet....(and maybe you could do this,too)..but the cafeteria manager approached me about sitting down with her and some lady from county office to go over anything Kara might be interested in eating from the menu. Such as..the fajita's without the shell, the hard shell tacos, etc. We're going to find out all the ingredients to see what she can have. She hasn't eaten there, of course, since October. But at least it MAY be an option. As far as her hiding it. She kinda bragged about the endoscope. HA HA She did have a session with the school counselor to see how she was handling it. And she doesn't know this yet...but in April, she's going to get a BIG award called The Shining Star award b/c the counselor and principal nominated her for being brave about everything and for everything she's gone and going through. So they wanted to (slyly) make sure that if the entire school knew...she'd be ok with it. So I asked her one day if she cared who knew and she said no. So hopfully that'll go well. Tell your son that he is not alone..there is a 9 year old girl going through the same emotions he is. I also have a great recipe for doughnuts. If you want it..let me know. Good luck! Still a newbie myself, Mary
  8. Hey, I'm sorry to say that they do NOT have iron. But the Land Before Time vitamin (they are Walgreens brand) DO have iron in them. And I bet they're cheaper than the Freeda kind. But if you do go to Walgreens..make sure you look at the box because one DOES contain gluten and the other dosen't. These say GLUTEN FREE on the box. And now that I see these have iron and the others don't...I may not let her switch. She'll LOVE you for bringing that to my attention! Mary
  9. Kara says the same thing. As long as she has ham, cheese and pepperoni on it..she's good to go!
  10. Hey, I'm not sure if it's been mentioned on here but my DH just called the company that makes Member's Mark gummy vitamins (buy them at Sams Club) and they said they do NOT use any gluten in their vitamins. The ingredients sounded fine to me but of course we wanted to verify. Kara has been taking the hard gluten-free vitamins that you get at Walgreens.. called The Land Before Time. She HATES those and I can't wait to tell her that she can start taking the gummy ones again. Just thought I'd share that so if you have a Sam's Club you can check it out. BTW....Kara's TTG results came back and they were 1.6 (anything below 4 is normal) so she is getting little to no gluten in her diet. We are so happy b/c her number was like 83 back in October. I feel like she's eating the same thing over and over but she's gained 5...almost 6 pounds. I'm still so frustrated about not going out to eat but she doesn't know that. For a snack idea... ....Kara enjoys dipping apple slices in carmel dip..so I emailed the company that makes it...they are called T. Marzetti and they emailed me 15 pages of gluten-free products. Most are salad dressings..tons of them and I'm glad b/c Kara hates the Annie's (as do I) and this gives her lots of options. However, she is choosing to eat her salads plain! YUCK!! I told her she was born to be a celiac!LOL But anyway, they also have a strawberry cream cheese fruit dip that she enjoys. Ya'll may already know this but I thought I'd take a chance and share anyway. Just google T. Marzetti and you'll see some gluten-free things on their website. Oh...Mahatma Yellow Rice is also gluten-free. Yummy Mary
  11. containers and it would be much easier for me to keep them in the pantry. But I see on the bag that it says to store in the fridge. I was just wondering how many of you actually do that. I don't know about ya'll....but my fridge pretty much stays crammed and I don't have room for 6 containers! Also...thanks to whomever mentioned going to the Asian stores to buy the flours. I finally visited the one near my house and all the flours are 99 cents a bag!! YEAHHHHH I'm making her gluten-free cheese sticks tonight. Mary
  12. My DH is buying the buttermilk today. THANKS!! It sounds great and I can't wait to try them. Tonight is our first attempt at making her a pizza crust. I pray she likes it. Mary
  13. Thank you! I needed to hear this! You are so kind to take them time to write to me and my DD will appreciate it. Mary
  14. My daugther is 9 (almost 10) and would love to make some friends "just like her". Mary
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