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  1. Here is the easiest gluten-free peanut butter cookie recipe ever. It's so easy, it can be dangerous if you have cravings and keep pb in the house :) You may want to double it if you want to make a lot. These are absolutley delicious and don't taste "different" at all. There is NO need for flour in PB cookies!!

    1 cup peanut butter

    1 cup sugar

    1 egg

    1/2 t baking powder

    1/4 t salt

    hershey's kisses to press on top (optional)

    Mix all ingredients (except kisses if you're using them) together. Form into 1" balls and press with bottom of glass to flatten. Either press with tines of fork to create ridges and sprinkle with sugar, or press a hershey kiss in the center of each cookie. Bake at 350 for about 10 mins or until browned. Let cool a few minutes on tray, then transfer to cooling rack. Enjoy!!

  2. Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to share my success with Jewish cooking :) I adapted these two recipes from Jennie Grossinger's The Art of Jewish Cooking and they came out great! For the noodles for the kugel, I used Glutano brand tagliatelle pasta, which is similar to egg noodles. It's tough to find in the US but can be bought here: https://www.celiac.com/catalog/product_info...?products_id=63. The Latkes only called for Matzo meal and I just used rice chex instead. Enjoy!


    1 Bag Glutano Tagliatelle Pasta, Cooked

    4 T Brown Sugar

    4 T Melted Butter

    1 t Lemon Juice

    1/8 t Nutmeg

    4 Eggs

    3/4 Cup Golden Raisins

    1/2 Cup Sliced almonds

    Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy. Add all other ingredients and mix in a casserole. Bake with lid on for 45 minutes at 375 degrees. Uncover and bake 5 more minutes or until slightly browned/crispy on top.


    3 cups shredded, peeled potato

    2 eggs, beaten

    4 T shredded onion

    2 T crushed rice chex

    Salt and Pepper to taste

    Oil/Butter for frying

    Mix all ingredients together. Drop by large spoonfuls in pan of hot oil (oil should be about 1/4 inch deep). Cook until browned and crispy, turning to get both sides. Serve wiht sour cream or applesauce.

  3. How old is she? I'm 17, went gluten-free at 15...if she would like someone to talk to PM me. It might be helpful for her. She's gotta just buckle down and do it...once she realizes it will give her her life back, she'll be on board. But given that she's a teenager, she's got to get there on her own, you can't force it. Yes, it's a major pain in the butt. But it's soooo worth it. Like I said, PM me and I'll give you my email.

  4. Hey all,

    I stumbled across this on discovery health's mystery diagnosis ;) But is sounded like something a lot of us here should be interested in. Here is link that explains it well:


    I think this is something I might want to ask the doctor about, but I wanted to know anyone's opinions, especially those who are familiar with it. From what I've read candidiasis is one of the main symptoms, and I don't know if I had it as a child but I suspect I have it in my nailbeds now. I also don't menstruate (well, ovulate...I have very light infrequent menstruation) on my own and have been on birth control. I also have low blood pressure, CFS, numbness/poor circulation in extremities, and a history of low calcium (I broke 7 bones as a child). And, of course, all of the intestinal/celiac stuff.

    But I feel a bit like I may be overreacting. I also have had my thyroid tested numerous times and it was normal...does anyone know if they test for PTH as well? Heh, I would hate coming into the doctor with an unfounded TV/internet self-diagnosis :) any thoughts?

  5. So I have been diagnosed for a little over a year, and have sadly lived my life in absence of the salty buttery crumbly goodness that is stuffing. But this year...stuffing has returned ot my thanksgiving table!!!!!!!!! I found a ridiculously easy recipe from glutenfreeda that uses van's waffles as the bread, and I tweaked it a little. make sure you get the gluten-free van's waffles, as they do make several types.

    Here it is:

    2 boxes Van's gluten-free waffles, toasted until crispy and cut into 1/2 inch cubes

    1.5-2 cups gluten-free Chicken Stock (use judgement as to when moist enough)

    2.5 tsp herbes de provence (I like a lot of herbs, so I used liberally...cut back if you wish)

    1.5 tsp sage

    salt and pepper to taste

    4 ribs celery, chopped

    1 med. onion, chopped

    1 apple, chopped

    1 stick butter

    Toast waffles, cut and set aside in large bowl. In a large saucepan, melt butter and cook veggies, herbs, and apple for about 10 mins or until soft. Mix in bowl with bread and stock. Spread in baking pan and back at 350 for 20 mins. Start to finish, this recipe barely takes 40 mins. It's sooo easy and yummy. It's taunting me on the counter right now...can't wait to get it on the thanksgiving table! :D

  6. I have always found Chili's to be very helpful. Their gluten-free menu accounts for CC, and doesn't list dishes that are inevitably CC'd-- for example their corn chips and french fries. They were one of my first gluten-free restaurant experiences, and I said to the waitress "I have a wheat allergy" and before I could finish me sentence she said "All gluten or just wheat?" and brough me the gluten-free menu. Granted, she had worked in a health food store, but it was great nonetheless. My favorite is the margarita chicken.

  7. Ok well the episode is still in progress as I type this, but here is my reactio so far:

    -Patient portrayed as mentally ill..second time they've had a celiac with that

    -Referred to celiac as a wheat allergy

    -Referred to being able to see reaction in progress during endoscopy (I think...it was confusing)

    That said, celiac as in the media! By name! Coupled with the term "flattened villi!"

