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  1. See a new GI. I'm in the process now of getting a second opinion on my scope from last year. I was told there was damage but it was inconclusive. tTG of 4 in January and 5 in June.
  2. Mine was easy peasy. Went in, had it done, hubby had to drive me home and I was supposed to be calm that day but life returned to normal that night. That was Monday, had results on Friday saying I needed more testing.
  3. What flour are you using? What recipes are you using? What are you trying to bake? Sometimes I have some recipes that turn out great and others are less than desirable. I remember the ones that work and toss the ones that don't.
  4. I'm sorry, this is probably somewhere else but I couldn't find it. This is the panel I was told the kids should probably have. Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgA Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgG Anti-Endomysial (EMA) IgAy Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) IgA IgGTotal Serum IgA How many of those need to be + to warrant more invasive testing? Is there one test that means more than the others?
  5. One of mine didn't tolerate Elecare but did great on Neocate. What are you going to give her in place of formula?
  6. I have no problem with paper tape for some reason. Doesn't stick as well and if you have an IV you'll need to be more careful but I learned my lesson when I was hospitalized last. I'm supposed to tell the hospital I'm latex allergic but I don't think it's latex at all but I guess it makes them more aware if they see the red and the alerts. I had leads during surgery last year and had red welts for a while afterwards, a week at least. I have a friend who says her daughter uses special pediatric pads and her daughter has severe issues with adhesives and those work well. I need to get the name again.
  7. I know it's a few weeks old, but check tonsils and adenoids for sleep apnea as well. My son, he's still tiny and with my dx everyone is getting screened, was 28# at almost 4 when he had his tonsils out. He shot up to 34# in 4 months because he could find sleep at night and was able to grow. He's 9 now and down to 56# after getting sick in December, sigh. His 7 yo sister weighs more than he does and is barely shorter.
  8. We had a lot of food issues with 3 of my kiddos as babies. Hypoallergenic formula like Alimeuntum is not dairy free, my bad three couldn't tolerate it and did well on Neocate when we stopped nursing or as a supplement in the toddler years. My one couldn't have corn either until about 15 months so we were born on a dairy/corn free diet. It's about impossible to get a formula that is corn and dairy free. Some kids who have dairy issues do ok on Alimentum ready to feed because it's corn free, but it's not dairy free so if you have issues with both, you may be screwed. Some other issues included wheat, soy, egg, and various fruits. Corn is also in reflux meds and abx and about everything so being corn free is a huge pita if your kid needs meds. We use/d Acetaminophen suppositories for fevers and such. They have corn, but since they are inserted in the rear and not in the gut, it didn't seem to both her as a baby. I'm sorry you have to go through this. It blows. Good thing is by 2.5, everything had been outgrown by all the kiddos.
  9. Food protein induced entercolitis syndrome and eosinophilic esophogitis. We had our now 9yo tested for EE at 12 mos, but no one told us at the time the diet he and I were on wouldn't show symptoms anyways even if he had it. Thanks Drs. I'm going to message you.
  10. Beth, I would love recipes for more homemade stuff. I just learned yesterday that you can't make pancakes with just tapioca flour, lol. That's all I had left though.
  11. Stupid computer, grrrrr. Anyways, long story short. Thank you, especially Beth, I need blunt and to the point most times. It's chaotic here between jobs and kids and school. Hopefully when I graduate in a few years I will go gown to one job and it'll be a little less crazy here. The kids see their Dr on the 17th for their regular check up anyways so hopefully we can start the screening process for them. I will poke around here for more help. I've already read lots of posts about the kiddos so I'll keep looking. Thanks.
  12. I have 5 kids age 2-11 and a gluten eating hubby. I make food for everyone and budget constraints don't allow for a 100% gluten-free household. Now if one or more of the kids screenings are + it might be a necessity and we'll figure it out, but it won't be easy. This is not about not wanting to so please don't imply I'm doing this half-ass. I work very hard at keeping myself gluten-free free, hence my question on cc and how bad it is. This has been a big step for me this past year and feel a lot better but I wonder if it could be better. I'm seeking help and seeing what other people do in their house to cut down on cc when there are more gluten eating people than gluten-free. Maybe you misunderstood my post and what I was asking.
  13. I was not really diagnosed a year ago, but I have recently seen my lab results from my tTG and paired with my scope results I'm ok diagnosing myself as Celiac despite being told I'm negative. I've been gluten-free for a year now, but there are 6 other people in my house not on a gluten-free diet. So....how much cross contamination am I getting? I tell when I get big doses on accident, normall when I eat out of the house, but at home I don't usually notice it. I make my own vanilla but I think my vodka has gluten in it. We're almost out though. I don't have any gluten flour in the house, but I allow pasta, premade pizza dough, and bread etc. for everyone else. I will be talking to the kids' ped soon about screening them. We all use the same pots and pans. I feel a ton better but could it be better?
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