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Sharon Marie

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    I love to cook. I also enjoy photography and photo editing. I thrill at all time spent with family !
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    Owatonna Minnesota

About Me

I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue Nov.31 2008. The diagnosis was made through a blood test and a colonoscopy. I have total villious atrophy. Iga 250 and Igg 4.1

Depression overwhelms me at times.

The comments cut deeply. " Be glad it wasn't cancer. It could have been worse! " or " You have to be exaggerating the risks of contamination! A little can't hurt you that bad! "

I feel so alone in this struggle.

I have made this even worse by sometimes agreeing that I can't be THAT sensitive! To have to constantly avoid cross contamination is imposable. Do I honestly have to avoid everything that's been touched by glutton ???

I seem on the outside to have the silent celiac disease. Everyone asks me to tell then exactly what happens when I am exposed to gluten. They seem to think it should be instant or within hours.

About me: I am 68 and married to a man that try's to understand. I am blessed have two sons and three daughters. All of them think I am overly cautious about this disease.

I hope to begin to be better able to share and express my feelings and gain more understanding from them and my friends.

Right now I am withdrawing from them, because its just too hard.......

It's been two years and nothing has changed much except the fact that I have gained 25 lbs!

  1. Was diagnosed Nov 31, 20007

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!