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    I love to cook. I also enjoy photography and photo editing. I thrill at all time spent with family !
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    Owatonna Minnesota
  1. Was diagnosed Nov 31, 20007

  2. Sharon Marie

    Just Wondering Who's From Minnesota

    Hi I am from the little town of Blooming Prairie, Mn. One great thing about this forum is that it makes one realize...
  3. Sharon Marie

    How Do You Respond To Things Like This?

    Thank you so much for the recipes I can't wait to try them! Lo carb and gluton free! Exactly what I need! !
  4. Sharon Marie

    Grain Free Diet

    I am thinking I have become intolerant to all grains. All the nutrition sites say that grain is an important part of...
  5. I would like to know more about the idea of a grain free diet. Are grains really necessary for our bodies?
  6. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  7. Sharon Marie

    Question About Cross-contamination

    Here is a good post on cross contamination, I hope it is helpful. Cross-contamination is when gluten-free food comes...
  8. Sharon Marie

    Cross Contamination

    It took me a year to realize all my kitchen spices were of course contaminated! I was never afraid to use the same measuring...
  9. Sharon Marie

    Gluten Free Menu

    My dream is for someone to figure out a clear and well balanced satisfying Daily Gluten Free menu. Even if only for a...
  10. Sharon Marie

    Any One Over 60 Living With Celiac

    Must we wear gloves when we go out in public? Live in a bubble maybe? I am sorry for sounding so negative. We can't expect...
  11. Sharon Marie

    Any One Over 60 Living With Celiac

    I am 67 years of age and was diagnosed last November. So its been 1 year. I started out confident I could follow the...
  12. I also don't react. Except I do think gluten makes my arms and legs ache unbearably. It is very dangerous to not react...
  13. I completed the full 30 days too Tom. Nothing different or unusual that I noticed. But then who knows whats hidden. ...