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Just a little bit about me.....I'm 42 yo and live in Colorado with my husband and three teenage children (Ryan Ashley - 20 yo, Damien - 18 yo, Jacob - 17 yo). We've lived here since January 2002 and just love it here.

In the summer of 2003 I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease and started to change everything in my life so I could actually start living it. Up to that point I was pretty much a recluse because the doctors couldn't figure out what was medically wrong with me. After being diagnosed I realized that earlier through the years the times that I had the similar symptoms were probably a flare up from the Celiac.

Six years later......Now am feeling a lot better (although still have my ups and downs) but at least better than I was a couple of years ago when my doctor told me that my Celiac developed into Refractory Celiac Disease. During that time I was experiencing constant pain and discomfort and couldn't figure out why. I'd changed my eating habits, diet, even have my own set of cooking utensils that only I use, and constantly researched ingredients in everything I ingest ~ including my medications since gluten is commonly used medicine (except in all IV meds).

Last December I was luckey enought to find a wonderful new doctor who is extremly knowledgable on Celiac and he has helped me a great deal. I had discussed with him about starting me on Benadryl Injections that I can give myself at home because of it's effects as an antispasmatic (I have more info on this in my blog). I now have been taking it twice a day and it definetly seems to be helping. I first noticed the benefit of this when in the hospital and they gave it to me with my other IV meds.

Also I found a great web site with a lot of great info for living gluten-free at www.glutenfreegirl.com. She has great recipes and many helpful tips. I definetly recommend it =)