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  1. Thankyou everyone . I did find some gluten-free pizza crusts, so I'm going to try those out soon. Also, I'm in love with this gluten-free corn-bread by this company called Glutino. I like it better than bread made from wheat. I don't have anemia. My iron is low, but not anemia-low. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm not Celiac because I've never had the severe symptoms that most Celiacs talk about. All my symptoms are gastro-intestinal, and the low iron is caused by gastro-intestinal problems too... I can't digest the gluten, so my stomach and intestines just push everything along without absorbing enough of the nutrients. When I go gluten-free, I notice the fatigue from low iron starts to go away. When I get glutened, it isn't very severe... I just get a little bit of stomach discomfort and gas. Also, I was eating spelt bread for a while (unaware that it contained gluten), and I actually started feeling better than when I had been eating wheat. More subtle forms of gluten don't really give me any noticeable symptoms at all... I haven't actually been tested though... And I'd like to, but I know that you have to eat gluten in order for the biopsy to work. What I'm doing right now is working for me, so I might get tested a few years down the road if I'm still having problems.
  2. Hey, I'm new to the forum. I'm not Celiac, but I'm gluten intolerant. My symptoms are pretty mild, so accidental traces of gluten don't generally affect me. The problem is that gluten still does long-term damage, so I've been trying to get off of it. I've finally been free of the major stuff for about a month, which is a huge accomplishment for me. I used to cave in at least once or twice a week and eat a bun, or pizza, or something gluteney... I don't even know how I've had the willpower to avoid it for this long. Now I'm just working on the small stuff. The hard part is that the small stuff (sauces, gravies, cross-contamination) doesn't give me any immediate symptoms (or only gives me mild symptoms). I'm glad I found this site, because I've been having a really tough time trying to figure out where to eat (I'm a university student). I get most of my food from the grocery store, which is good because I can read ingredient lists. But with restaurants, there's no real way of knowing unless they explicitly advertise themselves as gluten free... And I'm sure most of the people there have never even heard of gluten intolerance. And the hardest thing is pizza... ugh... When people eat pizza, I have to snag a pepperoni or two just to calm the cravings. How do you go about resisting pizza?
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