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  1. Vamonos

    Which Breadmaker?

    My vote is for the Cuisinart convection bread maker with the gluten free setting. It's the only one I have ever used. It gets the job doneand comes with a recipe booklet for gluten free bread. I recently saw it advertised for only $79.00 for Christmas at BJ's Wholesale club.
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Vamonos

    Canobie Lake Park

    Hi! My son works part time in the catering section for Sodexho at Canobie Lake Park. If you ask at the information desk, they will give you a list of all that is gluten free. Have fun!
  4. I will second the mayonaise treatment. It worked for my daughter. Cover the child's hair in a thick coating of the mayo and cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap for about 2 hours, then shampoo clean. All bedding should be washed thoroughly. Put any cloth toys or stuffed animals in plastic...
  5. Add me to the list. I cannot eat millet in any form without getting sick. I know it is gluten free, but have tried it baked in breads and in recipes of my own with gluten-free Bob's Red Mill flour and got sick everytime. What's up with that?