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  1. I know this is a really old question, but I was struggling with the same thing and had no idea what was going on and doctors were no help at all. Now I think it's mast cell activation. Google it and see if it sounds like your symptoms. I just wanted to put that out there in case anyone else also had this type of reaction.
  2. Have you ever tried enteric-coated peppermint oil? It's supposed to kill a lot of bacteria without being harsh on your system. Also cod liver oil capsules are good, too. Don't get discouraged! You'll get to the bottom of this.
  3. I used it in the beginning and thought it was helpful. There was something soothing about it. I'd definitely recommend it, but do be aware that if you are pregnant or could be pregnant, it's something that could cause a miscarriage. I also used Super Digestaway, was helpful as well. Good luck!
  4. We used an over-the-counter supplement that contained bile, and it really helped.
  5. We had a guinea pig with kidney stones a few years ago, and the vet told us to put cranberry juice into her water bottle, which she loved. It did help. They say cranberry juice helps with utis. Or you could get some D-Mannose from the health food store and open the capsule and put some of it into her food.
  6. I'm doing a gluten challenge with my 12-year-old, and so far it's going fine. We don't have a diagnosis of anything since I had already taken him off gluten before we went to the doctor, so it was too late for traditional blood testing. All I knew was that whenever he had gluten, he had scary neurological symptoms as well as a rash. He's been gluten free for a little more than a year. But around Christmastime, he started having some accidents. He accidentally ate some candy that had barley malt in it, and strangely had no reaction. Then he ate the glutenous Red Velvet Cake I'd made for Christmas rather than the gluten free version, and again no reaction at all. Then he started purposely cheating, so I figured now's the time to do the gluten challenge and get some proper testing. He's been gorging on everything gluten since Jan. 5 with no reaction at all. I plan to take him for bloodwork after he's been eating gluten for 3 months. I'd think you'd start to see symptoms by now if she was going to have them, but everyone is different. Some people take several days to react, some react within minutes. You just have to see how it goes. Some are silent celiacs and have no symptoms at all, so we can't really go by symptoms. I know that when puberty hits, the immune systems matures and certain blocking mechanisms kick in, so it can seem like the child has outgrown the problem when that's not really the case, though at age 3 that wouldn't be the case for your daughter. I'd recently taken all dairy out of my son's diet and had been really strict with it in the days prior to all this, so I wonder if the whole thing was some leaky gut situation caused by dairy. I just don't know. Well, I hope it goes well for you and your daughter!
  7. I have a son with ADHD and dyspraxia, both of which are problems with dopamine in certain areas of the brain. I tried giving him tyrosine to boost his dopamine, and it worked amazingly well for a few days, then stopped working. I tried giving him a higher dose, and that worked for another day or two, then stopped working. I was afraid to increase the dose any more, so I took him to the doctor, and this is what he told me. He said the brain is an amazing thing, it constantly monitors what comes in and makes adjustments accordingly. If you keep on giving it a high dose of only certain amino acids, it will make adjustments in order to dump it. But he said it depends on the plasticity of the person's brain. He said he's seen it work in a few adults, but not many. And he said it will never work in a child because their brains are so very plastic, constantly adjusting and changing. It's worth a try, though. You never know, it might work and continue to work depending on the plasticity of his brain, which is less in adults. It sure did work for my son for those few days. Nothing including ADHD medication or gluten-free diet did as much to alleviate these problems. I hope it works for you!
  8. That sounds great, and nows the time to do it, while you are young. Just be careful with Jamaica. We had friends whose niece wrote travel articles, and went to Jamaica to write a piece on it. She never returned, and to this day they don't know what happened to her. As they tried to figure out what might have happened, they found out that while Jamaica is quite safe as long as you stay on the resorts, the rest of the island is not. It's not safe to travel around by yourself. When choosing a destination, try to research what the natives attitudes are towards outsiders. You don't want to go somewhere where the natives are desperately poor and where the police aren't the greatest. Pick a place that has a reputation for safety.
  9. Maybe your doctor would be willing to give you a prescription for Tylenol with codeine just to get you over the initial hump. Codeine is a mild opiate, and might make the cravings less. Then you could step down from there. My son had the same withdrawal thing, but it only lasted 2 days and then it was over. It truly was like a drug withdrawal.
  10. I have a 16 year old who also had a persistent cough, and since his younger brother and sister have gluten problems, I wondered if he did, too. I took him to the doctor and asked, and the doctor told me that yes, a cough could be a symptom of celiac disease, it's not a common one but it could be attributed to it. He did the blood test which came back negative, and now I think it's an allergy to molds.
  11. I never see anyone mention bile, but if you google "celiac bile", it's a common thing to not have enough bile excreted during digestion. I have a supplement that has pig bile, betaine HCl (acid) and various enzymes, and it really helps with the bloating. PS- I love llamas too! I live right down the street from a llama and alpaca farm.
  12. Meline, if you go to buffaloceliacs.com, on the left you will see "helpful downloads". Click on that and scroll down until you see an article entitled, "Putting the Pieces Back Together" by Roy Jamron. It will say, "click here" and that will take you to the same article.
  13. It's going great so far!! Tomorrow I'm going to do the Tuna Challenge. I'd love to be able to eat it again!
  14. A few people have posted about having low stomach acid, and after searching for info about it, I think this might be a really big problem for many. I was reading the attached paper, and it sounds like he's describing what many here have gone through with bacterial overgrowth, additional intolerances, B-12 deficiencies, etc. Read it, it's really interesting! Maybe it really is as simple as this! I tried the baking soda test on 3 family members with gluten problems, and not one of them burped even once. This may be a pretty common problem, and easily fixed! http://www.buffaloceliacs.org/HTMLobj-339/...ck_Together.pdf
  15. Could it be that you have another intolerance? My daughter had a stubborn case of candida which would get better on anti-candida supplements, but would come right back within a couple weeks of stopping the supplement. I had her tested for IgG allergies, and while those tests are not always accurate, they seemed accurate in her case. Eggs showed up as a problem, and when I cut them out, the candida went away and hasn't come back since. I think a case of candida that doesn't go away or keeps coming back is a sign of some underlying issue. A healthy immune system is able to keep candida in check, but if it's preoccupied with other things, the candida runs rampant.
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