    I'll let you know more after the show

  8. I have an october bday, so I actually started kindergarten at 5. Although I am among the youngest in my grade, I DEFINITELY would not have wanted to wait. My parents always said I was more than ready, and actually, I was among the tallest kids. I would not say size alone is a reason to hold your son back, but do consider his maturity level.

    As for me, I never felt "younger" and I was always at or above the level of my older peers. It was only slightly annoying when everyone started driving first, but I have friends who, despite being 17 or 18, still don't drive. The voting thing was never an issue. Drinking might be a slight issue in college but I highly doubt it. I have felt ready to graduate since sophomore year, and I can't even imagine if my parents had waited another year.

    Also keep in mind that, while not ideal, a handful of kids are held back and repeat kindergarten. But I haven't spoken about this with anyone who's done it, so I can't say if it's a good idea or not.

  9. Curse being 17...oh well, one of my friends turns 18 tomorrow, I can't even imagine how frustrated I would be. But she said you can influence more votes than you can cast, which is very true, especially given that she lives in ohio! So here's my influence: get out there and vote NOW!!! It's worth a few minutes (or even hours if the case may be) of your life. And if you don't vote, no complaining for the next 4 years!

    Heh, my stepsister's first election was in 2004 and she was going to school in ohio at the time...11 HOUR POLL WAIT!! But her professors thought it was cool. Don't let long lines discourage you!! It's just too important to vote!

  10. Actually, my 17th bday is on halloween, and i'm having a party too! For dinner, we are going out for chinese (the local chinese restaurant owner is really nice and makes special food for me), but I was also considering doing gluten-free lasagna, vegetarian in your case. Or, even easier, do baked ziti. But here are snack thoughts:

    -chips- tortilla/potato

    -popcorn/popcorn balls if you're adventurous

    -cake, of course

    -gluten-free cookies

  11. um, i don't know about you guys, but when I'm curled up on the bathroom floor, the last thing I want is more wheat... that's the one moment when it's LEAST tempting for me. And what I remember if I'm ever a teeny bit tempted...

    It's a bad idea. There is absolutely no need to further trigger your immune system. It will prolong your reaction, and take much longer for your body to get back to normal.

  12. Hi All,

    I'm a high school senior, and I've been gluten-free for a year. I've never said anything to my teachers unless it came up, like if we had a field trip or food in class, etc. Those who I have talked to have been very helpful and understanding, but I figured I'm old enough to handle it as it comes up.

    (slight gross alert)

    Since going gluten-free, my bowels are finally regular. I almost always go first thing in the morning, although when I have to go I REALLy have to go. But when I get glutened, even after the obvious symptoms pass, it takes a while to get back to normal.

    I had a minor mishap last weekend where I ate some miso at a japanese restaurant while traveling, assuming it would be fine since I always have it at our local restaurant and they checked for me and it's fine. I only had one spoonful before the waitress ambushed me and took it away, and I didn't get too sick. After a night of D, I was constipated for a while, and now my bowels are all messed up.

    Yesterday, I couldn't go in the morning, which worried me a little. But then during calculus, which was the last class of the day, we were taking a quiz, and all of a sudden I REALLY had to go. I knew my teacher wouldn't let me go w/o a lengthy explanation, which I wasn't about to deal with. So I rushed through the rest of the quiz (never a good idea in calculus!) and then went.

    This is the first time anything like this has happened. It was never a problem when I was younger and undiagnosed because I had severe C and only had to go a couple of times a week. I have had a reaction at school before, but only stomachaches, never D or anything. But should I mention something to me teachers, in case it happens again? Needless to say, it's really embarassing! But I'm afraid it might happen again sometime when I can't wait and can't go, ie during midterms or AP tests or something. Any thoughts?

  13. the nacho cheese ones are not...they have wheat flour on the label (see my post on a previous thread where i managed to gluten myself with the only gluten item (those doritos) at a party thrown by a CELIAC!!!). but i eat the cooler ranch ones without a problem, although it's definitely not an everyday thing for me.

    no worries, we all mess up. i know it must be harder because it's your daughter and she can't help herself. but what might help you is, while you're figuring it out, to just eat meat, fruits, veggies, and rice, with your only seasonings as salt, pepper, olive oil, and fresh herbs. Then you can start to slowly add things back in. This will give her some time to heal and hugely minimize error. but don't beat yourself up...what's done is done, and as bad as gluten is over a long term, it's not a peanut allergy where one incident can kill her. just let her heal, and then move on.

  14. heh, we've all done it. even after several months gluten-free, I was at a friend's bday party (she also has celiac) and there was a bowl of cooler ranch doritos, which are gluten-free, and nacho cheese ones, that have wheat. after a wonderful night of veggies and dip and glutino pretzels and cake, i reached into the wrong bowl and didn't realize it until the chip was in my mouth :o always pay attention!

  15. haha! I know there's an ecuadorian dish called cuy (pronounced "Kwee") that's fried guinea pig...I wouldn't be suprised if you can find it in other South American countries!

    estoy celosa que uds. esten en chile :) me encantaria viajar a todos los paises sudamericanos